Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bikini NS Guy

Wonder what he was thinking...


Monday, December 17, 2007

Indian 12 Days of Xmas

Enjoy.. hee..

Sotong Can't Read Maps!

For Sunday house viewings, first appointment was at Blk 295A (circled in red). By right sotongs could have taken the LRT but male sotong want to buy OCK so 2 sotongs got out of sengkang MRT and decided to walk instead.. so sotongs were looking at the locality map and female sotong thought that the correct route is the green color.. male sotong didnt say anything abt it.. and since female sotong always suan male sotong abt reading map.. this time round male sotong asked female sotong to lead the way.. haha.. enjoy the map..

so female sotong confidently lead the way.. the blue line.. male sotong thought that it's the correct line when it was at the junction to compassvale road.. that's half correct actually! but female sotong the road is a straight road (the green one) so female sotong led the way n keep on going straight until there's a block 127 opposite the road.. heh?! 127.. look at the map again!!

at this point male sotong was laughing so hard coz it's totally wrong direction!! so now we have to turn back.. so we walk the pink line.. it was very hot n humid.. and sotongs were sweating.. when we oops.. i mean sotongs reach the cluster of that block, we walk one big round to finally find the correct block! the unit was nice but they hacked a wall and make it inconvenient to enter the master room (have to walk thru the study then there's a sliding door to the master room).. we didnt take this unit.. =)

the exercise was good though.. =)
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Orange Toilet Sotong Story

The sotong in this story is not me..

sotong bought a new flat..

sotong painted the entire toilet ORANGE color.. wahahahhaha..

sotong got a shock.. paint half of the toilet back to white.. hahahahahaha

Seeing A Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel

After 2 years of struggling to get a flat, we've finally found something that we really like.. jessie's flat! hahaha that is not available for sale... but at least now we know that HDB flat can be so nice.. it makes all the flats that we went for viewing a bit like sh*t.. hahahah.. jessie, u shd thank me for advertising ur flat, in case u wanna sell it when it matures :D

so the agents been telling me there's no such thing as perfect home, shd buy it when u like it 80-90% because the market now is bad, good units are snapped up very fast.. glad that i didnt listen to them.. the agents seems pretty frustrated with us.. (me in particular..) because i'm so fussy.. the toilet must be big.. must be nice.. dun like the pipe.. the floor must be white color tiles.. dun like the built-in stuff.. the kitchen is too small.. no place to hang clothes..

even for the blk 144 sengkang that i like the most previously.. now it seems a bit not nice anymore.. because that one the common toilet is still at the kitchen (old design) whereas the flat at fernvale is condo layout.. nice!!

so last night we told the agent we increase our budget again.. wahhahaaahha... that agent must be feeling quite confused right now.. like how come the budget increase again and again.. =p

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nasty Letter From HDB

Just received another nasty letter from HDB...the title is BIMONTHLY SALE DEC 2007 for 4 ROOM AND BIGGER FLAT...

the content is application has been cancelled because all the units offered for sale has been taken up...

what's going on!?!?! isn't the application still open now?? it's written section A.. i thought dec 2007 is section B... wat's going on man... it was already confusing in the first place and now this... sigh....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Places to visit before I die

Been feeling so down lately so decided to dream about holidays to make myself feel happier... hahaha... actually hubby and I talked about this before.. and we even wrote it down on a piece of paper but I cant find it now! so here it goes..
  1. korea.. just to satisfy my obsession to korean drama.. haha.. and i oredi bought the 3G phone! =p
  2. japan
  3. italy.. bags... bags... bags...
  4. england
  5. france.. bags.. bags.. bags...
  6. germany
  7. spain
  8. sweden.. this one not so high priority
  9. switzerland.. this one too..
  10. maldives.. lots of ppl say this place is nice =p
  11. australia.. love this place... want to go there again..
  12. USA.. california!! disneyland!! hollywood.. hahaha.. i wanna go to the victoria's secrets shop again.. and the coach shop.. arrghh.. how come this become shopping trips.. hahaha
  13. new zealand.. to visit siyong and mark.. after they migrate.. (she said she'll adopt an english name.. so maybe they will be known as mark & spencer)
  14. the rest of the exotic islands... hawaii.. fiji...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feel so cheated!!

and now they are telling us that we cannot buy new hdb flat AT ALL... why tell me this after 2 years?!?!?!?!

the ignorance level is really very very high.......

Is Singapore still safe?

man found dead at ghim moh...


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Don't Want To Be A Bad Person

why do i create so much problem for everyone..

for my husband...

for my in-laws...

i disturb him when he's out with his frens, works late, or other occassions when he's not at home... rush him to get home faster... he said i make him lose face in front of his frens... he said he's a wet blanket.. i didn't mean to that.. i just dun want to go back alone.. and i dun understand why after eat dinner have to go to hotel lounge to talk.. cannot talk during dinner? .. i dun understand how he can eat sumptuous dinner (and planning to go hotel lounge) when he knows that i'm waiting for him in the office.. cold and hungry and tired.. and was going insane anytime... no heart anymore?

i make my in-laws feel uncomfortable living at their own house.. such that they have to shuttle between taipei and spore every few months... and now they're thinking of going back taipei for good... i shd feel happy? but i feel bad instead... they've been taking care of us for the past 2 years and yet i can't feel close to them... there's language barrier and huge age gap... nothing to talk abt..

i also create trouble for my own mom... i call her in the middle of the night... crying... makes her worried.. yet she doesnt seem to mind.. i hope i'll be as great as her next time when i have my own kids... sorry mom... i have noone else to talk to here... my husband was playing ps2 and in another occassion on the computer when i was crying... he din seem to care... mom always cares... no matter how far she is... i hope i can have her near me... but i have to share with my younger siblings.. bless them... they are lucky..

i do not wish to be a bad person... but i also want to feel happier... what shd i do... what is wrong with me...

Still in the office

Coz dun feel like going back...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Japanese Drama - Food Detective

Hubby bought the DVD on sale (CHEAP only 5 bucks!!) from TS. This show is really funny.. imagine someone wearing white coat going everywhere and buying all the food that he sees.. gets really mad when someone steal his food.. and carries a pair of magic chopsticks!! but just by looking at the food or tasting the food, he can tell who is the criminal... and wonder why all the crimes are related to food... hahahhaha..

This is a typical kids show.. meaning there're some moral of the story kind.. not just shoot kick punch kind of show.. We've rented the Food Detective 2... going to start watching soon.. hopefully it's as good as the 1st one =p

And also, Why Why Love DVD (Rainie Yang) is on sale in TS now... wanted to rent (18 bucks! no stock!) but when we walked to the other counter, we saw that the same DVDs were on sale for 19 bucks! lucky they din have stock for rental!!

HDB Bimonthly Sale Dec 2007

Craziness.. I finished my application at 9:35 AM yesterday.. there wasnt much ppl applying.. and I just checked it, now there are 2746 ppl applying!!


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Friday, December 7, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Funny Indian Song

Hahaha check out this video from YouTube. I've checked with my Indian colleague, they are not actually saying what is written in the subtitle, but it sounds really similar! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lynette's Wedding

Attended a friend's wedding last month and these are some of the photos. She actually sent us a link to her photographer's blog. I think that photographer is pretty good, the photos he posted on his blog are nice (erh.. of course he will post the nice one.. haha.. ) but they are really nice.. it's good to see ppl doing what they like to do.. hahaha =)

The wedding was a luncheon at Raffles Town Club, the food was nice, not the normal boring Chinese wedding dinner food and they even have live band performing some kind of acoustical thinge (without singer), i dunno what it's called. I guess even though my dad is in the music & sound industry, I know very little of it!

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Community Server....

I've spent almost the whole day installing and customizing Community Server. The installation part is fast, other than the part where we need some network guys to open up the firewall port to the database.. that actually takes days!!

So today they finally opened up the port, so I was installing CS 2007.1 yeah the latest version currently! We installed some of our own custom modules, SSO, and we changed some of the core codes because of some of the legal requirements...

The thing that makes me feel so impatient is the tinyMCE loads sooooo slow!! I'm not sure whether this is the server problem or connectivity problem or the tinyMCE problem.. but I'm really growing white hair here...

Mexican Singers Killed

Didn't know since when becoming a singer is dangerous and ppl value life less and less everyday.. other ppl's lives that is..


Friday, November 30, 2007

Bintan Nov 2007 Pics

Some photos from the trip..

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Korean Drama - 90 Days, Time To Love

The story goes like this...

Boy loves girl.. girl loves boy... they got together.. then they found out that they are actually cousins so they are not supposed to be together.. so they have to break-up...

years after that (adulthood), they are married to other ppl.. the guy married someone his dad wants him to marry to save his business or sth like that.. the wife is quite nice.. and they have a daugther...

the girl married a guy who treated her like a princess.. he cooks and cleans the house for her! but he looks a bit weird though.. hahahha.. looks a bit like "dono" --> think onli indonesians know who dono is =p

then the guy found out that he has brain cancer and onli have 3 months to live.. so he started to look for that girl again... and then when they finally meet each other, they started having affair.. to the extent that even when their spouses find out abt it, they even dare to ask for their permission to carry on the affair...

the story line is a bit weird.. and while watching the show, i can't bring myself to support what the 2 main casts are doing.. hahhahaha.. i started to side with the husband and the wife... who i think is the victim... but i guess the ending is not that bad for both of them..

mimi, i'm sending this DVD to u soon! hahahaha

Links to this drama..

Wish List

While waiting for my hubby to come and pick me up and go for dinner (starving.. din have lunch today...), I decided to compile my wish list...

so here it is.. in random order... (because I can't make up my mind which one I want first)

  1. New HDB flat.. if possible not so ulu location... pls God let me get it ASAP!!
  2. A car.. the new Honda Jazz perhaps..
  3. Trip to Korea + SHOPPING
  4. GUCCI bag.. style code 153008..
  5. Trip to Europe (France, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain,...)
  6. Trip to US again.. this time maybe West Coast area.. and of course Disney Land!!
  7. Trip to Maldives... been looking at frens' pics... sooooo nice....
  8. Trip to Japan... hahah.. this is becoming like a trip list.. =p
  9. I WANNA BE THIN AND RICH... (I googled this one day and found out that someone actually sell a book "How to be thin and rich" HAHAHAHAHA)
  10. And yet still able to eat all the stuff I wanna eat.. like curry rice, donuts, etc...
  11. After I get the HDB, please let me have enough $$$ to upgrade it to a condominium.. hahaha.. then after that let me get en-bloc windfall.. so that I can buy a landed property!! hahaha ok I should stop being so greedy.. but... I dun care.. this is MY wish list!
  12. What next... ah! To be able to speak Korean like those in the Korean drama... or maybe it's easier to be able to watch Korean drama without subtitle! There are a few titles that I wanna watch but can't because it doesn't come with English subtitle... =(
  13. Also same for Chinese language.. want to be able to watch Chinese / Taiwan drama without English subtitle =p
  14. I wish my hubby dun have to work so late everyday...

Talking about him.. suddenly he reached already! going now!!

Bollywood Part. 2

more bollywood pics.. hahaha... i feel that i look more muslim than indian... =p
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hahahah look at what my funny fren bokcolli (a.k.a bokachu n bokiemon) said... =D
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Drunken Wedding Pics

Hahaha! Just found these old photos! These were actually taken using Jianghan's phone (not bad eh..) during our (me & Andrew) wedding night at our bridal suite. Andrew was sooooo dead drunk (can u tell from the pic?) he actually called his 3 brothers to come to our room to.. take photos? i dunno wat he wanted to do.. but these are the photos.. looks a bit like wong kar wai's movie.. yellowish... hahaha
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Mercer Bowling Competition 2007

Hahaha.. we only played 3 rounds each but I nearly died during the last round.. the ball was getting heavier and heavier (even though I was using no. 8!!!)

We didnt win but of course we want to take photos with the trophies.. hhahah so we BORROWED them! =p
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Mercer Bollywood 2007

Taken these photos from Mercer D&D (Bollywood Themes). It was at Hyatt Orchard 16 nov 2007 if i'm not wrong. Didnt have to post these photos earlier.. sooo busy!

The event was quite organized, they have many entertainments for us, from Indian dance, belly dance, singers, and funny (and RUDE!) MCs. Oh, and not forgetting! lucky draw! hahahaha... i didnt win anything though.. lin sotong won a 1K travel voucher.. wow... and lots of ppl won nintendo wii and ipod touch.. so shiok leh.. too bad never win.. next year perhaps (if i'm still here.. hahaha..)
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bintan was GREAT

Had a great time in bintan and we'll be posting some pics soon.. expected the trip to be nice because it's exp! but didnt expect that it will turn out that well.. we did much more activities compared to when we went to krabi, we tried ATV bike, SPA (haha this is my first time going for a spa.. got a little bit of shock!), and of course the usual beach + swimming pool stuff.. =)

for ppl who wants to go bintan, i can help to give some ideas.. =)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Fun with facebook

Today i was trying out lots of new things in facebook (together with my sotong fren)... it was really fun.. we tried these applications (in random order):

1. travel map.. haha we even pinned those cities that we transitted!!
2. petrolhead... that sotong chose an ATV to race... HAHAHAHA... i cant wait to race again tomorrow so that i can get some points to buy my next car... yeah like real... =p
3. aquarium... bought her some dolphin n turtle WITH GLITTERS... this is sooooo unrealistic but FUN.. =)
4. superpoke.. i cant remember wat funny actions she was trying to do to me.. but the list of actions listed there are hillarious.. like why would u throw a sheep at ur fren?! HAHA.. and it's quite additive becoz the more u sent, they will give u more new actions.. just curious wat are the new actions like.. prev rach threw a spider at me... i havent got that action till now...she must be facebooking the whole day!

It's Friday again!!

heading home soon....

Blogspot bug?

Is there a bug with blogspot? When I tried to create a posting that only contains a picture, the title of that posting doesnt appear on the page... it will appear half and then when I hover my house over the title, it will completely disappear... hmm.... weird....

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Desperate Students during exams

hahahhaaa look at all these hillarious students! i'm glad i didnt have to come up with all these desperate answers during school...

Item of lust

i've been having sleepless nights becoz of this bag... it costs USD 795 in the US website but i saw it at paragon at 1,790... so i will save abt 600 bucks if i buy it there... hubby agreed to buy it for me... but i still feel it's quite a waste of $$$$.. but i really like this bag... and this is very useful becoz i can put my laptop inside! so maybe i will buy it afterall.... another dilemma... it costs abt the same price as a trip to korea... (i wanna go korea!! ).... but i also want the bag.... how how how... anyway, after a conversation with a "bag expert", think i shdnt ask ppl to buy from me from US.. for the following reasons:

  • 1. lost of "shiok" feeling that u will encounter when u sign the credit card
  • 2. lost of "shiok" feeling that u will encounter when u take the carrier out of the shop

hahaha.. ok it's a bit lame.. =p

so we decided to wait until end of the year when there's gucci SALE to buy... hahah... maybe by then i dun even want the bag anymore... and i will save 1.8k!

If you have 1,000 dollar to spare

what will u do or buy?

1. buy a designer item
2. go for a trip
3. give it to ppl ----> ME ME ME ME!
4. sign up for slimming package.. haahha

just a thought...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my buddy's last day

today is my buddy's last day.. i'm officially the last person standing from my batch... so many ppl left... feel so sad... even though we can still keep in touch n meet up after work, but it's different than previously when we can just talk everyday, gossip abt everything under the moon n sun, talk about bags (her bags mostly! hahahahha), talk abt certain individuals in the office.. got one that resembles cartoon character.... sth like chipmunk....

even though she shd be more like a big sis to me, but she behaves like my ah ma.... hahahah.. u see these are the things that make the office life seems brighter, she's so funny!

anyway, it's a good opportunity for her (means more $$$$.. hehe) and i hope she feels happy with her new job, and find good colleagues over there =)

as for me... i'm hesitant.... there are so many things to consider....

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I used to do my job happily without fussing much about my pay, anyway that was because I thought my pay was considered high among my peers. Recently, I got a promotion but my boss told me that I have to wait until March to get my increment because we missed the mid-year cut-off date. Well, they also mention it's possible to get it now but it will be a long and difficult process. I know the promotion is good for my portfolio but there are so many thoughts in my mind...

"I'm doing the work now, why should I be paid 6 months from now?"

"Should I prove myself first before asking for it?"

"Am I really doing more than before?"

"My pay is lower than my peer.. so I should ask for it.."

On top of that, many people are encouraging me to look for new job with various reasons... like job market is good now... there isn't much prospect in current company... etc...

So there are other thoughts like...

"Should I move?"

"Should I bother to ask for increment if I'm going to move?"

While confused with all these, many people tried to help me find the answer... they asked me questions like

"Do you want to stay here?"

"Are you happy here?"

Truth is, I don't have many things to complain about my current job.. I have 2 very nice ladies as my business owners, they are always full of nice words and praises...

Trying to think out of the box.. but right now, I cant even see where the box is....

Friday, September 28, 2007

Boring Friday Night

sickening friday night...

waited for hubby for 3 hours...

at the end never go out...

10 pm plus still havent eaten dinner yet....


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Health Warning - Working With Idiots Can Kill You!!

My sis forwarded this piece of important article yesterday... time to reconsider our jobs !! and perhaps add this to list of questions to ask during interview "will i be working with idiots?" or "are there any idiots in the team?" hahahaha... good way to score 0 in interview!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Funny Japanese Prank

Hahahah cannot laugh when learning English!!

I wanna go for holiday!

recently my life been sooooo tiring.... work is tiring.... home is tiring... going out is not tiring though.. hahahah... work is tiring because suddenly there are so many things to do!! from setting up a wiki which is php-based.. a language that i have zero knowledge of.... to managing livelink... some 3rd party vendor software... and trying out sharepoint services... this one gotta wait till the servers are ready... luckily... on top of that there are still many requests and bug fixes that come along the way.. and my office buddy is on mc since friday! gosh..

and today is pay day.. somehow i dun feel excited anymore when the pay is here.. actually a little bit disappointed that i din get any increment... but boss said we missed the mid year cut-off date.. =(

home is tiring becoz i cant rest when my hubby's nephew n niece are ard, i have to play with them coz they thought i'm abt the same age as them! they are like wat.. 4-6 years old.. but maybe they think like as if they are in their twenties.. hahaha... so after work i cant just crash in on my bed or on the sofa...

i need a holiday... zuji.. jestar.. gimme all ur promotion!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sotong Went to eat Sushi

sotong went to sakae sushi with another sotong a few days ago. when they sat down the waitress told them got promotion 10 red color plates for 10 dollars.. so the 2 sotongs happily eat TEN red color plates!! and in the meanwhile female sotong tell male sotong how come no other ppl eating 10 red color plates when it's so cheap... male sotong said probably because those couple cant finish 10 red color plates... then male sotong said dun worry even if the promotion is not for red color plates at most is 65 bucks.. and got discount...

actually female sotong nearly burst after eating so much... but male sotong still going strong... hahahaha... then when we call for bill.. the waitress face was so shock.. she said "i'm sorry the promotion doesnt include red color plates.." whoops.. actually we thought it ONLY includes red color plate.. now it make sense... hahahah..

so male sotong said to female sotong "it's ok since we havent celebrated ur bday.. so take this as ur bday dinner.." hehehehe... we normally dun take red color plates but now we take only red color plates... 10 of them.... craziness...

until now female sotong still can understand how come 2 ppl... eh sotong... can both hear wrongly...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sotong Bought a New Phone

sotong is broke now becoz she bought a new phone... hiks... but sotong is slighly happier coz it's sotong first pda... hahaha.. imagine a sotong using a pda... :D

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sotong Lost her HP at IKEA

on sunday, sotong went to ikea alexandra with sotong's auntie and sotong's sister. sotong was sms-ing sotong husband because sotong husband wants to play basketball even though one of his eyes is badly injured. and then sotong saw a fascinating baking pan.. u see.. it comes with a lock system.. so when ur cake is done, u can unlock the side and you can take out the cake easily (this is definitely NOT a sotong design)

so while looking at this non-sotong product, sotong put her hp at the shelf (see how sotong she is!!) and then sotong auntie came over to talk to her and demonstrate how to use the baking pan. after that sotong forgot to take her hp from the shelves... and continue to walk... only until they reach the lamp section, sotong realized that she forgot to take her phone from the shelves so sotong n her sis rushed back to the baking pan shelves.. sotong sis even bent down to see whether the phone dropped to the floor.. and it was not there!!

so sotong keep on calling the phone using sotong's sis phone.. noone picks up the phone so they thought there's still a chance that someone pick it up and intend to return it (how naive...) they even contacted lost & found and asked them, also leave their no in case some kind soul found it and return it there... up to this second no news abt sotong's lost phone... btw, sotong's lost phone is a samsung d500 phone which is almost 2 years old but look brand new because sotong treat the phone so nice.. it onli dropped less than 3 times... hahahahha...

at the end sotong decided to suspend outgoing IDD and 1900 calls (after all, she's not that sotong u see...) and after a few hours still no news... sotong went to m1 to get a new sim card... sotong can't leave without technology... she's a hi-tech sotong... so when the new sim card is activated, the old sim card can't be used anymore.. and sotong's old phone is really uncontactable... hiks... sotong feel so sad becoz all sotong fren's numbers are gone now.. and also those nice sms-es that sotong frens have sent... =(

just a few days ago was sotong's birthday so there were some nice sms-es from frens.. and that's gone too! such a tragic bday for sotong this year...

so, if u r sotong's real frens, pls sms sotong ur name n number.. sotong will really appreciate it =)

Monday, August 27, 2007

First Driving Practical Training

Today I took leave to take 3 driving practical lessons.... I didnt think much about it when I booked the lesson... you might be thinking whether there's much things to think abt it.. but here it is.. each lesson duration is 100 minutes.. when u book 3 lessons, that's equal to 300 minutes, which is 5 hours!!! if you drive from singapore for 5 hours, you can probably reach KL or genting!! so after my second lesson I tried to cancel the third one because I was sooooo tired.... but the system wont let me cancel because it's too near the training date... so I have no choice but to attend...

good thing is I cleared stage 1... dun ask me wat stage 1 is.. if u want to know, go buy BBDC practical handbook... hahah... but my next practical date is end of sept.. i hope i dun forget what i learned today!

going to oinkzzz now.....

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sembawang HDB Flat?

Out of desperation, I tried to search HDB website for any flats that can be bought immediately. It seems that they are only available at 2 locations now, Bukit Panjang and Sembawang. My hubby thinks that Sembawang is better, so we went to take a look at the location yesterday. I was having mixed feeling about this, especially when the MRT train got further and further away from central and we still havent reached yet... To make matter worse, when we were reaching Yishun, there was an announcement "This train will end at Yishun.." so how are we supposed to reach Sembawang? ... Wait for the next train... why so troublesome? I dunno.. ask SMRT...

So after about 45 minutes we reached Sembawang, my MIL was already waiting for us at the control station for about 20 minutes. Sun Plaza is ok, not fantastic but bearable and the facilities or shops there are quite complete. They have library, Popular book shop, food court, NTUC, MacD, etc. But I still not feeling the "Yeah I love this place I wanna stay here" kind of feeling... After dinner, we were heading to the block and it was raining heavily... not much shelter there! The new blocks are ok but the older ones have weird turnings here n there, seems like lots of hiding place for criminals... not safe!!

After 1 night... I think I'm going to pass on Sembawang.... wait for the next balloting or watever sale HDB is going to have...

One girl / couple was complaining or expressing her distressed in TODAY newspaper about the HDB stuff and today HDB sent a reply in the same newspaper. They were suggesting that young couples like us should take those HDBs at the new towns instead of mature towns. Fact is we are young working couples, most of us work in city areas. Staying in Punggol or Sengkang.. we have this thinking that it takes a long time for us to reach our working place. And if we drive, there's super traffic jam there every morning, and also the increasing ERP rate... and public transport.. Even though the public transport service in Singapore is really first-class standard but a lot of the commuters are not first-class commuters.. sometimes travelling in MRT can be really an irritating experience...

HDB... pls give me one flat!!! preferably at queenstown or tiong bahru! :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Which one should I take?

Confusion.... here are the choices...

SMU - Master of IT in Business - $35K++
SIM - RMIT - Master of Business in IT - $25.2K++
NUS - Master of Technology $8.5K++
U21 Global (what uni is this?) - MSc in IT - about USD 12K++


learn korean language at NUS..
each level cost abt 400 bucks.. and there are 6 levels...

all need time and $$$...

Monday, August 20, 2007


I feel so disappointed with HDB even though I know that 10,000 other ppl probably feels the same way as I do... For the current bimonthly sale, there are only 354 units available for sale... and then there are more than 10,000 ppl applied for the flats.. and my queue number is... 7293 !!! The end of the year will reach first before I can select any flat! :'(

I don't really understand why the government don't release more flats to the public. I can see that there are many vacant units in Queenstown and Commonwealth area. ARRGGGHHH!!!! It's not possible to buy resale flats at this period too... ppl said it's due to IR, China Olympic, and some other stuff... lots of foreigners (RICH foreigners) coming in to Singapore and buying properties here... that's why the property price has gone sky high... feel so helpless.. :'(

And to think about it, we didnt apply for the June bimonthly sale.. for those at sengkang and punggol area... well, I still don't really like the area, but now it seems like a better idea to get one new flat at new town rather than buying a resale flat at established town...

when is my turn.... bloody 7293....

for those 4D fans... take ur pick..... 7293.... 7293...... :(

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Freelance Project

Today one of my frens asked me whether I can help them up to do an e-commerce website, or rather touch up an existing one. I'm really excited about this coz this is the first time someone approached me to do an out-of-office project. He said budget is 1-2k.. heck it, I'm willing to do it for 500 bucks if they allow me to put their company name so that I can build up my portfolio... think of it as another way to get rich... :D

Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Come Faster!

hahahah found this super cute picture on the web... actually i'm really looking forward to taking a break from work. even though it's still managable but i feel like i'm going to be burnt out soon... sooo counting down.... 17 days to krabi!! yippie!! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Blog - Singapore Sales

Just created a new blog yesterday to compile all the sales notice that I receive from all the shops.. it's at http://singapore-sales.blogspot.com :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

DooOOOoooOOooughnut !!!

Yippieee... Finally I get to taste Krispy Kreme doughnut (from now on it shall be referred as "donut"..haha).. my sis brought 2 dozens from indo, so she gave me SIX (6) of them.. sllurrrppsss... just looking at them make me feel so hungry.. and i just finished 2 piece chicken meal from KFC... wakakakakkaa... i'm glad i'm onli this size now.. :D

The even better thing abt this is i dun even have to queue to get it! Unlike some donut shop that require u to queue for 30 mins, and when u r at the top of the queue, they'll tell u "u need to wait for 20 mins for that flavor, and also we dont guarantee u will get it"... wah.. gave me a shock.. such a bad planning! if ppl already order, they shd just make more of that flavor right!?

anyway, i dun care abt it now... OooOooOOooOOOO..... bye for now... =)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This is definitely more scary than the previous Harry Potter movies, but I was a little bit disappointed because it felt a little bit short and missing something. Perhaps it's because they are going to put more "essence" on the last sequel. And the new teacher is sooooo irritating with her stupid look and stupid voice! feel like kicking her butt the whole show! But I like that they injected in some humour into the show, like when Dumbledoor flee from the Ministry of whatever... hehe i'm not very good in memorizing names.. :p

In conclusion, it's a good show to watch :)

Last Name Giving Me Problem!!

What's wrong with all the web application maker out there? Why is last name a compulsory field?! I have many problems with this because I dont have a last name in my legal documents, for example I have problem when booking air ticket online, I even has my AdSense application rejected previously because of last name problem. And recently when I tried to sign up for some online thing, it rejects me totally! ARRGGHHHH.... I feel like strangling the person who first made that mistake in my passport!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Making Website Takes a Lifetime

If a person wants to do a good website by himself, there are a lot of things that he has to master..
  1. Graphic / Animation Design
  2. Photography + Photo touch-ups
  3. Programming (Simple HTML, CSS, and even complicated application programmings)
  4. Database programming (if applicable)

Most people that I know is only good in one of these, it's very seldom to find one person who can master all these 3... for graphic or animation design, there are so many softwares to use:

  1. Photoshop
  2. Illustrator
  3. InDesign
  4. QuarkXpress
  5. Dreamweaver
  6. Flash
  7. Acrobat

For programming language, right now I still stick to Microsoft technologies, ASP.Net 1.1 and 2.0, will be learning Silverlight and the free PHP soon. I think I need more than a lifetime to master all these... God, let me live longer.... :)

Making $$$

My brain been thinking hard these few days to make more $$$.. there are a few ways that I can think as of now:

High Risk, High Return:
  1. Invest in stocks and shares
  2. Sunshine Programme.. need to ask Bryan more about this
  3. Setup own company... this could also be done starting from getting freelance project... hmm hm...
  4. Lend $$$ to other ppl with super high interest rate.. the risk is go to jail! HAHHAHAHA
Low Risk, Low Return:
  1. Invest CPF in Trust Fund
No Risk, Might Not Have Return:
  1. Participate in Google AdSense programme.. have done this on my wedding website http://www.andrewprissilia.com and my blog http://prissilia.blogspot.com.. this is a relatively easy one to do :)
  2. Try to get freelance projects.. need to get contacts and advertise myself.. :)
  3. Rich Jerk Programme.. need to ask Bryan more about this..

Brain brain... work harder!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

T-Shirt for Programmers

A must-have for all the programmers!

Available with other wordings and colors.. hahahaha... can't imagine wearing this to work :D

Happy Mother's Day 13 July 2007 !

Today is Friday the 13th and also Mother's Day! I cant remember when exactly is mother's day but to me Mother's Day is every 13th of July coz this is the date that my mom was born, year is a secret! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Work From Home

My company allows employee who has joined for more than 1 year to apply to work from home, of course with approval of their supervisors. Even though I'm not under this scheme, today I worked from home too because I wasn't feeling too well but couldn't afford to not work today, so I called in to office and ask my boss to let me work from home. I managed to achieve more things (work and personal stuff too) while I'm at home because I can switch between the 2 anytime I want. But is it really good to be working from home permanently?

  1. Flexible timing
  2. Safe time and money because no need to travel to the office and cramp with Singapore kiasu aunties in the MRT and some ppl with super bad BO!
  3. If you normally drive to work, it will also save on petrol and parking fee, and also reduce air pollution
  4. Get to spend more time with family (especially for working parents)
  5. Less distraction from other colleagues


  1. Loss sense of belonging as part of the group because seldom meet up with colleagues
  2. If not discipline enough, ended up not doing any work
  3. When my in-laws are back, I can't work from home anymore! :D
  4. Cannot buy new working clothes because can wear pyjamas to work
  5. Cannot buy new working bags because no need to use bags to carry anything
  6. Cannot buy new working shoes because can work barefooted
  7. Cannot work in aircon room because it's too expensive to keep on switching on the aircon.. and remember GO GREEN! reduce global warming!

Moving to Blogspot

Moving my blog to blogspot because the one in friendster is running out of space! and of course to jump on the google bandwith! *_*

anyway for archive of my previous blog, go here http://prissiliakho.blogs.friendster.com/prissilia/

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