Monday, January 28, 2008

RIP Suharto

Suharto died.. just like that.. all the money in the world can't save him from his illness and old age.. guess life is like that, u spend all ur time chasing something and yet you wont bring any of it with you when you're gone..

not sure what's going to happen to indo after he dies.. will those ppl still insist that justice be brought upon him (or his family)? i hope there won't be violence and riot in jakarta.. 1998 was scary.. and i still feel the fear everytime i'm back in jakarta, never ever want to be in that kind of situation again! how barbaric and evil ppl can be...

about suharto, ppl say he's brutal and corrupt.. some other ppl say he's been good to indo, bring real growth and under him indo was properous, but of course other ppl say indo could have been more properous if he and his family didnt take so much $$$ from indo (but what's the proof?) i've totally no idea abt what's going on there.. but life was much easier when he was ruling.. during the 10 years that he was not in office, USD flew from 5,000 rupiah to 15,000 rupiah.. and SGD from 2,000 to 6,000... wonder what those big leaders in indo are doing now... the people life is so hard and yet they are building what.. bus way.?! HAHAHA.. that's really a joke...

as the bible said no government is good unless the king is God himself... dun ask me where the verse is coz i have memory of a gold fish! hahaha..

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