Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I wanna go for holiday!

recently my life been sooooo tiring.... work is tiring.... home is tiring... going out is not tiring though.. hahahah... work is tiring because suddenly there are so many things to do!! from setting up a wiki which is php-based.. a language that i have zero knowledge of.... to managing livelink... some 3rd party vendor software... and trying out sharepoint services... this one gotta wait till the servers are ready... luckily... on top of that there are still many requests and bug fixes that come along the way.. and my office buddy is on mc since friday! gosh..

and today is pay day.. somehow i dun feel excited anymore when the pay is here.. actually a little bit disappointed that i din get any increment... but boss said we missed the mid year cut-off date.. =(

home is tiring becoz i cant rest when my hubby's nephew n niece are ard, i have to play with them coz they thought i'm abt the same age as them! they are like wat.. 4-6 years old.. but maybe they think like as if they are in their twenties.. hahaha... so after work i cant just crash in on my bed or on the sofa...

i need a holiday... zuji.. jestar.. gimme all ur promotion!!

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