Friday, January 11, 2008

Taiwanese Drama - Why Why Love

What I like about this show is there're so many lessons being injected into 1 show...
- a lot of lessons on friendship
- lesson on how to be a good person
- lesson on how to save money.. this is also a lot!
- lesson about some diseases.. some heart disease + wilson disease..

In summary, there are a lot of things that can be learnt from this series.

The story is about a poor girl who is being liked by 2 brothers of a rich family, both are handsome! tough choice! hahahaha... the elder brother is the typical ideal good man, good boy, good son, whereas the younger brother is a trouble maker who always bully this girl even though he likes her.. of course there are other characters that make the story even more interesting.. the 2 characters that i feel like whacking are the girl's brother and the girl's uncle... 2 very very irritating ppl.. who keep on creating problem!

the girl is acted by rainie yang.. she's acting as a 20-year old girl.. i thought she's 27 already... whew...

i also like the soundtrack of this song.. hehe actually has been a fan of rainie yang's songs =)

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