Friday, November 30, 2007

Bintan Nov 2007 Pics

Some photos from the trip..

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Korean Drama - 90 Days, Time To Love

The story goes like this...

Boy loves girl.. girl loves boy... they got together.. then they found out that they are actually cousins so they are not supposed to be together.. so they have to break-up...

years after that (adulthood), they are married to other ppl.. the guy married someone his dad wants him to marry to save his business or sth like that.. the wife is quite nice.. and they have a daugther...

the girl married a guy who treated her like a princess.. he cooks and cleans the house for her! but he looks a bit weird though.. hahahha.. looks a bit like "dono" --> think onli indonesians know who dono is =p

then the guy found out that he has brain cancer and onli have 3 months to live.. so he started to look for that girl again... and then when they finally meet each other, they started having affair.. to the extent that even when their spouses find out abt it, they even dare to ask for their permission to carry on the affair...

the story line is a bit weird.. and while watching the show, i can't bring myself to support what the 2 main casts are doing.. hahhahaha.. i started to side with the husband and the wife... who i think is the victim... but i guess the ending is not that bad for both of them..

mimi, i'm sending this DVD to u soon! hahahaha

Links to this drama..,_Falling_in_Love_Days

Wish List

While waiting for my hubby to come and pick me up and go for dinner (starving.. din have lunch today...), I decided to compile my wish list...

so here it is.. in random order... (because I can't make up my mind which one I want first)

  1. New HDB flat.. if possible not so ulu location... pls God let me get it ASAP!!
  2. A car.. the new Honda Jazz perhaps..
  3. Trip to Korea + SHOPPING
  4. GUCCI bag.. style code 153008..
  5. Trip to Europe (France, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain,...)
  6. Trip to US again.. this time maybe West Coast area.. and of course Disney Land!!
  7. Trip to Maldives... been looking at frens' pics... sooooo nice....
  8. Trip to Japan... hahah.. this is becoming like a trip list.. =p
  9. I WANNA BE THIN AND RICH... (I googled this one day and found out that someone actually sell a book "How to be thin and rich" HAHAHAHAHA)
  10. And yet still able to eat all the stuff I wanna eat.. like curry rice, donuts, etc...
  11. After I get the HDB, please let me have enough $$$ to upgrade it to a condominium.. hahaha.. then after that let me get en-bloc windfall.. so that I can buy a landed property!! hahaha ok I should stop being so greedy.. but... I dun care.. this is MY wish list!
  12. What next... ah! To be able to speak Korean like those in the Korean drama... or maybe it's easier to be able to watch Korean drama without subtitle! There are a few titles that I wanna watch but can't because it doesn't come with English subtitle... =(
  13. Also same for Chinese language.. want to be able to watch Chinese / Taiwan drama without English subtitle =p
  14. I wish my hubby dun have to work so late everyday...

Talking about him.. suddenly he reached already! going now!!

Bollywood Part. 2

more bollywood pics.. hahaha... i feel that i look more muslim than indian... =p
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hahahah look at what my funny fren bokcolli (a.k.a bokachu n bokiemon) said... =D
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Drunken Wedding Pics

Hahaha! Just found these old photos! These were actually taken using Jianghan's phone (not bad eh..) during our (me & Andrew) wedding night at our bridal suite. Andrew was sooooo dead drunk (can u tell from the pic?) he actually called his 3 brothers to come to our room to.. take photos? i dunno wat he wanted to do.. but these are the photos.. looks a bit like wong kar wai's movie.. yellowish... hahaha
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Mercer Bowling Competition 2007

Hahaha.. we only played 3 rounds each but I nearly died during the last round.. the ball was getting heavier and heavier (even though I was using no. 8!!!)

We didnt win but of course we want to take photos with the trophies.. hhahah so we BORROWED them! =p
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Mercer Bollywood 2007

Taken these photos from Mercer D&D (Bollywood Themes). It was at Hyatt Orchard 16 nov 2007 if i'm not wrong. Didnt have to post these photos earlier.. sooo busy!

The event was quite organized, they have many entertainments for us, from Indian dance, belly dance, singers, and funny (and RUDE!) MCs. Oh, and not forgetting! lucky draw! hahahaha... i didnt win anything though.. lin sotong won a 1K travel voucher.. wow... and lots of ppl won nintendo wii and ipod touch.. so shiok leh.. too bad never win.. next year perhaps (if i'm still here.. hahaha..)
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bintan was GREAT

Had a great time in bintan and we'll be posting some pics soon.. expected the trip to be nice because it's exp! but didnt expect that it will turn out that well.. we did much more activities compared to when we went to krabi, we tried ATV bike, SPA (haha this is my first time going for a spa.. got a little bit of shock!), and of course the usual beach + swimming pool stuff.. =)

for ppl who wants to go bintan, i can help to give some ideas.. =)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Fun with facebook

Today i was trying out lots of new things in facebook (together with my sotong fren)... it was really fun.. we tried these applications (in random order):

1. travel map.. haha we even pinned those cities that we transitted!!
2. petrolhead... that sotong chose an ATV to race... HAHAHAHA... i cant wait to race again tomorrow so that i can get some points to buy my next car... yeah like real... =p
3. aquarium... bought her some dolphin n turtle WITH GLITTERS... this is sooooo unrealistic but FUN.. =)
4. superpoke.. i cant remember wat funny actions she was trying to do to me.. but the list of actions listed there are hillarious.. like why would u throw a sheep at ur fren?! HAHA.. and it's quite additive becoz the more u sent, they will give u more new actions.. just curious wat are the new actions like.. prev rach threw a spider at me... i havent got that action till now...she must be facebooking the whole day!

It's Friday again!!

heading home soon....

Blogspot bug?

Is there a bug with blogspot? When I tried to create a posting that only contains a picture, the title of that posting doesnt appear on the page... it will appear half and then when I hover my house over the title, it will completely disappear... hmm.... weird....

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