Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy 2nd anniversary

Wanted to take leave today but hubby said he cant take leave coz 2 of his staff oredi taking! damn they are fast!! or maybe my hubby is slow? hahaha.. so today reached office, not many ppl were in, seems like lots of ppl still on leave. so angie was distributing fortune cookie, and pratip who just got back from langkawi, has a fortune cookie that says "u need a holiday" haahhaha... does it mean he needs to go again or what? it's a bit misleading huh..

then mine says "do not ignore the person next to u, he/she needs ur attention" then i look at the person next to me (pratip)... err.. why does he need my attention? hahahaha.. fortune cookies is quite fun but totally not accurate!

and just now telehubby just called me to say that he's leaving soon and that we can afterall, have our anniversary dinner today on our anniversary date instead of tomorrow. actually tomorrow is our paktor anniversary, today is wedding anniversary.. we oredi took leave for tomorrow and planned to go to sentosa.. haha.. this is one of my fav place in spore :D
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