Monday, February 18, 2008

Earliest childhood memories

Met my sis on Sunday and she asked me what my earliest memory is, but I can't exactly said which memory is the earliest because I do not have timestamp on the memory.. These are the candidates:
  • had a bf in kindergarten (his name is che siung or sth, dunno how to spell at that time, but know how to have bf.. wahahhahaha) and he wanted to be a sailor.. that's why we broke up, coz i dun want to be left alone at home when he go sailing!
  • Had this evil friend in kindergarten (she was very big size) so I invited her over to my house and then made her sit at this short wall (imagine humpty dumpty) then i pushed her down HAHAHHAHA behind her was the garden! she went home crying after that, then my mom was bluffing me so that i go n take my afternoon nap, she said sth like "the daugther is so big, imagine how big the mom is when she come n get u later!" so i hurriedly went to my room and took a nap and when i woke up, I asked my mom whether my fren's mom came over to look for me, and my mom said "YES! her head almost touched the ceiling!" omigod, i was so terrified!
  • had another evil friend (i think this one is earlier than the other one, thats why i had learn how to deal with evil friend!) which is small size and mean! small meany!! she had long finger nails and always scratched me or just pinched me until i had all her finger marks on my arms! i always went home crying and told my mom, and then she told me "go n fight her back and dun come here crying like that!" i should have suspected that my mom was in some kind of gangster activity at that time... HHAHHAHAHA
  • i certainly do not remember when my 2nd sis was born.. so no memory of 1982... i was 1 year old k... my mom said that i asked her to throw away my sis when she brought her back from hospital (so she was really brought back from hospital then... we always tell her that she was adopted.. hahahhaha)
  • still do not have any memory when the 3rd bro was born... well.. maybe at that time i thought they were adopted? HAHAHAHHA... and no memory of 1985? can't be that bad right.. 1985 i'm like 4 years old oredi.. but he was born in jan so i was about 3.. ok, that's fair.. nobody remember what their life is like when they are 3, right?
  • hmm.. skipped school to play nintendo with my sis and dad (i think this was pre-school but my sis said that this one was during kindergarten.. thats why we HAD to skip school!) we were playing the antique mario bros btw :)
  • climbed up neighbours' roof with my neigbours' kids (think there were 5-6 of us) and i remember being lined up with them by my mom.. all of us were getting some nasty scolding.. and then after mom sent the rest of them home, i get whacked real hard! coz the neighbour roof got a hole, apparently... (dunno how old.. primary?)

can't remember anymore... seriously, will people remember wat happened during the first few years of their life? and if not, why not?

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