Friday, February 29, 2008

2008 Resolution Check - March

Ok, this is the time of the month again! Today is 29 Feb *happy leap year!* which is the last day of Feb so I decided to write the review today instead of tomorrow =p

  1. Buy a place of our own, be it new or resale, 4-room or 5-room... this was actually one of my unfulfilled 2007 resolutions.. still waiting for HDB 1st appointment on 31st March
  2. Be a better person, I know I've been a very impatient person, especially to my hubby, always get angry at him and even scolded him, maybe I expected him to be perfect, but I know nobody's perfect and as the crazy girl told me he has his own strong points. Thanks jess for reminding me that :) I think I'm better at this now, I managed to not quarrel with him so often anymore! =p
  3. Lost weight!!! hiks... no progress...
  4. Go to a new country, maybe Korea or Macau.. shdn't go to somewhere to expensive or else it will make my resolution no. 1 fail again :( I think we're not going anywhere.. NATAS fair is here but I don't think we'll be going, shdn't tempt ourselves!
  5. Be better in managing my expenses.. for e.g. the 800 bucks PDA is as good as the 200 bucks one even if it's without 3G! so far so good =)
  6. Be better spiritually :) oops, not doing well here either...
  7. Get a promotion ♥ checked ♥
  8. Get an increment ♥ checked ♥
  9. Get my Singapore driving license! 2nd test March 24th
  10. Get my own set of wheels.. this is not priority but good to have.. as long as no. 1 is fulfilled =) As of now, the decision is to postpone this to next year or even later date
next month will be better!

Congratulation to ASP Team Leader

We've been pretending for the whole week that we have nothing to prepare / give her for her graduation even though she has been hinting to us a month ago about some Doraemon gradution plush. And the week before her graduation, she said we "bo sim" HAHAHAHA (Note: bo sim means no heart or heartless :p)

Actually we already planned to look for the Doraemon graduation plush but it's just like an antique collectibles! Nowhere to be found! So we decided to buy the Forever Friends bear instead *yay I like! haha..I feel like snatching the bear from her now!*

We couldn't go to her graduation ceremony as it is during office hour so today we celebrated for her during lunch at this Chinese resto that she quite likes near our offices.

I really feel happy for her this time because she finally get what she has always wanted, a degree! or the square hat? hahaha.. We know all the hardwork that she has put in to get this. First, she had to save like tens of thousands of dollars to pay for the school fee. And then there are many many nights that she spent to do her assignment until 5 AM! I don't think I can take that kind of hardship! Really admire her for her determination! :)

Quoted from Siyong's blog: "... ASP Team stands for Ailing, Siyong & Prissilia. Incidentally, it's also the name of one of the programming languages (Active Server Pages) we used when we all worked together at Sinking Sampan Pte Ltd ... "

Mas Selamat Kastari is still on the run

The guy is still not found yet!

I was his picture at the train station this morning, but I can't clearly remember his face like erhhm.. 5 minutes after that.. then suddenly an idea just came into my mind.. to bring his photo everywhere I go so that I can recognize him if I see someone that looks like the photo.

Hmm.. if everyone do this, will we be able to catch him quickly?

And how safe is Singapore now? Is there anyone patrolling at night? Or is Singapore a sleeping city at night? I hope there is someone taking care of our safety when we are sleeping.

When I think about this Mas Selamat.. Selamat means safe or save in Indonesian language, not sure whether it means the same in Malay language. Years ago, my brother got drowned in the swimming pool and a young boy called Selamat saved him. This is like so contradicting with the other Selamat who wants to create terror in other people's lives!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Korean Drama - My Girl

This drama series is also quite funny.. And has the right element to make the drama interesting, which are interesting story line, handsome guys, and pretty girls. The story is about this girl who is very poor that she has to lie to make a living. Her principle is as long as it doesnt hurt other ppl, then it's considered ok.

I think it's now playing in TV but I seldom watch TV nowadays, I borrowed the DVD from my sis long time ago but just remember to write the review now :p

Ok so the girl is really poor that she got nowhere to stay so she sneaked into this very big house with a plantation, and then she started selling off the stuff from the plantation! And then she got caught by the owner!

The owner (handsome guy) then asked the girl to pretend to be his long lost cousin because his grandpa is looking for that cousin and the grandpa is dying in hospital. After all the pretending and the spending time together, 2 of them become really close, but there's a girl who likes this guy and there's also another guy who likes the liar girl. Hmm, typical korean drama love story :D

JI Leader Escaped Singapore Detention Centre

Today when I took the morning Straits Times in, the first thing I noticed is there's a big photo of a guy being wanted. This guy is the JI leader who escaped from detention centre.

I can't believe that this actually happened in Singapore where everything is done so properly and security is treated with highest priority. How can they be so careless this time?

Some links related to this news:

I was trying to find his photo to post here but couldn't find it. Maybe later I'll go home and scan the newspaper. I hope they catch him soon!

Last update: Found an old photo of his in CNA website
the photo in the newspaper looks much older though

Super Rookie Ranger

This drama series is quite different than those love story drama I normally watched. My hubby chose this because it was on sale! I really like watching this because it's so funny!

The story is about this guy who is unemployed and dropped out of school called Choi Kang (Eric Moon). One day he accidentally helped the president and the president is impressed when Choi Kang refused to be rewarded, so the president recommended him to the Korea Secret Agency instead.

Funny stories and experiences happened while he was with the secret agency. He also met his childhood crush who is working a bar. And there's also a sexy lady called Yoon-hee and another tough guy called Kang Eun-hyuk. Kang is actually an agent who is looking for his fiancee's killer, he thinks that the killer is someone with codename "Alice". When he fount out that Alice is actually Yoon-hee, who is also his ex-gf, things start to be more complicated.

There's also Choi Kang's mother who adds to the humour, and also the stupid secret agent called "Otter" HAHAHAHA.. My suggestion is WATCH IT! :)

This drama is also known under other title:
Korean Secret Agency
Invicible Parachute Agent

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The letter is finally here

I got promotion *yay* and increment *yay* and bonus *yay* but the increment is not fantastic at all, way lower than what I expected. And I think my new pay is lower than the previous team lead pay by a lot! I don't know is it because my pay from the previous company was low or do they look at year of experience?

Year of experience sometimes can be quite crap..

What makes you think someone older is better in doing the job?

Sigh.. shouldn't complain too much.. Low increment is better than no increment. And also I can tick 2 of my 2008 resolutions!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bonus + Increment + Promotion Letter

Today is the day that they will give out the letter to state how much bonus, increment, and whether there's promotion! Early in the morning my colleague told me he got his letter already and I've been in suspense since then! Quick give me my letter!!

Other than Siyong, I haven't seen or heard anyone very happy with their letter...

4:30 pm - No letter yet...

5:30 pm - Still no letter...

6:00 pm - Most ppl leaving already.. still no letter... me going home... :(

How to display tick sign without using image

I wanted to make tick sign to indicate which of my 2008 resolutions have been fulfilled, so I browsed a few websites but none of them says how to display tick sign successfully especially in IE. One website says that you can use &1003; or &1004; but only in Mozilla. So at the end, I decided to use heart symbol ♥ to check which resolution has been fulfilled. The code to make the heart symbol is "♥" if you are interested.

Post note: the code to make tick sign is "✓". Thanks Tarun! ✓✓✓✓✓

friends succumbed to blogging

Finally these 2 persons succumb to the world of blogging! Actually Jess' blog was set up long time ago but she hasn't been updating it since zillions of years ago. Siyong always refused to setup a blog because she said what she write will come to haunt her! I wonder what kind of dark secrets she wanted to put in her blog! HAHAHAHA... Anyway, these are their blogs:

Ok so now I have more friends' blogs to read, previously there were like about THREE only!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Owning a car in Singapore is very expensive

My hubby and his friends were calculating the cost of owning a car in Singapore. Their estimation is based on the high side, for e.g. drive to work everyday and parking in CBD area, and also high end estimation of petrol and ERP, etc. For a car that costs 50K and lets say take a 10 year loan, the monthly installment will be about 500 bucks, but the total cost per month is about 1.6K!

WAH... freaked me out man! I think even if I take cab everywhere, that's still cheaper than owning a car!

I think resolution no. 10 has to be postponed until we are economically very very comfortable! And also, maybe it's good to wait until our driving licenses (which are still in progress....) to be a few years old, because the insurance will be cheaper then.

I Hate Angelina Jolie!

This woman is pregnant again! I wonder how many kids she wanna have! Actually the reason why I hate her is because she was the third party in BP and Jen Anniston marriage! Even if they say that the marriage was on the rock at that time, she was still the one who cause the whole thing to collapse! I wish Jen will get a much much better husband than Brad Pig!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Eventful Saturday

This is the most eventful Saturday of all... One of the rare occassions where I actually eat breakfast! normally I woke up about almost lunch time on sat and sun =p

And we managed to play NINE type of sports today! We went to my sis place at YCK, they have indoor badminton court. So we planned to go there to play badminton, but my sis said since we are already there, they also booked the squash court. And then when we were leaving her unit to go to the court, we saw volley ball and basket ball too, so we brought those 2 items too! So there are 4 of us and equipment for 4 different kinds of sports! Looks soooo ambitious!

So we played 1 hour of badminton and 1 hour of squash (my first time playing squash... later have to google the rule of squash, just now we were just anyhow wacking the ball) the squash ball looks like cow s**t... wahahaha... then after that we were actually pretty tired already but we already brought the 2 balls... so, we went to the volleyball cum basketball cum street soccer court. I think we only played about half an hour total of bball and vball.. but it's been a long time since i played vball, my arms now have lots of red spots! =(

* my sis suggested to take mc but she changer her mind becoz she thinks the doctor will call the police to detain my hubby for abuse! lol *

Then we went back to the house... eat.. shower... then go out... then EAT again! wahahahhaaha somehow we feel quite hungry when we reach orchard! so we went to eat ayam penyet.. we've been eating that for like dunno how many weeks now.. then we wanted to watch ps i love you but onli left the first few rows!!! so today still cant watch this show =(

at the end, we went to cathay to play wii!!! hahah this is why we can play 9 types of sports today! becoz we played tennis, baseball, bowling (whew... my highest bowling score ever!) and even boxing!! hahaha the boxing is really tiring.. we were sweating after that! there's golf also but it was quite boring, so we didn't really play that one.

we plan to keep this sports thinge going on... but of course not to that level of intensity.. maybe just the first 4 PLUS swimming and tennis! HAHAHA i think we'll be over-exercised!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Friday !!

It's Friday everyone!!! Weekend is here!!

I'm going to laze at home... actually not laze, there are so many things to do! I have 2 sets of Korean drama to go and Facebook puzzles!! so many more to go! Oh man, I'm addicted to this thing. Sometimes my eyes get so dry because I played too long. Jess is funny, she even got her finger crooked playing too much puzzle!!

Happy Friday!!

I wanna be a jumper!

Andrew and I went to GV Jurong Point yesterday. I finally managed to convince him to watch PS I Love You but it was no longer showing there!! So at the end, we watched Jumper instead. Wow, that show is sooooo cool! I wish I'm a jumper then I can travel all over the world, no need for visa, no need for air ticket, no need for hotel room (jump back to our home to sleep!) hahahaha.. ok this is just wishful thinking :)

But is there really such thing as jumper in real life?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Recent Happenings

  • Frustrated at work because there are so many things to do and I don't think I have the know-how to do my current biggest project, but I have to do it because there isn't anyone else..
  • Hubby's left eye pressure increase again! The doctors didnt tell him what food to avoid and what to take and all these kind of stuff, so yesterday I did my own research.. and actually he was not supposed to drink so much coffee, and also sugar!!! Quit smoking will be good for him as well, but he's so stubborn.. and he can't eat mushroom? weird... anyway, today we'll be heading to GNC to buy his supplement! and maybe buy some brain supplement ti improve my memory huh.. *wallet going to be empty soon*
  • Hubby going to eye centre again today to have fluid drawn out from his eye.. use needle? i dunno.. scared to even think about it!
  • My in-laws are going back to Taiwan until April / May. They said they'll be back before we move out of their house *yay our own house!*
  • Ailing's graduation ceremony is tomorrow and she said we "bo sim" because we didnt plan anything for her.. actually she doesnt know whether we did plan or not, right? hahaha.. and past 2 days we're supposed to have lunch with her but she was busy with farewell and cny lunches.. so it's not really our fault mah.. it's not that we are heartless.. hahaha
  • Now is almost end of Feb, means the higher-ups soon will tell us our bonus and increment... excited...!!!
  • err.. wat else... oh! I just increase my puzzle bee rank to bumble bee! hahaha ok this is lame =p

Monday, February 18, 2008

Earliest childhood memories

Met my sis on Sunday and she asked me what my earliest memory is, but I can't exactly said which memory is the earliest because I do not have timestamp on the memory.. These are the candidates:
  • had a bf in kindergarten (his name is che siung or sth, dunno how to spell at that time, but know how to have bf.. wahahhahaha) and he wanted to be a sailor.. that's why we broke up, coz i dun want to be left alone at home when he go sailing!
  • Had this evil friend in kindergarten (she was very big size) so I invited her over to my house and then made her sit at this short wall (imagine humpty dumpty) then i pushed her down HAHAHHAHA behind her was the garden! she went home crying after that, then my mom was bluffing me so that i go n take my afternoon nap, she said sth like "the daugther is so big, imagine how big the mom is when she come n get u later!" so i hurriedly went to my room and took a nap and when i woke up, I asked my mom whether my fren's mom came over to look for me, and my mom said "YES! her head almost touched the ceiling!" omigod, i was so terrified!
  • had another evil friend (i think this one is earlier than the other one, thats why i had learn how to deal with evil friend!) which is small size and mean! small meany!! she had long finger nails and always scratched me or just pinched me until i had all her finger marks on my arms! i always went home crying and told my mom, and then she told me "go n fight her back and dun come here crying like that!" i should have suspected that my mom was in some kind of gangster activity at that time... HHAHHAHAHA
  • i certainly do not remember when my 2nd sis was born.. so no memory of 1982... i was 1 year old k... my mom said that i asked her to throw away my sis when she brought her back from hospital (so she was really brought back from hospital then... we always tell her that she was adopted.. hahahhaha)
  • still do not have any memory when the 3rd bro was born... well.. maybe at that time i thought they were adopted? HAHAHAHHA... and no memory of 1985? can't be that bad right.. 1985 i'm like 4 years old oredi.. but he was born in jan so i was about 3.. ok, that's fair.. nobody remember what their life is like when they are 3, right?
  • hmm.. skipped school to play nintendo with my sis and dad (i think this was pre-school but my sis said that this one was during kindergarten.. thats why we HAD to skip school!) we were playing the antique mario bros btw :)
  • climbed up neighbours' roof with my neigbours' kids (think there were 5-6 of us) and i remember being lined up with them by my mom.. all of us were getting some nasty scolding.. and then after mom sent the rest of them home, i get whacked real hard! coz the neighbour roof got a hole, apparently... (dunno how old.. primary?)

can't remember anymore... seriously, will people remember wat happened during the first few years of their life? and if not, why not?

Mr Bean's Holiday

Ok this is not a new movie, we rented the DVD and watched in during the weekend. Mr. Bean is so dumb! hahahahhaha.. this movie is funny though, but sometimes u just feel like smacking him in the head!

Marshmallows for Breakfast

This is the 2nd book by Dorothy Koomson that I read. The first one was My Best Friend's Girl. Anyway, this book is really good, the way the whole story unfolds keep my eyes on the book and make me forgot abt my hubby even! hahahhaha.. we were supposed to go out but I was lying down on the bed reading the book from morning till afternoon! At the end we only went out after dinner.. and we only had dinner because my in-laws are around, otherwise my hubby would have to cook dinner for us! hahaha

The story is about a girl called Kendra who ran away from a problem in UK to Aus and then when she met with another problem is Aus, she came back to UK. In UK she managed to deal with all her past problems, helped by her landlord's 6-year old twins! I can imagine the twins being very cute! The twins' parents is having problem with their marriage and Kendra so-called took over the mother's role and things got interesting from there. Overall, it's really a good read. If I can read a book from front till end, then it must be NOT crappy!

And I like the moral of the story of this book: Don't get bullied into doing something that you don't like, if it's just to be polite!

Friday, February 15, 2008

PS I Love You - Book Review

Read this book quite some time ago and still remember how touching it is, was crying and laughing from beginning to the back (mostly crying though..)

The story is about a happily married couple, Gery and Holly. When Gery found out that he was dying he tried to do so many things for Holly after his death, he sent her letters and stuff. He's so good that it's even more sad that he died!

The movie is currently playing in cinema and I hope it's as good as the book! I hope my hubby wont give me the same excuse "lets just watch the DVD coz it doesnt need to be watched using good sound quality.."

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

english sub

So hard to get Korean drama with english subtitles nowadays! most of them onli come with chinese subtitles..

worse is for taiwan drama.. they are speaking in chinese.. and they stil need chinese subtitle? dun understand what the logic behind this..

I dont like wednesdays

Wednesday is the worst day of a working week... it's right painful in the middle (bad to take leave!)... and for some reason my working wednesdays start at 8:30 am and ends at 10:30 pm or sometimes even later.. and no, can't rest in between because there are 2 little kids who'll come to our place to play every wed or even if I don't go home first, I'll go to bible study..

so tiring...

and today is one of the worst wednesday ever! so many things to do! and those are not the straight forward kind, it's more like those over-challenging kind of problem... hiks.. and then my hubby gave me some kind of unpleasant news... haiz.. and we can't talk abt it today coz he's going to work OT again.. i start to get the feeling that stupid company is really out to ruin my life!

and also I forgot to submit my claim AGAIN!! the bills seems like since before xmas!! the taxi receipt ink is almost gone now!! i hope the claim lady will still take my claim in...

conclusion: there should be a rule in this world that a person should only get 1 bad thing MAX in a day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

8 years..

Today is our 8 years dating anniversary! We went to Sentosa for picnic, walk around Sentosa, and rode bicycle! wah I think I've never done so much outdoor activity ever since orientation day! Ended up with muscle ache all over my body, even my backside is painful coz the bike seat was so hard!!

But Sentosa is really niceeee!!! And they have flower festival now, the whole place is full of flower! But too bad musical fountain is no longer there, and they replaced it with "Song of the Sea" which is no longer free! I was telling my sis that she should take her pre-wedding pic today instead hahaha.. the place was literally blooming... niceee.. and the stupid thing is we didnt charge our camera so even thought we took the camera, we couldn't take pic! =(

But overall today is a happy day! =)

DaisypathAnniversary Years Ticker

Stephen Chow's CJ7 is niceeeee

Yesterday we celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary by having dinner at Plaza Sing then followed with movie, my hubby chose CJ7, at first I thought "so not romantic.." hahaha.. but the movie turned out really good!

It's funny and entertaining but also touching, my hubby laughed at me coz I cried at one part of the show! chey.. i have feelings mah.. this show is 2 thumbs up! =)

The little actress who played as Stephen Chow's son is damn good! I was thinking this boy will be famous in the future, then my hubby told me that in actual life, that's a girl.. oh wow... that's even better hahahaha!

Here's the trailer from Yahoo..

Some links related to this show:

Monday, February 11, 2008

The problem with anniversary or valentine's cards

They are so full of mushy and sweet stuff!! Not realistic at all!

"You're always around for me" --> what kind of partner is always around? jobless parasite?

"You understand me the most" --> including all the shopping spree? this is too good to be true..

"You're my soulmate" --> oh pls, u can't quarrel with your SOUL mate..

My suggestion for the card is:
  1. I know you've been trying hard, but I can still see your beer belly!
  2. Please be a better husband than this year... HAHHAAH
  3. I love you but I will love you more if you don't snore that loud
  4. I love your family more than mine, I especially love your in-laws more!
  5. We'll be together forever, as long as you listen to me! AND ONLY ME!

I think my hubby will get a heart attack if i really give him this kind of card... =p

Happy 2nd anniversary

Wanted to take leave today but hubby said he cant take leave coz 2 of his staff oredi taking! damn they are fast!! or maybe my hubby is slow? hahaha.. so today reached office, not many ppl were in, seems like lots of ppl still on leave. so angie was distributing fortune cookie, and pratip who just got back from langkawi, has a fortune cookie that says "u need a holiday" haahhaha... does it mean he needs to go again or what? it's a bit misleading huh..

then mine says "do not ignore the person next to u, he/she needs ur attention" then i look at the person next to me (pratip)... err.. why does he need my attention? hahahaha.. fortune cookies is quite fun but totally not accurate!

and just now telehubby just called me to say that he's leaving soon and that we can afterall, have our anniversary dinner today on our anniversary date instead of tomorrow. actually tomorrow is our paktor anniversary, today is wedding anniversary.. we oredi took leave for tomorrow and planned to go to sentosa.. haha.. this is one of my fav place in spore :D
DaisypathAnniversary Years Ticker

Please come back Soon-ae

This is one of the funniest Korean drama I ever watched. Funny but not being as stupid as how a Korean drama can be.. get what I mean? Anyway the story is about 2 women, one is a housewife (Soon ae) and another one is a stewardess (Cho eun). Soon ae's husband is a pilot and having an affair with Cho-eun. Soon ae found out and went to confront Cho eun about this and during the confrontation, an accident happened and somehow the 2 women switched bodies!! HAHAHAHAHHA... this is so crappy I can't believe that someone actually can think of this! but anyway, the story gets funny after they switched bodies because they want to kill each other so much but they can't even hit the other person coz it's their own bodies that they will hit! This is one of the show that I'll really recommend :)

Links to this drama series:,_Soon-Ae

Movie Review - The Banquet

Watched this show over the CNY holiday. This is actually one of the show that I've been wanting to rent but kept on postponing because hubby not interested. So when he went to play MJ with the 3 monkeys, I watched this by myself. It was quite interesting.. the setup of the place is nice, and Daniel Wu is handsome!

Lots of artistic stuff going on here, with ancient China type of performance. This show is a bit gruesome btw, with all the killings. If they fail to kill the person that the emperor asked them to kill, they themselves have to be killed. Was it really like that in China last time? People's life seems so invaluable. "Execute him.. and his whole clan" wow... emperor is so powerful man!

Ok, the story is about Wu Lan (Daniel Wu) who is the crown prince. He likes this girl called Wan Er (Zhang Ziyi), but the emperor married Wan Er so Wan Er become empress. Wu Lan was depressed so he went out of the palace to pursue arts. And then the emperor died and his brother (Wu Lan's uncle) took over the throne. Empress is worried about Wu Lan (supposedly crown prince)'s safety so she agreed to marry the uncle (yucks!) and the story goes on...

The ending of the movie was left mysterious for people to guess... it was unknown who or what "did" it..

Some links related to this movie:

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tina Reilly - Something Borrowed

I knew that CNY was going to be boring.. wise eh... hahaha... so we actually went to library last week and borrowed lots of novels, and we also went to buy some korean drama DVD haha.. and andrew even rented some angmoh show.. but all are the shooting and noisy kind... not so interesting...

so I just finished the first book today by Tina Reilly, the title is "Something Borrowed". actually i borrowed this book becoz i thought i read it before but somehow the cover story seems different. now i realized that the one that i read previously is by emily griffin. anyway this book is about a girl who found out that she was "ready-made" baby aka adopted.. the story is quite touching.. at least it took my mind off boring CNY.. hahaha

Friday, February 8, 2008

CNY sucks

not sure since when i started hating CNY... it always feels lonely around CNY time.. especially the long and draggy CNY public holiday... sometimes i just wish that i'm elsewhere, e.g. in the office.. ha... =D

i used to like it a lot, half day of school.. meet all my cousins at ah ma house.. i remember kath will say her big hello and hug and PINCH all of us when she arrived! hahahah... miss the good ol days =)

maybe it started when i came to spore to study, most of the students will not be around during CNY holidays, and even the canteens are close! i remember feeling so lonely during my first CNY there! there's noone around and nothing to eat! i blurly remember calling my mom during one of the CNY... feeling so sad n lonely... wonder where andrew was....

and the first few years when i was dating my hubby (then bf), i dun go to his house so during CNY i also din go there to have reunion dinner.. wonder what i was eating too... coz canteens are closed.. instant noodle maybe.. his defence was coz i always refuse to go to his house at the beginning, thats why he dun bring me there for CNY dinner.

i think it only started 1-2 years before we got married that i visit his house for CNY dinner... can't remember exactly when... and after married... err, do i have a choice? hahaha.. so now every CNY dinner is spent at home eating with his family, we normally have bbq and steamboat and maybe 1 or 2 years, sushi? can't remember whether it was CNY dinner or normal dinner becoz it's always onli 4 of us... the family is pretty small, unlike my father's side big family.. normally we had probably abt 30 ppl in the house during CNY in indo...

another thing that make CNY is so dull is because most of the nice shops are closed!! why are they so selfish! it's just CHINESE new year! u mean onli chinese shop or wat? there are still other races in spore wat... and they dun close the shops during deepavali or hari raya... so why must they close the shop during CNY... hahaha.. ok my reasoning is a bit lame.. i mean just open the shop lah... it's quite boring u know..

and to top it off.. my hubby who has been working late weeks and weeks before CNY had actually promised that we'll spend time during CNY.. but he actually went to play mahjong with his frens! what kind of promise is that... sigh... shd have made him wrote it on a piece of paper and sign it with seal!! anyway damn angry with him yesterday... but now ok already.. psst, i used him as punchbag when he was sleeping! wahahahha... joking... =p

ah boring.... boring...... today my SIL and family came over and i had a little more ups today, played with the kids, went to chinese garden to feed the fish, turtle, and even the pigeons! and andrew made us walked the overhead bridge TWICE! just because cheers onli sell the gardenia bread which he said is EXPENSIVE... so we took the overhead bridge back to the market side and walked to 7-11... sure there's sth cheaper but my legs nearly turned to jelly!! ok.. shdn't complain too much here since i wanna be thin alrite... =p

hahahah but even mei mei keep on laughing and said "jiu jiu so funny, make us walk here walk there..." hahaahhahaha... i wanted to use this emoticon "=))" ---> if u have a Yahoo Msgr, try it out.. hahaha =p

hmm... ok lah, off i go to continue my boring CNY....

and i heard tomorrow the shops are open.. yihaaa!!

Don't shop when you're sad

An interesting article from Yahoo! News

Well, maybe most of us noticed it already anyway and it's always help to have good retail theraphy when you're really down =) abt the regret after, well... you can also use the stuff to make use of it! or if u think u not going to use it, u can do good charity by giving it to the salvation army =p

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2008 Resolution Check - Feb

2008 resolution is here:

I just want to know whether I'm on track here.. hahaha

  1. Buy a place of our own, be it new or resale, 4-room or 5-room... I'm pretty sure we'll buy it this year. We have paid for OTP and waiting for HDB first appointment 31 march! so excited!
  2. Be a better person, I know I've been a very impatient person, especially to my hubby, always get angry at him and even scolded him, maybe I expected him to be perfect, but I know nobody's perfect and as the crazy girl told me he has his own strong points. Thanks jess for reminding me that :) Err... should let my hubby comment on this.. =p
  3. Lost weight!!! I did lose 2 kg last month but gained back 1 kg.. and now is CNY... haha
  4. Go to a new country, maybe Korea or Macau.. shdn't go to somewhere to expensive or else it will make my resolution no. 1 fail again :( so far no plan
  5. Be better in managing my expenses.. for e.g. the 800 bucks PDA is as good as the 200 bucks one even if it's without 3G! I've been really good in saving $$$ hahaha..
  6. Be better spiritually :) hmm... this one not so good...
  7. Get a promotion wait for good news in march
  8. Get an increment same here wait for march
  9. Get my Singapore driving license! My test is scheduled for next week 11 Jan, I hope I can pass on 1st attempt coz I dun wanna pour my bank account to BBDC! hahaha shucks! i failed my first pratical test, gotta wait until end of march to do the re-test...
  10. Get my own set of wheels.. this is not priority but good to have.. as long as no. 1 is fulfilled =) as long as no. 9 is not fulfilled, cannot fulfill no. 10..
seems like a lot of things gotta wait until march.. so march will be an eventful month!

Pregnancy will make women forgetful

Interesting study finding from researchers in Australia..

I'm already quite forgetful now, I can't imagine how forgetful I will be when I'm pregnant haahaha... Jess said she'll print her photo with her name, frame it and give it to me, in case I forget her! that woman is extreme.. hahaha

Feeling Blessed

The other day I was comparing the company that I'm working at with the company that my hubby is working at, and I think I'm damn lucky! His company likes to make people work like a slave whereas my company is very flexible and the bosses are more understanding and accomodating. My boss will tell us to go home when they think it's late (err like 7 or 8).. whereas my hubby ever worked until 2-3 AM!! OMIGOD!! And he wasn't the onli one working until that kind of wee hours... His parents even thought of reporting his company to MOM.. but will MOM care about this? I mean they are executive level and maybe not covered under MOM law..

For CNY, our company had CNY celebration where they randomnly gave out angpao (18,88, and 188). Most people get 18 bucks, but it's good enough. It's FREE 18 bucks you know! And the celebration is during office hour. So instead of working, you are getting extra money for not working! hahaha.. that's good right? :)

And today my company give us one day holiday! That's why I'm blogging and bragging now.. hahahaha.. my hubby had to work half day, either until 12.30 or 2.30, but since his work place is so far, I think he'll reach about 2 hours later..

And my company often has team bonding activities. Previously we had a bowling competition, paintball games, etc. Yesterday my boss even brought us to have lunch at ECP. I was telling my hubby this is something that his boss will never do. I think he knows it but he just can't make up his mind to find a better job! The staff in his company don't even have time to go for training because the workload is too much too handle for a person!

So I hope I have more 'goodies' in the office that can make my hubby open his eyes hahahah =)

Friday, February 1, 2008

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