Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my buddy's last day

today is my buddy's last day.. i'm officially the last person standing from my batch... so many ppl left... feel so sad... even though we can still keep in touch n meet up after work, but it's different than previously when we can just talk everyday, gossip abt everything under the moon n sun, talk about bags (her bags mostly! hahahahha), talk abt certain individuals in the office.. got one that resembles cartoon character.... sth like chipmunk....

even though she shd be more like a big sis to me, but she behaves like my ah ma.... hahahah.. u see these are the things that make the office life seems brighter, she's so funny!

anyway, it's a good opportunity for her (means more $$$$.. hehe) and i hope she feels happy with her new job, and find good colleagues over there =)

as for me... i'm hesitant.... there are so many things to consider....

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