Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I dont like wednesdays

Wednesday is the worst day of a working week... it's right painful in the middle (bad to take leave!)... and for some reason my working wednesdays start at 8:30 am and ends at 10:30 pm or sometimes even later.. and no, can't rest in between because there are 2 little kids who'll come to our place to play every wed or even if I don't go home first, I'll go to bible study..

so tiring...

and today is one of the worst wednesday ever! so many things to do! and those are not the straight forward kind, it's more like those over-challenging kind of problem... hiks.. and then my hubby gave me some kind of unpleasant news... haiz.. and we can't talk abt it today coz he's going to work OT again.. i start to get the feeling that stupid company is really out to ruin my life!

and also I forgot to submit my claim AGAIN!! the bills seems like since before xmas!! the taxi receipt ink is almost gone now!! i hope the claim lady will still take my claim in...

conclusion: there should be a rule in this world that a person should only get 1 bad thing MAX in a day!

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