Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Siomay Sparta

If you don't understand Indo language, you might want to skip this. My brother showed me this really funny clip in YouTube yesterday, someone dubbed their voice on this clip, and it's in Indonesian language.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Origins of Christmas and Birthdays

Now is December and very near to holiday season. Roads in Singapore are decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments. I'm sure a lot of people in Singapore are not Christians. Most of my friends here are free-thinker (something like the believe that God exists and He creates the world etc, but they don't really have a religion), but Christmas now is more like a commercialised religious holiday.

And why do people celebrate Christmas anyway? I guess because it's holiday seasons, presents, etc.. but for Christians, shouldn't it have better purpose than that? And is celebrating Christmas actually according to Bible or not?

Here is origin of Christmas according to some research:

If your birthday is in October or November, will you want people all over the world celebrate it in December? Perhaps not...

And I don't recall seeing any verse in the Bible telling human to celebrate Jesus' birthdays as well. I'm sure church leaders know about all these facts, but I don't know why they are still encouraging their followers to celebrate these not so biblical festivities.

Why do people celebrate their birthdays? According to this wiki page, birthday celebrations originated from pagan and astrology practices: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_origin_of_birthday_celebrations

Sounds like a good reason to not celebrate birthdays anymore!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My New Shoes!!

Tomorrow is Google holiday party and the dress code is cocktail attire. And I have no dress or shoes!!! I mean I have dress but none of them fit nicely.. hiks hiks..

And no shoes either.. but shoes are easier to buy... since feet can't grow fat that much.. hee hee..

Ok so just now I went to Metro at Sengkang and buy 2 pair of shoes!

The white one.. planning to wear this with a white dress tomorrow :)

Or should I wear this with a black dress tomorrow... ??

Dilemma... dilemma...

Anyway, there was promotion just now. First pair 10%, subsequent pairs 20%!! Of course must buy more than 1 lah!! :D

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Next vacation

Yay! I'm going back to Jakarta in less than 2 weeks! Feels like a long time ago since I see my family!!

Daisypath Vacation Ticker

I hope everything went smoothly.. means everyone happy, healthy, and no Indo tax and fiscal worries!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My First AdSense Cheque


I finally get paid by Google AdSense for displaying ads on my websites. I think I first joined this program in July 2007.. that's more than a year ago! But since I only get paid when visitors click on the ad and I don't have that many readers, it takes a really long time to accumulate it. Oh, Google only issue the cheque when the earnings reach USD 100, so my first cheque from Google AdSense is about SGD 150.. not bad lah, for updating my own website and talking crap, people actually find the ads on my website relevant and click on them.. hehehe..

Ok, going to bank-in the cheque now! :D

Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Updates This Week

Re-entry permit
I finally renewed my re-entry permit! I went there on Wednesday and the queue was soooooooooo long!! So I decided to go again on Thursday but earlier, maybe before ICA opens. So on Thursday I went again, the queue was like.... u know the snake in the old type of mobile phones? The queue is like when the snake is almost fill up the whole screen! But this time the screen is the size of a PDA phone screen!

But I don't want to go back another day!! So I decided to queue up and suddenly one of the officer is saying "No more quota for PR application" then lots of people start leaving the queue! I thought "Yeah!! Yippiee!!" but I decided to check again in case what he meant is not serving all PR for today. So I went to ask him how about if I want to renew my re-entry permit. Then he said "Ok, follow me!"

So we followed him to the top of the queue (yay!) where he checked our documents and then just gave us a queue number. There was only 1 person in front of me!! Yeah yeah this is the correct way to treat PRs!!! Don't make them queue so long like a snake body!!

Ok so at the end I got all settled pretty fast then went to work! Mission accomplished!

Diet Competition
We've both been working very hard to achieve our goals, eating healthier food and also exercising more. We are quite on par right now. I've lost about 2kg+ and my hubby has lost about 3kg+, and today we decided to give each other a break by eating the same fattening food. Hotdogs from Superdog at Downtown East Pasir Ris :D

No slacking after eating so much, we're going to play badminton tomorrow morning at 8 AM!! Hopefully I can wake up...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another reason to go on a diet

Other than these 2 reasons of dieting:
  1. Money reason - have to pay for a trip to Korea for 2 persons if I lose diet competition to my hubby
  2. Vanity reason - to fit into more chio clothes

Now I have a more valid reason to go on a diet!! According to Yahoo! News, people who are fatter around the waist increase their risk of premature death. Check out this article. I wonder how they know whether death is premature or not..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jess Wedding Gatecrashing

Just to share with everyone what sabo we did to Jess' hubby and his brothers.

Round 1: The traditional "sour sweet bitter spicy" treat
For sour we prepared freshly squeezed lemon (oh! the photographer helped to squeeze the lemon also! He's quite on in sabo-ing loh!!), to make the suffering longer we prepared bread so that they can slowly dip the bread into the lemon. But one of the brother was actually game enough to drink the whole cup of lemon juice.. ewwww sour!

Sweet.. this one is really good.. as we didn't really prepare much sweet stuff, I took out the Jellyhearts that I bought for Jess (see, the brothers didnt suffer that much actually!) and put some sugar on top of it. The brothers were eyeing it suspiciously but TTS just took one and told them that it tasted good! Of course lah, Jellyhearts leh, have to order 2 weeks in advance you know!

Bitter.. the famous bitter gourd! What else?

Spicy.. woohoo this one is super shiok.. wasabi on banana! I copied this idea from my jiemei during my wedding lah coz otherwise how to put the wasabi? In a straw? Hmm.. that's a new idea.. :D

Round 2: Eat banana from a bamboo pole
We tied a banana (not peeled) to a bamboo pole and stick out the pole from the top of the gate, so they have to figure out how to eat the banana without using their hands! Weird thing is they eat the banana with the skin... at the end we didn't make them eat the whole banana coz it doesn't seem that fun anymore.. besides, the ang pow was good! HAHAHA

Round 3: Climb for love - Between the gate and the main door
We stick this piece of paper with a big heart drawn on it at the top of a high wall in Jess house. His brothers have to push him up so that he can use his mouth to take the paper.. this one looks quite easy.. we should have thought of something harder!

Round 4: No hair no hair...
Basically we just want to TORTURE TTS and his brothers lah, this game simply has no meaning whatsoever. We all know that guys are very scared of pain, so we asked them to WAX their hair. I wanted them to wax leg hair because of course there's more hair on their legs right? But it was sooooo chaotic nobody could hear me. At the end, the boys were having fun with the wax and waxing their arms. They look like as if it's really shiok loh! Like not torturing at all.. or maybe they are those psycho type who likes pain!!

Round 5: I LOVE YOU paper panties
We wrote letters I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U on paper panties and made TTS and the brothers wear them! The idea is they have to figure out what sentence they can make using this panties. Funny part is because the panties are of size M (woman) and some of the guys are quite big size. One of them actually tore it when he was trying to wear it. Ok, so they were happily wearing the disposable panties and they thought they got it right, so they were posing, jumping around, and taking photos!

What they spelt was actually I L-O-V-E O-Y-U...

8 adults dunno how to spell!

But that was quickly fixed and the game resumes.. more ang pao coming.. yoohoo!

Round 6: I Love You in 9 languages
We finally let them in the house but not to the room! Jess' cousin was waiting with her in her room and listening to us from inside. What TTS has to say to Jess is quite simple, just say I Love You in 9 languages, dialects allowed. He did pretty well until about 7 languages, and then one of his friends said "Try Bahasa Indonesia.. Bapa Saya Ibu".. HUH?? My father is mother? He claimed that is Bahasa Indonesia from Surabaya.. hahaha good try! WRONG! Try again.. this time round TTS got a little help from cameraman! He helped come out with the French version..

Round 7: Where's the right one?
Ok so finally we let TTS meet his bride, but there's one problem. She doesn't have her right shoe so she can't leave the house. So TTS gave us one more ang pao to tell him the location of the shoes, and one of his bro actually retrieved it from the toilet hahah.. Funny part is when Jess' mom came in to the room looking worried "Huh? The shoes is missing? Who take the shoes?" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA.. super comical loh!

Ok, that's the end of our sabo. I think I didn't miss out anything.. can't wait to see the photos :D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jess Bridesmaid Dinner & Wedding Lunch Banquet

Jess is finally doing her customary wedding! And I'm so excited for her, or maybe for her husband lah. I've been helping him nag at her to do her montage and also sometimes give her tips of what to do and what to prepare, but her hubby is one type of groomzilla!

So Sunday morning, we are all gathered at Jessie's mom's kitchen preparing sumptuous breakfast for his hubby and the 7 brothers. We made white bread dip in lemon juice, cake with sugar, bitter gourd, banana with wasabi. We also made them eat banana from a bamboo pole.. hehehe.. but I think the most hillarious part is the part where they have to wear disposable panties and make a sentence, they dunno how to spell!! Some more still happily dancing with the disposable panty. One of the brother actually managed to tear it while wearing it... *faint*

The lunch banquet itself was really nice too.. I think I always have this feeling about wedding.. a public declaration of 2 persons' love, always make myself feel very emotional! Jess husband sang a (very long) song.. hahaha.. I know Jess was trying hard not to laugh ho ho ho.. but it's quite nice lah, the guy did very well!

But I forgot to take photo with Jess using my camera so now I have to wait for the photographer's photos!! So I put there their portrait, the wedding favor, and my bridesmaid wrist corsage :p

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gmail Theme!

Yay! Now I can skin my Gmail inbox!! They have many nice themes (cartoon type hehehe) and you can even design your own theme.

Check out the official launch blog post in the Gmail blog.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beyonce's If I Were A Boy

If you haven't heard this song before, you should go buy the CD or try to search for it somewhere (do I have to teach you how?)! Anyway, this song is totally awesome!!!

It highlights the difference society views guys and girls. Things that look perfectly normal when done by guys look so bad when a girl is doing it. The clip is really great too! Check out this YouTube link (sorry embed disabled by the poster of the video)

My fav part of the clip is the part where Beyonce said to the guy "Why are you so jealous? It's not like I'm sleeping with the guy" WHOAAAA... I think that really hits the spot for many guys man!!

And the next frame, they switched the role and the guy was telling Beyonce "Why are you so jealous? It's not like I'm sleeping with the girl" .. this is like the most common answer given to girlfriend when guys are caught flirting loh! Like as if flirting is ok as long as not doing that thing!

Disclaimer: I'm not supporting this clip because of any personal experience, just feel empathy to some girls out there :p

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Taipei Trip Scrapbook

I decided to make one scrapbook (is this considered scrapbook btw?) that has my hubby inside, so I picked a few photos from our Taipei trip. The lady in the middle photo is my mom-in-law.

Our trip to Kawah Putih, Bandung, Indonesia

I noticed that wedding albums in Indonesia are so much nicer than those in Singapore, even those that are displayed at the bridal studio! Reason is because Indonesia has a lot of place where you can take nice outdoor photos. For example this place that we went in December 2006 (I know it's like ages ago!). My cousin took her wedding photo there, and the result is soooo good! It looks as if she went to another country where there's snow!

Anyway, so we went there again because the place is now famous after being used to shoot one of the Indonesian movie. Btw, it was really cold there!

This exercise of making scrapbook is really good for my forgetful brain. Looking at photos, I'm reminded of things that happen in the fast. I really should continue doing this in case I really lost all my memories next time *touch wood*!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blk A Girls (+1 intruder) Gathering

I'm really addicted to Photoshop now!! Ok, the first photo is from our gathering in September. They gave me my birthday present that day too :) Actually Siaw Ching and Yijun were there too but somehow we didn't take group photo with them. Must remember to take more photo next time!

And the next photo is from our gathering in October, same set of people but different place and for Rachel's birthday. We took a lot of black and white photos, I think they look quite artistic haha :)

This time round we remember to take group photo with Siaw Ching but forgot to take it with Yijun! That's why I cropped his photo and put it together with us :D

Second Attempt in Scrapbooking

Second sets of photos to be "vandalized" are from Ailing's graduation! I just can't resist making more of this stuff!! In the background, my hubby is nagging at me to quickly take a shower so that we can go out! hahahaha.. ok.. soon after I post this one up!

First Digital Scrapbooking Attempt

I ordered a few new Photoshop brushes last night and couldn't wait to experiment on it, so I was thinking instead of making banners or designs for websites, I might as well do something more personal like decorating my own collection of digital photos.

Yesterday I was doing some for Jess' wedding but that shouldn't be displayed since she hasn't decided which one she wants to use, and things on weddings are supposed to kept a surprise! Sooooo excited about her wedding! hahaha she calls me bridezilla when she's the one who's the bride!

Anyway, this is my first work, the photo used is from Ailing's birthday lunch in April. Let me know what you think of this. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lose Weight While Watching TV

I was feeling really lame and I did a lame search on Google "lose weight while watching tv", I was expecting to get a result for those slimming pills, etc. To my surprise, there are other lame people who give tips on how to lose weight while watching TV! hahahahaha...

Basically the idea is to do exercise while the TV is on, like jog on the spot, doing crunches (I bet that person was not watching CSI!), play music and dance along with it (halo! how to play music and watch tv at the same time!), etc.

This is one of the links: http://www.wikihow.com/Exercise-While-Watching-TV

The only thing that I have done before is using hula hoop during commercial breaks and I don't know if that works, but that really creates lot of sweats!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Blogger Reaction

If you ever wonder what your friends or readers think about your blog post, now you can have an easier way to find out. Blogger just launched a new feature called "Reaction" and I just added that to my blog.

And yes I'm curious! So please tell me what you think about my blog posts! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Taiwan Trip Oct 2008

We went to Taiwan during the Deepavali holiday week, and we ate so much and shopped so much over there! We also walked a lot until my legs were aching! I put 8 koyos when I reached Singapore!

First day when we reach Taiwan, it was quite late so we just have a light meal and then went to nearby place at Danshui MRT (they call it Metro there). Ok I should mention that my mission there is to shop and hubby's mission is to eat, and I think we managed to accomplished both missions! :D

I bought 14 tops! And this is proof of him accomplishing his mission...

And then the next day we went to visit hubby's grandma at Keelung, also quite far from Taipei city, gotta take train to go there. The grandma is really old, need to sit in wheelchair one, and can't really move around that much.

Next day, we went to see hubby's grandpa, he's much older than the grandma but he's much fitter. I think he's like 90+ but he still can go out by himself to buy food and lottery. His hobby is actually lottery! He buys lots of them and he buys it almost everyday! I guess it's just his way to keep his mind awake :)

At night, we meet up with Jielun and his sister. They treated us to a really nice dinner, barbecue and hot pot buffet! Too bad we were too busy eating and didn't take any photos together!! We really admire 2 of them for their entrepreneurship, at such a young age they are like the boss of this chain company that sells boutique chocolate in Taiwan. Good job! :)

This time round, we didn't just go to Taipei but we also went to other cities like Yi Lan and Jiao Shi, but these 2 places are not so happening.. kinda backwards and boring.. I especially hated Jiao Shi because hubby made me go to the fish spa place.. sooooo creepy!!!

I also took pics of the road signs there too... some of the English translations are quite funny.. :D

Other than that, we didn't really take much photos because this is not our first trip to Taipei anyway so there isn't much new stuff. My crazy husband bought a lot of brown rice drinks! They call it mi jiang (I don't know the exact spelling) but it sounds like that, and the weight for that drink alone is 7 kg!!! Our luggages were nearly overweight but we managed to shift some stuff to our handcarry.. I really don't see the logic here.. isn't it just like upper deck and lower deck.. what's the fuss is all about! :(

Anyway, shall go Taipei again when the weather is better.. like spring.. because currently most of the clothes they are selling are winter wear.. which is good in a way because all the summer clothes are on sale, but there wasn't much choice!

During this trip, my hubby couldn't buy much clothes so he got fed up with his figure.. (HAHAAHHAHAHAHHAA.. oops) and then he decided to go on diet to lose weight, so we came up with this idea to go on competition to lose weight. Since he's bigger than me, to be fair he has to lose more weight than me, so we decided that he has to lose 15 kg and I have to lose 10 kg. Whoever do it the fastest is the winner, and the loser has to pay for trip for 2 persons to Korea. YAY! I'm going to KOREA! I'm so sure I will win!! hahahahhaha.. or maybe both of us won't achieve that goal ever.. that's also quite likely :D

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy Week

One of my teammates are away this week so we are one man down this week and we also have a lot of trainings and meetings this week, so I was sooooooo busy! In my previous job, I often have time to check my personal email and talk to my friend online, but this week I hardly have time to breathe! And no time to talk to my friend :(

And there's a culture in this company to have a get-together every week. In Singapore office, we do it every Thursday and call it TGIAF for Thank God It's Almost Friday. I think it's cheesy but nice (I like cheesy stuff!) So this week, a few people and I are supposed to organize it but somehow there are a lot of people who are out-of-office so ended up there were only 2 of us planning for it this week, and that other person has a meeting during TGIAF as well so I was the only one from the organizing committee, so stressful!! But of course I've got help from another colleague who agreed to be MC :)

And TGIAF is over, I'm so relieved!!! Btw, this is why someone spotted me at Old Chang Kee today and thought that I was skiving at work!! Actually I was buying food for TGIAF laaahh.. I'm not the type who skive work you know... ahem ahem..

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday and will be a better day and also end of my busy week! I will be flying to Taiwan on Saturday! I wanna buy loooootttsss of stuff!! Taiwan is such a good place to shop :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Serving Other Deck

After we moved to the new office at 8 Shenton Way, whenever I take the lift, the lift will sometimes stop at the level that noone pressed and we'll hear the message "Serving Other Deck"... it was really confusing!

Turned out the lift in the office is double-deck. Never heard of it before? Me neither, but here it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-deck_elevator. Apparently, it's designed for efficiency, so there's upper and lower deck. So if someone in the other deck press another floor, it will stop there even if nobody in your deck is going to the floor above or below it (depending on whether you are on upper or below deck).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eventful Weekend

Well, actually on Saturday we managed to lock ourselves in the apartment and didn't do much thing, just nuah and eat at home. But Sunday is our home improvement day and we went to buy lots of stuff :)

First we went to Marina Square (ok this is not for home improvement) coz we only ended up buying new clothes for me, but we went to a few furniture shops there like Molecules (expensive!!), and some other shops selling home accessories.

Next destination is Paragon shopping centre because previously I saw nice wrapping paper there that I think can be framed up to decorate the house, but when we reach the shop, the stuff they have left there are quite disappointing. And the parking was 3 bucks plus for the 15 minutes that we were there!! Such a waste of parking money!

Next destination is IKEA Tampines, we spent a loooooong time there because Ikea is just sooooo big and there's just soooooo many things to see! We ended up buying cushions, containers, table lamps, mirrors, shoe rack, etc and we have some ideas to brighten up the house too. Maybe we'll do this after Taiwan trip.

Next destination is Courts (like might as well go there since we are around the area), but that place is quite disappointing for buying furniture. And they don't really have good deals for electronics. Somehow we almost always ended up buying from Harvey Norman instead of Courts.

Lastly, we went to Giant because we wanted to buy 3M hook/hanger, but couldn't find one that can carry the weight that we need and don't look so bulky! Argh why is it so difficult?!? At the end, we ended up buying a no-name brand that claim it can carry 1.5 kg... we'll wait and see..

Anyway, recently my mind has been constantly thinking of ideas of how to make our apt look nicer and cosier but just couldn't think of any.. and also because I'm quite worried that it'll end up making it worse. Jess said she'll introduce her ID to me during her wedding, but I think ID costs a bomb and currently we don't have any budget for house reno! Anyway, we'll just take small steps and do mini weekend projects and maybe hire the ID when we have saved enough :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mom's Visit to Singapore

My mom seldom comes to Singapore (seldom considering she lives in Jakarta and it's just 1.5 hours flight), the last time she came here was for my wedding almost 3 years ago. So when she said that she's coming, we are all so excited and we cleaned our house and make sure both apts are very comfortable for her to live in.

My aunt and cousin also came and they wanted to go to Singapore zoo and not just do shopping. So we decided to go to Malacca since it's quite near and they haven't been there before. Anyway, here are some photos taken when they were here.

I feel that the time she spent here was too short! Since she doesn't have to stay in hotel, she can stays here longer like maybe a month! But again, my dad and 3 younger siblings need her too, so I have to share her.. I hate sharing!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lunch @ Pratip's

Pratip invited a bunch of us ex-colleagues to his place on Saturday for a get together and he also cooked lunch himself! Well, I didn't actually see him cook the food but it was all uncooked in his kitchen before, and then it came out cooked on the table after that.

The food was good! I didn't expect him to know how to cook like that. One brownie point! And it was really good to see my ex-colleagues after a few months not seeing them. Well, they haven't changed a bit. They are still the nice and easy-going people that I really enjoyed working with, and I still miss them a lot sometimes.

There are some funny pictures that I took when I was there. First picture is of a few of them trying to take close-up picture of a 10-dollar note! Purpose is not to print fake money, because it's easier to use a scanner than a camera if you want to do that. Jess was telling us that the line in the 10-dollar notes is actually made of letters. So she wanted to find what the letters are and she tried to take photo of it.

Next is a few other interested people trying to achieve what she was trying to achieve. Alvin was using his Samsung Omnia, the camera is quite lousy, we only got blur picture of it!

Well, actually the winner is my Canon IXUS 80 because the macro mode can easily take that picture and decipher the word. Akh's Nikon SLR also can but it required a lot of complicated process like taking out the big lense and putting it front-side-back and holding the lense while he's taking picture of it. Hurray to Canon IXUS! :D

So what are the letters? I'm not telling.... try it yourself :D

We also played Wii tennis there and I tell you I suck big time in this game. TTS is totally new in this game and he beat me who has been practising for so many nights at my sister's house! :(

And at last a proper photo of everyone!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My First Dental Appointment

Wel.. that's as far as I can remember..

In Indonesia, there used to be a school dentist (or perhaps someone paid by the school to come) to check our dental health every 6 months. So when I was in primary school, I never go to dentist at all.

And I don't recall going to dentist in junior and senior high school. So I was quite shocked when my colleagues told me that they go for regular dental check-up with cleaning and polishing every 6 months! I feel so gross hahahhaa.. so as advised, I scheduled a dental appointment at the place that they tested before, both of them said this dentist is good, so that should make the whole going to dentist thing less scary.

So last Friday, I went to the dentist and they brought me to this room with a chair in the middle of the room. The dentist was checking her email when I went it (she uses GMail haha), then first she did some kind of check with 2 long metal thinge.. one that looks like a mirror and another one with a hook in front.. I worked in dental supply company before but I have no idea what those are :D

After "manual" check, the dentist said everything looks good and since I haven't been to any dentist all my life, she asked me to take X-Ray of my mouth. That was really uncomfortable because I have to bite this plastic thing, and the stuff they used on it smelled like detergent (maybe they used it for other people before and used detergent to wash it?? eeewwww...) anyway they took 3 x-ray of my mouth.. not sure why they needed so many..

I tell you this cool thing, the x-ray results immediately show on the monitor that she was using to check her email.. hahah thank God for technology! Ok anyway, the result show that I have no cavities (yay! my mom didn't believe this.. she thinks I seldom brush my teeth... my own mother leh...) but the bottom 2 wisdom tooth are going to somehow someday decay the other 2 teeth that are next to them. The dentist also suggested to take out 2 upper wisdom teeth, which I don't really know why since they don't bother me at all.

I think all my parents, grandparents, etc never have their wisdom tooth taken out. In Indonesia, it's not very common for people to take out their wisdom tooth, only in Singapore. Maybe to get 5 days MC? Hee hee.. :p

Ok, after talking about wisdom tooth extraction (which I have decided not to do), the dentist went to clean my teeth with this super noisy equipment that goes "zzzzznnnnnggg!! zzzznnngggg!!!" and the nurse (or helper or whatever) was putting another tube that's supposed to suck out my saliva.. ewww.. gross... I felt like a horse getting brushed...

After she finished torturing me, she told me to rinse my mouth and when I spitted out the water, it was BLOODY! it was still bloody even after a few rinse and I felt gap in between my two lower middle teeth.. I thought one tooth dropped out! And she said it's because the thing that was there before has been cleaned..

And I thought the torture was already over, but next was polishing.. I dunno what they used to polish my teeth, but it looks like a drill! I think I saw that in my previous previous previous company store room before actually..

And then finally the torture was over...

Rinse again.. more blood... scary.... I thought I have blood all over my face but luckily when I checked the mirror, it was clean :D

Then come the bill.. $438!!! so expensive!! omg.. turned out they charged me 75 bucks for each of the plastic thing that I have to bite.. I think those were sold to them for less than 10 bucks loh... anyway, my company insurance will pay for that.. but I think I will wait a long time before going for this cleaning again.. it definitely don't feel as comfortable as a facial!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Home improvement this weekend

We always try to make our apartment looks nicer and cozier and this weekend project was to paint an ugly bedside table (wooden color) to white color. It wasn't that successful but it still look nicer than before.



And since we have 2 of them, we can put them in the guest room and have 2 bedside tables there, and we also went to IKEA to buy 2 more bedside lamps. Check out final result :)

Notice that we also bought a red dustbin.. HAHAH.. :D

And while at Ikea, we also bought some more red stuff to decorate the house, like this round thinge, we put 1 on the dining table and 1 below the phone.

Ok and the big project for the weekend was the oil painting. When we went for honeymoon in Aussie 2.5 years ago, my cousin brought us to a place where they sold lots of oil painting. They look really nice and not hard to do at all, but they cost a few hundred bucks each. Besides, it's difficult to bring a canvass painting from Aussie! So at that moment, we decided to do it ourselves. So now 2.5 years later.. haha.. procrastinator at work, finally did it!

Do you think it looks very childish? kindergarten like? It was harder than I imagined it would be.. haha.. so at the end I drew lots of circles! So after hanging them at the dining room, this is how our dining room looks like now.

I think the painting is a bit too small for the room but my hubby thinks it's just the right size.. I dunno.. for now dun care first.. next time then see how it goes.. :D

Oh, and another project was to buy me a GPS! Now sotong can drive around Singapore without getting lost oredi :D

Monday, September 29, 2008

Chee Yong & Li Hui Wedding in Malacca

We went to Malacca over the weekend for Chee Yong & Li Hui's wedding. They are friends from hall and they've been dating for a long time, and they are finally tying the knot! :)

There were 3 cars:
1. Wee Yeh - WY, Wei Leng, and another girl
2. Ryan - Ryan, Ryan's fiancee Alice, Charles
3. Us - Laval, Min Hui, hubby and me

Car 1 and 2 have walkie talkie that can communicate if they are 200 metres away.. so funny loh.. might as well tailgate each other! And then car 1 has GPS that is so powerful, can go through all the small roads in Malacca.. lol! Actually he just anyhow drove one.. Malaca city tour!

We reached there about 2 or 3 PM, it was about 3 hours drive, surprisingly no jam at custom! YAY! When we reach Malacca, we were all really tired. Everyone was saying to meet up at 3:30 but turned out everyone was sleeping and nobody went out! I woke up at about 5:30 PM and we decided to go to the Pahlawan Mall which is opposite the hotel that we were staying, Hotel Equatorial.

They really sell lots of stuff there but because I just came back from HK and saw how cheap stuff are in HK, I didn't really feel like buying anything from there. I only noticed a donut shop hahaha.. I know I'm supposed to be on diet, but donuts.. really hard to pass.. but I shared the fats with some people.. hahahahah.. you know who you are..

Anyway, we rushed back about 6:30 PM to shower and get ready for the banquet. The place is really grand and the photos turn out really nice. Li Hui looks sooooo pretty! I like her evening gown too, it's so sexy and elegant. I feel like I wanna get married again! hahahahah ok enough bridezilla time.. I think I gave my hubby quite a hard time last time.. :p

Anyway, these are some photos from the trip and I hope more friends to get married and have kids! It's so exciting! I need to get out of my boring life :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Friends And I...

Met up with 2 friends just now, one of them have a 6-month old baby and another one is 4 months pregnant. My pregnant friend said she was FAT and today I saw her.. my tummy is bigger than hers!! OMG!!

This is so UNFAIR!! At least she's fat (at least that's what she thinks, to me she still looks skinny hahahah) for a reason... I really find it hard to lose weight, sometimes I think I might as well get pregnant so that I have excuse to be fat.. :(

But what to do with the baby when I go to work? After such a long time, still havent found the perfect solution to this!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sydney and Auckland Trip

I'm so lazy to write about what happened during the trip because it was a full week and I can't remember much of the details! It was really fun, we worked a lot and also played a lot. Most importantly, we learned a lot which is useful for our job and also it's good to know our teammates better!

So I just post some Sydney photos here.. "some" is really an under-estimation..

And these are Auckland photos..

I even had chance to meet up with Siyong over the weekend! It was really good seeing her looking well and happy over there, she seems really settled over there even though she was there for less than 3 weeks! She already found a job and even bought a car! What's left is just her dream house haha.. Siyong, remember to invite me! :D

Hong Kong Trip

Finally I'm back to blogging! Was so busy recently with all the trips this month and a few gatherings that have been arranged since long time ago..

Ok so in this post, I shall talk about Google Singapore office offsite to Hong Kong. The main attraction of this whole offsite is HK Disneyland and of course the company dinner.

Our flight was so early in the morning! 7 am if I'm not wrong, that means we gotta be in the airport at 5!! Me, of course dragged my hubby out of bed and forced him to send me to the airport hehhe.. too bad we didn't even have time to have breakfast together because the United Airlines counters were so bloody inefficient! They took more than 1.5 hours to check us in! So he just sent me to airport, waited at the side, then just said good bye.. so sad right..

Anyway, when we reached HK, there was the tour guide waiting for us to take us to our hotel. We stayed at a hotel in Mongkok area, which at first I found it quite scary because Mongkok is the place they usually use to film those HK gangster movie and the place also looks a bit scary!

First day we didn't do much stuff, shopped a little bit, had mango dessert *this one is really nice and shiok!* and have company dinner that night. My colleague did a really good job arranging all this and also another colleague helped to talk to the restaurant people in Cantonese, she must have gotten us a good deal because there was really A LOT of food that day! After dinner, we went to Ladies Market which is supposedly the famous shopping area. But I don't think the stuff there is that great, and the people who sell stuff there is so rude! One of the women actually scolded my colleague in Cantonese, good thing we don't understand what she was saying!

Second day is supposed to be Disneyland day, so we were there in the morning and we finished most of the stuff within half a day so we decided to go to Lantau island because my colleague wanted to see giant Buddha. We climbed the one zillion stairs up and my legs were wobbly! I thought I was going to tumble down and die!! Once we were on top, the view was really nice :)

We went back to Disneyland after seeing giant Buddha to view their fireworks, it was REALLY nice :)

And last day we went to Google HK office and after that we did some mad rush shopping! This time round we went around Causeway Bay area but the stuff there are just like what we have in Singapore, then we went to Fa Yuan Kai or Flower Street as suggested by another colleague who used to work in HK. This one is really great, lots of stuff to buy but not much time so we had to do our shopping really fast and then ran back to office to catch the shuttle bus to airport!

Below is my photo album, there's 246 photos.. keep going.. hahahha..

Reach Singapore almost midnight and was flying to Sydney the next day.. shall talk about Sydney trip in another post.. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 Resolution Check - September

Forgot to do resolution check again cos too busy with work and other stuff..

  1. Buy a place of our own, be it new or resale, 4-room or 5-room... this was actually one of my unfulfilled 2007 resolutions.. ♥ checked ♥
  2. Be a better person, I know I've been a very impatient person, especially to my hubby, always get angry at him and even scolded him, maybe I expected him to be perfect, but I know nobody's perfect and as the crazy girl told me he has his own strong points. Thanks jess for reminding me that :) I think I should ask hubby to comment abt this lah.. dunno whether accomplished oredi or not..
  3. Lost weight!!! maybe should change it to gain weight... pass in flying colors!!
  4. Go to a new country, maybe Korea or Macau.. shdn't go to somewhere to expensive or else it will make my resolution no. 1 fail again :( ♥ checked ♥ I went to Japan airport!! HAHAHA I DON'T CARE IT'S STILL COUNTED!! Addition for this month: went to New Zealand which I never been before! :)
  5. Be better in managing my expenses.. for e.g. the 800 bucks PDA is as good as the 200 bucks one even if it's without 3G! only bought 10 lambs in NZ.. plus other stuff..
  6. Be better spiritually :) well... not good at all..
  7. Get a promotion ♥ checked ♥
  8. Get an increment ♥♥ checked twice ♥♥ found a new job yeay!
  9. Get my Singapore driving license! ♥ checked ♥
  10. Get my own set of wheels.. this is not priority but good to have.. as long as no. 1 is fulfilled =) ♥ checked ♥

I really wish I can be better spiritually seeing that I have most of my worldly goals covered. New Zealand's nature is so pretty, it made me think how great God is. Imagine how Eden was like!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Comex is a horrible place!

Went to Comex at Suntec City just now and I HATED IT!!! There's possibly like 80% of Singapore population in there and people just walk without minding other people! There was this woman who was pushing a pram with a girl inside who looks like 5-year old! And she's still inside the pram!!!

Please mothers, leave your kids at home if you're going to the Comex, this is not exactly like going to the playground!! We don't need your screaming and misbehaving kids at this already crowded place!!

And then there's this couple who suddenly just cut our path and I was half way moving and that guy's shoes just pull up my toe nails!!! It's damn painful loh!!!! The pain just stay there even until I reach home, totally ruined my mood lah!

And you think it's really good bargain inside there? Think again... Is it worth to be squeezed with 1 billion other people to save 20 bucks? I think this is the first time I went to Comex and most probably the last one as well!

Donut Gathering or Not

Ok this is not very recent, maybe last Thursday if I remember correctly, we were supposed to meet up for donut gathering but somehow ended up eating everything else except donut! We went to Canele or Cenele (can't remember the name) at Raffles City.

I think the food is ok, not fantastic but the place is nice and meeting friends always make me feel good especially when they are really good fun! We were sitting just opposite this waxing house called Strip and Akh commented that all the girls that came out from there walk funny... HAHHHAH.. :p

We didn't wear green on purpose! Actually I was waiting for them at Swatch watch outlet and I realized that all the shop assistants there were wearing green as well! I just had to flee from the shop before someone asked me for help in that shop!

After dinner, we ordered dessert.. 2 yummy cakes!! And Akh was not taking part in the cake-eating contest.. maybe because we kept on telling him that his fingers are fat..

And now I realized that I didn't take photo of the cake that I ordered!! I can't believe how forgetful I am!! And Akh is camera-shy, so this is the best I can do.. Take photo of him when he was settling the bill!

Seriously, for someone who deals with camera a lot, he really prefers to be behind the lense than in front of it.. scare the lense crack? HAHAHAH sorry Akh since you are so mean to me, I can't help it! Ok and why is he mean to me? Keep reading..

I went to Jess trial make-up to help her take photo and see if the make-up nice and the evening gown that she just chose as well (main reason is just to kaypoh lah actually. I shall not post the photos here coz I dunno which one she wants to show.. and then her hubby arrived with this big A4 paper box. I thought it was their ang pow box at first and I was so terrified!! Then I looked closer..

So mean right!!! And then.. zoom even closer..

46!!! Well I do hope I still look like now when I'm 46.. hee hee.. :D

As if that's not enough, they even asked for donuts!!

And they still dare sign-off with their real names loh.. but I know the mastermind of this whole mean thing must be Akh lah...

But me being the kind, big-hearted, and forgiving soul that I am *ahem*, I shall hold no hard feeling towards them.. Actually it's becoz the inside of the box is so much nicer than the outside lah..

They also gave me this green luggage strap in case I lose my luggage again!!

And then since Akh couldn't come to the fitting and I couldn't thank him personally, me STILL BEING THE NICE AND WELL-MANNERED ME, sent them an email to thank them for the present..

And Akh being the mean person that he is replied..

And I'm not even 27 yet !!!!!! ARGGHHH!!! And Jess is probably going to buy 4D.. 2727 or 2736.. taking advantage of other people's misery..

Friday, August 29, 2008




My friend sent me this in a forwarded email and I thought it's hillarious! He's nuts..

Laughter is the best medicine

Wife is like TV, girlfriend is like Handphone
At home watch TV, go out bring Handphone.
No money, sell TV. Got money change Handphone.
Sometimes enjoy TV, but most of the time play with Handphone.
TV free for life but Handphone, if you don't pay the services will be
TV is big, bulky and most of the time old, but Handphone is cute, slim,
curvy and very portable at any time.
Operational cost for TV is often acceptable but for Handphone is high and often
Most Important, TV got remote.. Handphone don't have..

Last but not least........

TV do not have virus, but Handphone yes..........have VIRUS.............once
get it, HABIS LA. ... hahahahaha.......

so better choose TV ;)

PS: Habis means gone or finished :D

Monday, August 25, 2008

My slightly more colorful weekend

After a few boring weekends, I finally have a less boring one this week..hehehe sounds sad huh? :D

Anyway, Jess told me about Phillips warehouse sale and how good it was last year or 2 years ago where they bought most of the electrical appliances for their new flat at Fernvale. So I was really convinced and went there yesterday. The sale is in Toa Payoh near their big office building, but before we went there we sent my in-laws to drop their donation at Salvation Army and then dropped them at Thomson Plaza (never been there before, must go there some day!).

Ok so when we reached the Phillips Warehouse Sale place, the place was full with people! A lot of them parked illegally along the road but we were lucky coz we tried our luck by going in to the building car park :D

We saw Jess and TTS there, she only bought an iron! How disappointing! I was imagining TTS carrying 3 big boxes hahahahaha :D It was really hot and humid and there were lots of people trying to squeeze their way to the bazaar table! There's this fat uncle who came later than us and then positioned his body so near behind me! STUPID CHEE KO PEK!!! and then when the person in front of me decided not to buy the watever stuff, that uncle just cut the queue!!! SUCH AN UGLY BEHAVIOUR!!!

Ok so watever lah, despite all these hassle and squeezing and trying to be more kiasu than other people, we managed to buy a radio clock, a shaver for my hubby, and a new home theatre set for our entertainment room! That radio clock is such a good bargain, only 20 bucks! And it means that I don't have to wake up shocked by my other alarm clock, I swear that one can wake the whole block up! Now I can wake up to 91.3 radio :D

We could have bought more stuff since we have a new flat but our dearest friends somehow managed to buy us stuff that we need and don't already have and none of them gave duplicate stuff! They are all so clever!!

Just as we finished shopping there and walking to our car, I felt drizzle coming down... such a good timing huh.. but the sale was done outdoor and I wonder what happened to those ppl after that. I also told my sister (who was still at home when I reached back!) that it's now raining, so maybe she didn't go at all.

Then we had a quick lunch as my hubby was going to help his fren move stuff from his office to his rental flat. After he left, I just slept.. hahaha.. until someone called me from my nice beauty sleep.. I tried to ignore it coz I thought it was my sis asking me to go out with her.. hahaha.. then the person tried to call my blackberry (which has a louder ringtone!) and then when I tried to pick it up, the line was cut off! And then suddenly the door bell rings outside!!! Arrgghh... why are there so many ppl disturbing me!

Turned out it was my hubby and his frens carrying a big black sofa bed! I just looked at them sleepily and they wanted to put the big sofa straight away to the entertainment room but I told them that the other sofa is still inside, gotta take that one out first. Then my hubby heroically said "It's ok, I will do it myself later" (direct translation from Chinese) - wo che qi cuo.. dunno whether it's the corect pinyin or not.. but it's definitely not wo MEN che qi cuo.. which means WE do it ourselves later.. (ok save the story for later)

Then he left again to continue helping his fren to move stuff from the lorry (I assume) to his fren's flat. Then me.. continue sleeping.. hahahaha.. ok maybe this is still a boring weekend lah.. then when I'm awake again, my hubby was at home again and my in-laws are outside.. hahahaha.. then he said we're going dinner with his frens so I gotta go n wash my face etc etc.. so that at least there's no drool on my face!

We went to Bedok for dinner.. I dunno what's the name of the place even though I was the one who drove there. My horrible husband is very bad in giving directions loh! He said keep left here.. and then we drove on the slow left lane for maybe 2 km, then he said yah turn left here.. omg!!.. then sometimes he made me drive wrong way as well! So stressful laahh.. And even though there's a Google Map in my blackberry, he sometimes refuse to look at it! SO EGO LAH!!!

After dinner, we went to IKEA Tampines.. We bought 2 smaller cushions and cushion covers, table lamp, curtain for our bedroom side window, etc. I think our flat look a little bit nicer after today :D

*finally posted the photos here..*

Sunday was just a peaceful day.. my hubby went to meet his frens at Changi Airport and he didn't wait for me!! MEAN PERSON!! And turned out it's not just that friend's farewell, they were also celebrating somebody (that I know)'s bday! And they had cakes and stuff!!! HE'S A BIG MEANO!!! So now he owes me cakes!

And then at night, we went to eat dinner with sis-in-law family at Noble House.. is that the name? The one by Tung Lok at UIC building. We had ala carte buffet, so to make the most of the $$$ that we (ok bro-in-law) paid, we have to eat more stuff! I ate until my stomach was going to burst!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Google Beijing Olympic 2008 Gadget

Check out this gadget that can show event schedule and also medals received by all the countries.. I know it's a little bit too late though, but if you have iGoogle, this gadget is actually added by default.

Friends Migrating..

A friend is leaving for Canada today and she probably won't be back for 2 years if she doesn't like it there.. and if she does like it there, maybe she'll stay there for good?

Another one is leaving for NZ next week and she's someone who I met up with frequently for lunch and talk almost everyday on chat softwares, I'm going to miss her a lot..

You see as a foreigner living in SG, I lost contact with most of my primary, junior and senior high school friends, except those who always studied in Singapore, but then again some of them went back to Indo after graduation.. so I don't really have that much friends left over here..

Of course, there are also new friends that I met here and we meet up quiet frequently for dinner or just chit chatting, but is there guarantee that they will never migrate out of this tiny island as well?

As for me, I like Singapore. I like the fact that this place accepted and welcomed me even though I was not born here, the fact that ppl get along well with people from other races, etc. The thought of getting Singapore citizenship crosses my mind more than 100 times, and I in fact has prepared the application forms etc, but there's a lot of documents to prepare and I'm just plain lazy.. the last time I went to ICA, I forgot to bring my passport! I just can't understand why these lucky Singaporeans want to leave this nice country.. maybe the grass is always greener on the other side.. or they just don't know how lucky they are until they live in another country..


Monday, August 18, 2008

Depressed at home

Have you ever feel like staying outside longer and not go home? But you can't really point out what's wrong at home.. well you can but at the same time you can't without being objective about it.. that's exactly how I feel recently..

Sometimes I also feel like a guest in my own house... it's depressing... lock myself in my room.. pretend to read books or magazines..

There are also things that are rightfully yours but it feels wrong to claim it..

I know I may not be talking sense here, but it's exactly how I feel recently..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Interesting YouTube videos

My friends share their favourite YouTube videos and some of them are really good, so I'm listing them here with all my blog readers (as if there's a lot of them like that.. hahaahha)

Ok the first one is quite funny, this guy did quite a good mime on Natalie Imbruglia's Torn song. Natalie liked it and did another performance with him!

She's cool huh! :)

Ok next video is about evolution of dance.. this guy is very cool and the video is very funny :D

Next video.. you shouldn't watch it if you're flying soon or have phobia of flying.. insane airplane landing.. I wouldn't want to be on that plane..

The plane took off again!! gosh!!

Random Happenings

Finally uploaded photos from digicam and this blogger is back to work! Ok.. I shall just go by the order the photos were taken since I can't really remember the dates..

Since we have a car now, my hubby decided that we should explore places that are not accessible by public transport, so one night he drove me to Lower Peirce Reservoir, but I didn't take photos there.. and then during one of the weekend, he drove me to Upper Peirce Reservoir (the spelling looks funny huh? but apparently that's how it's spelt.. look at the sign board photo)..

The sun was really really bright that day, it was hard to take photos without squinting my eyes! It was really hot also.. I almost thought that it counter-effect my showering that morning..

And then we went to Downtown East, that place changed a lot since I been there last time! It's much more happening but still very family centric, it's those kind of place where I will think "I will bring my kids here next time.." Look at the colorful ferris wheel!

And on another random occassion is Meg's farewell dinner. She's going to further her studies overseas so she might not come back for perhaps another 2 years... oh man, why are all my friends migrating out of this country?? Anyway, we went to NYDC at Bugis Junction and ate until we were so full.. or maybe drink elephancino until we were TOO full..

And of course must take group photo.. so vain..

We finished about 9+ and I was waiting for my hubby to pick me up and then he told me to go to Suntec and fetch him instead since he drank beer. Remember "Don't Drink And Drive!" hhaha.. anyway, so I took MRT (lazy to walk laa..) to City Hall and took the new underground pass to Suntec. This is still ok..

And the next day I went to Funan to fix my O2.. stupid phone.. the adapter died like within 3 months, but since I can still charge it using USB, I never bother to bring it back to the shop for repair. And recently the O2 battery run out very fast, so I thought I might as well bring both the adapter and battery to the repair shop before the warranty expires in September. Alas, they told me that the warranty for accessories is only 6 month.. duh! Anyway, so I went there for nothing and then my MEAN husband asked me to go Bugis so that he can avoid ERP charge..

You see.. I was at Bugis the previous day, then gotta go to City Hall.. and then I was at City Hall, he asked me to go Bugis... mean!!!

Anyway, despite him being mean to me, we still managed to take fun photos with our new hats :p

Yeah!! I got Blogger hat!! Got it from the Google store :)

Ok, continuing our exploration effort to inaccessible area, there was one day that we went to East Coast Park for dinner. We found this place that sells Japanese and Korean food, can't remember what the name is. The place is quite cosy and the waitress was friendly.

Ok, shall blog again next time when my life become more exciting :p

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chinese man killed and ate his victim on the bus

My friend sent me this picture and it's sooooo crazy!! The poor guy was sleeping.. he didn't even offend the guy or anything.. and since he was sleeping, there was no way he could defend himself.. Psychotic!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

2008 Resolution Check - August

Time flies, now is August! 2008 is going to pass very soon.. just like that.. have you wondered if you have done anything good this year?

  1. Buy a place of our own, be it new or resale, 4-room or 5-room... this was actually one of my unfulfilled 2007 resolutions.. ♥ checked ♥ Finally tidied up the place becoz ppl were coming for our housewarming :p
  2. Be a better person, I know I've been a very impatient person, especially to my hubby, always get angry at him and even scolded him, maybe I expected him to be perfect, but I know nobody's perfect and as the crazy girl told me he has his own strong points. Thanks jess for reminding me that :) dunno... sometimes situations make it hard for me to be a good person even when I'm trying hard to...
  3. Lost weight!!! yucks.. dun want to talk abt it.. :(
  4. Go to a new country, maybe Korea or Macau.. shdn't go to somewhere to expensive or else it will make my resolution no. 1 fail again :( ♥ checked ♥ I went to Japan airport!! HAHAHA I DON'T CARE IT'S STILL COUNTED!!
  5. Be better in managing my expenses.. for e.g. the 800 bucks PDA is as good as the 200 bucks one even if it's without 3G! haven't gone into bankruptcy yet! yay!
  6. Be better spiritually :) well... not good at all..
  7. Get a promotion ♥ checked ♥
  8. Get an increment ♥♥ checked twice ♥♥ found a new job yeay!
  9. Get my Singapore driving license! ♥ checked ♥
  10. Get my own set of wheels.. this is not priority but good to have.. as long as no. 1 is fulfilled =) ♥ checked ♥

Hopefully I can be thinner next month... and then since I will be thinner then my mood will be better.. then I will be a better person as well.. :D

Monday, July 28, 2008

Not extreme makeover

I know my hair grow fast but I didn't expect it to be that long. Someone once took a photo of me from the back and I was so shocked to see my hair! I could practically act in a ghost movie without extra make-up!!

So when Siyong asked me whether I wanna go with her to cut hair, I straight away say yes.. and this is the result! We were behaving so bimbotic.. take photos of new hair.. go home take more vain photos...

Siyong forced me to upload the photos, that's why I'm blogging about my new hair now when I'm so tired and have a magazine to read! And if you are wondering why a hair cut makes my hair looks so curly, that's because the hairstylist was determined to prove to me that perming my hair will look nice..

Yes lah I know it will look nice, but I don't want to spend extra 20 minutes in the morning to gel my hair... unless it will perpetually look like that by itself.. the last time I permed my hair, it turned out like maggie mee and I rebonded it after a few months!

Things that happened when I was lazy..

There are a few big moments around me that's worth mentioning in this blog, but I was too lazy to blog then..

Eugenia's baby first month

It was on the Sunday after I came back from Mt. View training. I was running late and my phone was flat and I told Jess to call me on my hubby's phone instead. My hubby's phone has bye bye ring ring installed. But that suaku Jess didn't know what that is! And the phone was on silent mode and I didn't realize it was vibrating so I didn't pick up the phone. So the phone was singing Quando quando, and she thought that's the voicemail! She said she was waiting for the song to finish so that she can leave a message! HAHAAHAHAHHAHA super sotong in action :D

When we reach Eug's place, we were the first one who started eating! I'm sure the rest wanted to eat but nobody started so they are paiseh. Since my hubby doesn't know anyone there (not even Eug), he started it! He buay paiseh laa... hahahaha..

Congrats Eug & hubby for your first born! :)

Minor car accident

There was one night that we were driving from YCK (fetch my sis and her hubby) to go and eat dinner at Bishan. We were on the turn left lane but I didn't know the way so instead of being my usual bossy and rude self, I was trying to be nice and asked my hubby "Are you going to turn left?" then he replied me "Dunno, still trying to find the way.." and then he went straight...

It was like a slow motion, I saw the car from the lane next to us coming towards us.. I was pointing at it, but my brain just couldn't think fast enough of what action to do (maybe I shd have pulled the steering wheel?).. and then next thing is we heard a loud sound, then my sis screamed! So loud!!

So I think it's really our fault because we were in the wrong lane.. so we gotta pay the other's guy repair cost also.. there goes our NCD!! As for our 1-month old car, the workshop said need to change the driver's door, side skirt, etc, and also do paint job for the 2 right doors.. $$$$ fly out of pocket..

Fortunately, nobody is hurt physically! We were so shocked... it was really a minor accident and it was such a low speed, but the sound was really loud... I can't imagine those accidents where people were driving in high speed.. scary...

Moral of the story: Drive carefully!


We finally invited a few friends over for dinner after so long! Maybe we moved in for about 2 months already? I can't really remember.. But having a flat is something that we have wanted for a very long time (2+ years) and finally we have it, so we are really happy to show it to our friends.

We are also very happy when people say that our flat looks nice (without reno!) hehehe coz it means we have good taste! :D

Thanks to everyone who comes and make our house feel warmer :)
Also thanks for all the nice congrats and presents that you guys give us :)

And don't ask me why Ailing took photo of her feet.. I have no idea.. hahahaha.. Ailing, here you go.. picture of your precious feet..

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