Friday, February 29, 2008

Mas Selamat Kastari is still on the run

The guy is still not found yet!

I was his picture at the train station this morning, but I can't clearly remember his face like erhhm.. 5 minutes after that.. then suddenly an idea just came into my mind.. to bring his photo everywhere I go so that I can recognize him if I see someone that looks like the photo.

Hmm.. if everyone do this, will we be able to catch him quickly?

And how safe is Singapore now? Is there anyone patrolling at night? Or is Singapore a sleeping city at night? I hope there is someone taking care of our safety when we are sleeping.

When I think about this Mas Selamat.. Selamat means safe or save in Indonesian language, not sure whether it means the same in Malay language. Years ago, my brother got drowned in the swimming pool and a young boy called Selamat saved him. This is like so contradicting with the other Selamat who wants to create terror in other people's lives!

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