Saturday, July 14, 2007

Making $$$

My brain been thinking hard these few days to make more $$$.. there are a few ways that I can think as of now:

High Risk, High Return:
  1. Invest in stocks and shares
  2. Sunshine Programme.. need to ask Bryan more about this
  3. Setup own company... this could also be done starting from getting freelance project... hmm hm...
  4. Lend $$$ to other ppl with super high interest rate.. the risk is go to jail! HAHHAHAHA
Low Risk, Low Return:
  1. Invest CPF in Trust Fund
No Risk, Might Not Have Return:
  1. Participate in Google AdSense programme.. have done this on my wedding website and my blog this is a relatively easy one to do :)
  2. Try to get freelance projects.. need to get contacts and advertise myself.. :)
  3. Rich Jerk Programme.. need to ask Bryan more about this..

Brain brain... work harder!!!

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