Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Japanese Drama - Food Detective

Hubby bought the DVD on sale (CHEAP only 5 bucks!!) from TS. This show is really funny.. imagine someone wearing white coat going everywhere and buying all the food that he sees.. gets really mad when someone steal his food.. and carries a pair of magic chopsticks!! but just by looking at the food or tasting the food, he can tell who is the criminal... and wonder why all the crimes are related to food... hahahhaha..

This is a typical kids show.. meaning there're some moral of the story kind.. not just shoot kick punch kind of show.. We've rented the Food Detective 2... going to start watching soon.. hopefully it's as good as the 1st one =p

And also, Why Why Love DVD (Rainie Yang) is on sale in TS now... wanted to rent (18 bucks! no stock!) but when we walked to the other counter, we saw that the same DVDs were on sale for 19 bucks! lucky they din have stock for rental!!

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