Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I used to do my job happily without fussing much about my pay, anyway that was because I thought my pay was considered high among my peers. Recently, I got a promotion but my boss told me that I have to wait until March to get my increment because we missed the mid-year cut-off date. Well, they also mention it's possible to get it now but it will be a long and difficult process. I know the promotion is good for my portfolio but there are so many thoughts in my mind...

"I'm doing the work now, why should I be paid 6 months from now?"

"Should I prove myself first before asking for it?"

"Am I really doing more than before?"

"My pay is lower than my peer.. so I should ask for it.."

On top of that, many people are encouraging me to look for new job with various reasons... like job market is good now... there isn't much prospect in current company... etc...

So there are other thoughts like...

"Should I move?"

"Should I bother to ask for increment if I'm going to move?"

While confused with all these, many people tried to help me find the answer... they asked me questions like

"Do you want to stay here?"

"Are you happy here?"

Truth is, I don't have many things to complain about my current job.. I have 2 very nice ladies as my business owners, they are always full of nice words and praises...

Trying to think out of the box.. but right now, I cant even see where the box is....

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