Monday, February 18, 2008

Marshmallows for Breakfast

This is the 2nd book by Dorothy Koomson that I read. The first one was My Best Friend's Girl. Anyway, this book is really good, the way the whole story unfolds keep my eyes on the book and make me forgot abt my hubby even! hahahhaha.. we were supposed to go out but I was lying down on the bed reading the book from morning till afternoon! At the end we only went out after dinner.. and we only had dinner because my in-laws are around, otherwise my hubby would have to cook dinner for us! hahaha

The story is about a girl called Kendra who ran away from a problem in UK to Aus and then when she met with another problem is Aus, she came back to UK. In UK she managed to deal with all her past problems, helped by her landlord's 6-year old twins! I can imagine the twins being very cute! The twins' parents is having problem with their marriage and Kendra so-called took over the mother's role and things got interesting from there. Overall, it's really a good read. If I can read a book from front till end, then it must be NOT crappy!

And I like the moral of the story of this book: Don't get bullied into doing something that you don't like, if it's just to be polite!

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