Friday, February 8, 2008

CNY sucks

not sure since when i started hating CNY... it always feels lonely around CNY time.. especially the long and draggy CNY public holiday... sometimes i just wish that i'm elsewhere, e.g. in the office.. ha... =D

i used to like it a lot, half day of school.. meet all my cousins at ah ma house.. i remember kath will say her big hello and hug and PINCH all of us when she arrived! hahahah... miss the good ol days =)

maybe it started when i came to spore to study, most of the students will not be around during CNY holidays, and even the canteens are close! i remember feeling so lonely during my first CNY there! there's noone around and nothing to eat! i blurly remember calling my mom during one of the CNY... feeling so sad n lonely... wonder where andrew was....

and the first few years when i was dating my hubby (then bf), i dun go to his house so during CNY i also din go there to have reunion dinner.. wonder what i was eating too... coz canteens are closed.. instant noodle maybe.. his defence was coz i always refuse to go to his house at the beginning, thats why he dun bring me there for CNY dinner.

i think it only started 1-2 years before we got married that i visit his house for CNY dinner... can't remember exactly when... and after married... err, do i have a choice? hahaha.. so now every CNY dinner is spent at home eating with his family, we normally have bbq and steamboat and maybe 1 or 2 years, sushi? can't remember whether it was CNY dinner or normal dinner becoz it's always onli 4 of us... the family is pretty small, unlike my father's side big family.. normally we had probably abt 30 ppl in the house during CNY in indo...

another thing that make CNY is so dull is because most of the nice shops are closed!! why are they so selfish! it's just CHINESE new year! u mean onli chinese shop or wat? there are still other races in spore wat... and they dun close the shops during deepavali or hari raya... so why must they close the shop during CNY... hahaha.. ok my reasoning is a bit lame.. i mean just open the shop lah... it's quite boring u know..

and to top it off.. my hubby who has been working late weeks and weeks before CNY had actually promised that we'll spend time during CNY.. but he actually went to play mahjong with his frens! what kind of promise is that... sigh... shd have made him wrote it on a piece of paper and sign it with seal!! anyway damn angry with him yesterday... but now ok already.. psst, i used him as punchbag when he was sleeping! wahahahha... joking... =p

ah boring.... boring...... today my SIL and family came over and i had a little more ups today, played with the kids, went to chinese garden to feed the fish, turtle, and even the pigeons! and andrew made us walked the overhead bridge TWICE! just because cheers onli sell the gardenia bread which he said is EXPENSIVE... so we took the overhead bridge back to the market side and walked to 7-11... sure there's sth cheaper but my legs nearly turned to jelly!! ok.. shdn't complain too much here since i wanna be thin alrite... =p

hahahah but even mei mei keep on laughing and said "jiu jiu so funny, make us walk here walk there..." hahaahhahaha... i wanted to use this emoticon "=))" ---> if u have a Yahoo Msgr, try it out.. hahaha =p

hmm... ok lah, off i go to continue my boring CNY....

and i heard tomorrow the shops are open.. yihaaa!!

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