Thursday, February 28, 2008

Korean Drama - My Girl

This drama series is also quite funny.. And has the right element to make the drama interesting, which are interesting story line, handsome guys, and pretty girls. The story is about this girl who is very poor that she has to lie to make a living. Her principle is as long as it doesnt hurt other ppl, then it's considered ok.

I think it's now playing in TV but I seldom watch TV nowadays, I borrowed the DVD from my sis long time ago but just remember to write the review now :p

Ok so the girl is really poor that she got nowhere to stay so she sneaked into this very big house with a plantation, and then she started selling off the stuff from the plantation! And then she got caught by the owner!

The owner (handsome guy) then asked the girl to pretend to be his long lost cousin because his grandpa is looking for that cousin and the grandpa is dying in hospital. After all the pretending and the spending time together, 2 of them become really close, but there's a girl who likes this guy and there's also another guy who likes the liar girl. Hmm, typical korean drama love story :D

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