Monday, February 11, 2008

Movie Review - The Banquet

Watched this show over the CNY holiday. This is actually one of the show that I've been wanting to rent but kept on postponing because hubby not interested. So when he went to play MJ with the 3 monkeys, I watched this by myself. It was quite interesting.. the setup of the place is nice, and Daniel Wu is handsome!

Lots of artistic stuff going on here, with ancient China type of performance. This show is a bit gruesome btw, with all the killings. If they fail to kill the person that the emperor asked them to kill, they themselves have to be killed. Was it really like that in China last time? People's life seems so invaluable. "Execute him.. and his whole clan" wow... emperor is so powerful man!

Ok, the story is about Wu Lan (Daniel Wu) who is the crown prince. He likes this girl called Wan Er (Zhang Ziyi), but the emperor married Wan Er so Wan Er become empress. Wu Lan was depressed so he went out of the palace to pursue arts. And then the emperor died and his brother (Wu Lan's uncle) took over the throne. Empress is worried about Wu Lan (supposedly crown prince)'s safety so she agreed to marry the uncle (yucks!) and the story goes on...

The ending of the movie was left mysterious for people to guess... it was unknown who or what "did" it..

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