Friday, February 29, 2008

Congratulation to ASP Team Leader

We've been pretending for the whole week that we have nothing to prepare / give her for her graduation even though she has been hinting to us a month ago about some Doraemon gradution plush. And the week before her graduation, she said we "bo sim" HAHAHAHA (Note: bo sim means no heart or heartless :p)

Actually we already planned to look for the Doraemon graduation plush but it's just like an antique collectibles! Nowhere to be found! So we decided to buy the Forever Friends bear instead *yay I like! haha..I feel like snatching the bear from her now!*

We couldn't go to her graduation ceremony as it is during office hour so today we celebrated for her during lunch at this Chinese resto that she quite likes near our offices.

I really feel happy for her this time because she finally get what she has always wanted, a degree! or the square hat? hahaha.. We know all the hardwork that she has put in to get this. First, she had to save like tens of thousands of dollars to pay for the school fee. And then there are many many nights that she spent to do her assignment until 5 AM! I don't think I can take that kind of hardship! Really admire her for her determination! :)

Quoted from Siyong's blog: "... ASP Team stands for Ailing, Siyong & Prissilia. Incidentally, it's also the name of one of the programming languages (Active Server Pages) we used when we all worked together at Sinking Sampan Pte Ltd ... "

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