Monday, December 17, 2007

Seeing A Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel

After 2 years of struggling to get a flat, we've finally found something that we really like.. jessie's flat! hahaha that is not available for sale... but at least now we know that HDB flat can be so nice.. it makes all the flats that we went for viewing a bit like sh*t.. hahahah.. jessie, u shd thank me for advertising ur flat, in case u wanna sell it when it matures :D

so the agents been telling me there's no such thing as perfect home, shd buy it when u like it 80-90% because the market now is bad, good units are snapped up very fast.. glad that i didnt listen to them.. the agents seems pretty frustrated with us.. (me in particular..) because i'm so fussy.. the toilet must be big.. must be nice.. dun like the pipe.. the floor must be white color tiles.. dun like the built-in stuff.. the kitchen is too small.. no place to hang clothes..

even for the blk 144 sengkang that i like the most previously.. now it seems a bit not nice anymore.. because that one the common toilet is still at the kitchen (old design) whereas the flat at fernvale is condo layout.. nice!!

so last night we told the agent we increase our budget again.. wahhahaaahha... that agent must be feeling quite confused right now.. like how come the budget increase again and again.. =p

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