Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sotong Lost her HP at IKEA

on sunday, sotong went to ikea alexandra with sotong's auntie and sotong's sister. sotong was sms-ing sotong husband because sotong husband wants to play basketball even though one of his eyes is badly injured. and then sotong saw a fascinating baking pan.. u see.. it comes with a lock system.. so when ur cake is done, u can unlock the side and you can take out the cake easily (this is definitely NOT a sotong design)

so while looking at this non-sotong product, sotong put her hp at the shelf (see how sotong she is!!) and then sotong auntie came over to talk to her and demonstrate how to use the baking pan. after that sotong forgot to take her hp from the shelves... and continue to walk... only until they reach the lamp section, sotong realized that she forgot to take her phone from the shelves so sotong n her sis rushed back to the baking pan shelves.. sotong sis even bent down to see whether the phone dropped to the floor.. and it was not there!!

so sotong keep on calling the phone using sotong's sis phone.. noone picks up the phone so they thought there's still a chance that someone pick it up and intend to return it (how naive...) they even contacted lost & found and asked them, also leave their no in case some kind soul found it and return it there... up to this second no news abt sotong's lost phone... btw, sotong's lost phone is a samsung d500 phone which is almost 2 years old but look brand new because sotong treat the phone so nice.. it onli dropped less than 3 times... hahahahha...

at the end sotong decided to suspend outgoing IDD and 1900 calls (after all, she's not that sotong u see...) and after a few hours still no news... sotong went to m1 to get a new sim card... sotong can't leave without technology... she's a hi-tech sotong... so when the new sim card is activated, the old sim card can't be used anymore.. and sotong's old phone is really uncontactable... hiks... sotong feel so sad becoz all sotong fren's numbers are gone now.. and also those nice sms-es that sotong frens have sent... =(

just a few days ago was sotong's birthday so there were some nice sms-es from frens.. and that's gone too! such a tragic bday for sotong this year...

so, if u r sotong's real frens, pls sms sotong ur name n number.. sotong will really appreciate it =)

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