Friday, December 14, 2007

Places to visit before I die

Been feeling so down lately so decided to dream about holidays to make myself feel happier... hahaha... actually hubby and I talked about this before.. and we even wrote it down on a piece of paper but I cant find it now! so here it goes..
  1. korea.. just to satisfy my obsession to korean drama.. haha.. and i oredi bought the 3G phone! =p
  2. japan
  3. italy.. bags... bags... bags...
  4. england
  5. france.. bags.. bags.. bags...
  6. germany
  7. spain
  8. sweden.. this one not so high priority
  9. switzerland.. this one too..
  10. maldives.. lots of ppl say this place is nice =p
  11. australia.. love this place... want to go there again..
  12. USA.. california!! disneyland!! hollywood.. hahaha.. i wanna go to the victoria's secrets shop again.. and the coach shop.. arrghh.. how come this become shopping trips.. hahaha
  13. new zealand.. to visit siyong and mark.. after they migrate.. (she said she'll adopt an english name.. so maybe they will be known as mark & spencer)
  14. the rest of the exotic islands... hawaii.. fiji...

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