Saturday, February 23, 2008

Eventful Saturday

This is the most eventful Saturday of all... One of the rare occassions where I actually eat breakfast! normally I woke up about almost lunch time on sat and sun =p

And we managed to play NINE type of sports today! We went to my sis place at YCK, they have indoor badminton court. So we planned to go there to play badminton, but my sis said since we are already there, they also booked the squash court. And then when we were leaving her unit to go to the court, we saw volley ball and basket ball too, so we brought those 2 items too! So there are 4 of us and equipment for 4 different kinds of sports! Looks soooo ambitious!

So we played 1 hour of badminton and 1 hour of squash (my first time playing squash... later have to google the rule of squash, just now we were just anyhow wacking the ball) the squash ball looks like cow s**t... wahahaha... then after that we were actually pretty tired already but we already brought the 2 balls... so, we went to the volleyball cum basketball cum street soccer court. I think we only played about half an hour total of bball and vball.. but it's been a long time since i played vball, my arms now have lots of red spots! =(

* my sis suggested to take mc but she changer her mind becoz she thinks the doctor will call the police to detain my hubby for abuse! lol *

Then we went back to the house... eat.. shower... then go out... then EAT again! wahahahhaaha somehow we feel quite hungry when we reach orchard! so we went to eat ayam penyet.. we've been eating that for like dunno how many weeks now.. then we wanted to watch ps i love you but onli left the first few rows!!! so today still cant watch this show =(

at the end, we went to cathay to play wii!!! hahah this is why we can play 9 types of sports today! becoz we played tennis, baseball, bowling (whew... my highest bowling score ever!) and even boxing!! hahaha the boxing is really tiring.. we were sweating after that! there's golf also but it was quite boring, so we didn't really play that one.

we plan to keep this sports thinge going on... but of course not to that level of intensity.. maybe just the first 4 PLUS swimming and tennis! HAHAHA i think we'll be over-exercised!

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