Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Feeling Blessed

The other day I was comparing the company that I'm working at with the company that my hubby is working at, and I think I'm damn lucky! His company likes to make people work like a slave whereas my company is very flexible and the bosses are more understanding and accomodating. My boss will tell us to go home when they think it's late (err like 7 or 8).. whereas my hubby ever worked until 2-3 AM!! OMIGOD!! And he wasn't the onli one working until that kind of wee hours... His parents even thought of reporting his company to MOM.. but will MOM care about this? I mean they are executive level and maybe not covered under MOM law..

For CNY, our company had CNY celebration where they randomnly gave out angpao (18,88, and 188). Most people get 18 bucks, but it's good enough. It's FREE 18 bucks you know! And the celebration is during office hour. So instead of working, you are getting extra money for not working! hahaha.. that's good right? :)

And today my company give us one day holiday! That's why I'm blogging and bragging now.. hahahaha.. my hubby had to work half day, either until 12.30 or 2.30, but since his work place is so far, I think he'll reach about 2 hours later..

And my company often has team bonding activities. Previously we had a bowling competition, paintball games, etc. Yesterday my boss even brought us to have lunch at ECP. I was telling my hubby this is something that his boss will never do. I think he knows it but he just can't make up his mind to find a better job! The staff in his company don't even have time to go for training because the workload is too much too handle for a person!

So I hope I have more 'goodies' in the office that can make my hubby open his eyes hahahah =)

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