Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Item of lust

i've been having sleepless nights becoz of this bag... it costs USD 795 in the US website but i saw it at paragon at 1,790... so i will save abt 600 bucks if i buy it there... hubby agreed to buy it for me... but i still feel it's quite a waste of $$$$.. but i really like this bag... and this is very useful becoz i can put my laptop inside! so maybe i will buy it afterall.... another dilemma... it costs abt the same price as a trip to korea... (i wanna go korea!! ).... but i also want the bag.... how how how... anyway, after a conversation with a "bag expert", think i shdnt ask ppl to buy from me from US.. for the following reasons:

  • 1. lost of "shiok" feeling that u will encounter when u sign the credit card
  • 2. lost of "shiok" feeling that u will encounter when u take the carrier out of the shop

hahaha.. ok it's a bit lame.. =p

so we decided to wait until end of the year when there's gucci SALE to buy... hahah... maybe by then i dun even want the bag anymore... and i will save 1.8k!

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