Thursday, July 12, 2007

Work From Home

My company allows employee who has joined for more than 1 year to apply to work from home, of course with approval of their supervisors. Even though I'm not under this scheme, today I worked from home too because I wasn't feeling too well but couldn't afford to not work today, so I called in to office and ask my boss to let me work from home. I managed to achieve more things (work and personal stuff too) while I'm at home because I can switch between the 2 anytime I want. But is it really good to be working from home permanently?

  1. Flexible timing
  2. Safe time and money because no need to travel to the office and cramp with Singapore kiasu aunties in the MRT and some ppl with super bad BO!
  3. If you normally drive to work, it will also save on petrol and parking fee, and also reduce air pollution
  4. Get to spend more time with family (especially for working parents)
  5. Less distraction from other colleagues


  1. Loss sense of belonging as part of the group because seldom meet up with colleagues
  2. If not discipline enough, ended up not doing any work
  3. When my in-laws are back, I can't work from home anymore! :D
  4. Cannot buy new working clothes because can wear pyjamas to work
  5. Cannot buy new working bags because no need to use bags to carry anything
  6. Cannot buy new working shoes because can work barefooted
  7. Cannot work in aircon room because it's too expensive to keep on switching on the aircon.. and remember GO GREEN! reduce global warming!

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