Monday, January 7, 2008

Sassy Girl Chun Hyang

Another Korean drama review.. this is one of my favourite so far =)

This was supposed to be a popular story in Korea and they have made this into cartoon, movie, drama, etc. The one that I watched has its settings in modern Korea. The story is about a girl who was forced to marry a guy to protect him from being thrown to jail. They like each other but as any other Korean shows, there are always square love (not triangle!), so there's another girl who tried to be with the guy and there's another guy (the girl calls him uncle.. *ugh*..) who likes the girl..

This guy is quite powerful and he did many evil things to separate Chun Hyang and the guy.. forgot the guy's name.. but he looks quite cute sometimes in the movie.. heee...

I like the in between episode where they play short clip with the ancient Korean settings.. hillarious! The soundtracks are nice too.. not sure what the original title is but the lyrics keep on saying "I love my fren..."

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