Monday, July 16, 2007

DooOOOoooOOooughnut !!!

Yippieee... Finally I get to taste Krispy Kreme doughnut (from now on it shall be referred as "donut"..haha).. my sis brought 2 dozens from indo, so she gave me SIX (6) of them.. sllurrrppsss... just looking at them make me feel so hungry.. and i just finished 2 piece chicken meal from KFC... wakakakakkaa... i'm glad i'm onli this size now.. :D

The even better thing abt this is i dun even have to queue to get it! Unlike some donut shop that require u to queue for 30 mins, and when u r at the top of the queue, they'll tell u "u need to wait for 20 mins for that flavor, and also we dont guarantee u will get it"... wah.. gave me a shock.. such a bad planning! if ppl already order, they shd just make more of that flavor right!?

anyway, i dun care abt it now... OooOooOOooOOOO..... bye for now... =)

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