Tuesday, February 12, 2008

8 years..

Today is our 8 years dating anniversary! We went to Sentosa for picnic, walk around Sentosa, and rode bicycle! wah I think I've never done so much outdoor activity ever since orientation day! Ended up with muscle ache all over my body, even my backside is painful coz the bike seat was so hard!!

But Sentosa is really niceeee!!! And they have flower festival now, the whole place is full of flower! But too bad musical fountain is no longer there, and they replaced it with "Song of the Sea" which is no longer free! I was telling my sis that she should take her pre-wedding pic today instead hahaha.. the place was literally blooming... niceee.. and the stupid thing is we didnt charge our camera so even thought we took the camera, we couldn't take pic! =(

But overall today is a happy day! =)

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