Monday, December 17, 2007

Sotong Can't Read Maps!

For Sunday house viewings, first appointment was at Blk 295A (circled in red). By right sotongs could have taken the LRT but male sotong want to buy OCK so 2 sotongs got out of sengkang MRT and decided to walk instead.. so sotongs were looking at the locality map and female sotong thought that the correct route is the green color.. male sotong didnt say anything abt it.. and since female sotong always suan male sotong abt reading map.. this time round male sotong asked female sotong to lead the way.. haha.. enjoy the map..

so female sotong confidently lead the way.. the blue line.. male sotong thought that it's the correct line when it was at the junction to compassvale road.. that's half correct actually! but female sotong the road is a straight road (the green one) so female sotong led the way n keep on going straight until there's a block 127 opposite the road.. heh?! 127.. look at the map again!!

at this point male sotong was laughing so hard coz it's totally wrong direction!! so now we have to turn back.. so we walk the pink line.. it was very hot n humid.. and sotongs were sweating.. when we oops.. i mean sotongs reach the cluster of that block, we walk one big round to finally find the correct block! the unit was nice but they hacked a wall and make it inconvenient to enter the master room (have to walk thru the study then there's a sliding door to the master room).. we didnt take this unit.. =)

the exercise was good though.. =)
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