Monday, August 20, 2007


I feel so disappointed with HDB even though I know that 10,000 other ppl probably feels the same way as I do... For the current bimonthly sale, there are only 354 units available for sale... and then there are more than 10,000 ppl applied for the flats.. and my queue number is... 7293 !!! The end of the year will reach first before I can select any flat! :'(

I don't really understand why the government don't release more flats to the public. I can see that there are many vacant units in Queenstown and Commonwealth area. ARRGGGHHH!!!! It's not possible to buy resale flats at this period too... ppl said it's due to IR, China Olympic, and some other stuff... lots of foreigners (RICH foreigners) coming in to Singapore and buying properties here... that's why the property price has gone sky high... feel so helpless.. :'(

And to think about it, we didnt apply for the June bimonthly sale.. for those at sengkang and punggol area... well, I still don't really like the area, but now it seems like a better idea to get one new flat at new town rather than buying a resale flat at established town...

when is my turn.... bloody 7293....

for those 4D fans... take ur pick..... 7293.... 7293...... :(

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