Friday, November 9, 2007

Fun with facebook

Today i was trying out lots of new things in facebook (together with my sotong fren)... it was really fun.. we tried these applications (in random order):

1. travel map.. haha we even pinned those cities that we transitted!!
2. petrolhead... that sotong chose an ATV to race... HAHAHAHA... i cant wait to race again tomorrow so that i can get some points to buy my next car... yeah like real... =p
3. aquarium... bought her some dolphin n turtle WITH GLITTERS... this is sooooo unrealistic but FUN.. =)
4. superpoke.. i cant remember wat funny actions she was trying to do to me.. but the list of actions listed there are hillarious.. like why would u throw a sheep at ur fren?! HAHA.. and it's quite additive becoz the more u sent, they will give u more new actions.. just curious wat are the new actions like.. prev rach threw a spider at me... i havent got that action till now...she must be facebooking the whole day!

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