Monday, August 27, 2007

First Driving Practical Training

Today I took leave to take 3 driving practical lessons.... I didnt think much about it when I booked the lesson... you might be thinking whether there's much things to think abt it.. but here it is.. each lesson duration is 100 minutes.. when u book 3 lessons, that's equal to 300 minutes, which is 5 hours!!! if you drive from singapore for 5 hours, you can probably reach KL or genting!! so after my second lesson I tried to cancel the third one because I was sooooo tired.... but the system wont let me cancel because it's too near the training date... so I have no choice but to attend...

good thing is I cleared stage 1... dun ask me wat stage 1 is.. if u want to know, go buy BBDC practical handbook... hahah... but my next practical date is end of sept.. i hope i dun forget what i learned today!

going to oinkzzz now.....

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sembawang HDB Flat?

Out of desperation, I tried to search HDB website for any flats that can be bought immediately. It seems that they are only available at 2 locations now, Bukit Panjang and Sembawang. My hubby thinks that Sembawang is better, so we went to take a look at the location yesterday. I was having mixed feeling about this, especially when the MRT train got further and further away from central and we still havent reached yet... To make matter worse, when we were reaching Yishun, there was an announcement "This train will end at Yishun.." so how are we supposed to reach Sembawang? ... Wait for the next train... why so troublesome? I dunno.. ask SMRT...

So after about 45 minutes we reached Sembawang, my MIL was already waiting for us at the control station for about 20 minutes. Sun Plaza is ok, not fantastic but bearable and the facilities or shops there are quite complete. They have library, Popular book shop, food court, NTUC, MacD, etc. But I still not feeling the "Yeah I love this place I wanna stay here" kind of feeling... After dinner, we were heading to the block and it was raining heavily... not much shelter there! The new blocks are ok but the older ones have weird turnings here n there, seems like lots of hiding place for criminals... not safe!!

After 1 night... I think I'm going to pass on Sembawang.... wait for the next balloting or watever sale HDB is going to have...

One girl / couple was complaining or expressing her distressed in TODAY newspaper about the HDB stuff and today HDB sent a reply in the same newspaper. They were suggesting that young couples like us should take those HDBs at the new towns instead of mature towns. Fact is we are young working couples, most of us work in city areas. Staying in Punggol or Sengkang.. we have this thinking that it takes a long time for us to reach our working place. And if we drive, there's super traffic jam there every morning, and also the increasing ERP rate... and public transport.. Even though the public transport service in Singapore is really first-class standard but a lot of the commuters are not first-class commuters.. sometimes travelling in MRT can be really an irritating experience...

HDB... pls give me one flat!!! preferably at queenstown or tiong bahru! :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Which one should I take?

Confusion.... here are the choices...

SMU - Master of IT in Business - $35K++
SIM - RMIT - Master of Business in IT - $25.2K++
NUS - Master of Technology $8.5K++
U21 Global (what uni is this?) - MSc in IT - about USD 12K++


learn korean language at NUS..
each level cost abt 400 bucks.. and there are 6 levels...

all need time and $$$...

Monday, August 20, 2007


I feel so disappointed with HDB even though I know that 10,000 other ppl probably feels the same way as I do... For the current bimonthly sale, there are only 354 units available for sale... and then there are more than 10,000 ppl applied for the flats.. and my queue number is... 7293 !!! The end of the year will reach first before I can select any flat! :'(

I don't really understand why the government don't release more flats to the public. I can see that there are many vacant units in Queenstown and Commonwealth area. ARRGGGHHH!!!! It's not possible to buy resale flats at this period too... ppl said it's due to IR, China Olympic, and some other stuff... lots of foreigners (RICH foreigners) coming in to Singapore and buying properties here... that's why the property price has gone sky high... feel so helpless.. :'(

And to think about it, we didnt apply for the June bimonthly sale.. for those at sengkang and punggol area... well, I still don't really like the area, but now it seems like a better idea to get one new flat at new town rather than buying a resale flat at established town...

when is my turn.... bloody 7293....

for those 4D fans... take ur pick..... 7293.... 7293...... :(

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Freelance Project

Today one of my frens asked me whether I can help them up to do an e-commerce website, or rather touch up an existing one. I'm really excited about this coz this is the first time someone approached me to do an out-of-office project. He said budget is 1-2k.. heck it, I'm willing to do it for 500 bucks if they allow me to put their company name so that I can build up my portfolio... think of it as another way to get rich... :D

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