Friday, November 30, 2007

Wish List

While waiting for my hubby to come and pick me up and go for dinner (starving.. din have lunch today...), I decided to compile my wish list...

so here it is.. in random order... (because I can't make up my mind which one I want first)

  1. New HDB flat.. if possible not so ulu location... pls God let me get it ASAP!!
  2. A car.. the new Honda Jazz perhaps..
  3. Trip to Korea + SHOPPING
  4. GUCCI bag.. style code 153008..
  5. Trip to Europe (France, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain,...)
  6. Trip to US again.. this time maybe West Coast area.. and of course Disney Land!!
  7. Trip to Maldives... been looking at frens' pics... sooooo nice....
  8. Trip to Japan... hahah.. this is becoming like a trip list.. =p
  9. I WANNA BE THIN AND RICH... (I googled this one day and found out that someone actually sell a book "How to be thin and rich" HAHAHAHAHA)
  10. And yet still able to eat all the stuff I wanna eat.. like curry rice, donuts, etc...
  11. After I get the HDB, please let me have enough $$$ to upgrade it to a condominium.. hahaha.. then after that let me get en-bloc windfall.. so that I can buy a landed property!! hahaha ok I should stop being so greedy.. but... I dun care.. this is MY wish list!
  12. What next... ah! To be able to speak Korean like those in the Korean drama... or maybe it's easier to be able to watch Korean drama without subtitle! There are a few titles that I wanna watch but can't because it doesn't come with English subtitle... =(
  13. Also same for Chinese language.. want to be able to watch Chinese / Taiwan drama without English subtitle =p
  14. I wish my hubby dun have to work so late everyday...

Talking about him.. suddenly he reached already! going now!!

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