Monday, February 11, 2008

Please come back Soon-ae

This is one of the funniest Korean drama I ever watched. Funny but not being as stupid as how a Korean drama can be.. get what I mean? Anyway the story is about 2 women, one is a housewife (Soon ae) and another one is a stewardess (Cho eun). Soon ae's husband is a pilot and having an affair with Cho-eun. Soon ae found out and went to confront Cho eun about this and during the confrontation, an accident happened and somehow the 2 women switched bodies!! HAHAHAHAHHA... this is so crappy I can't believe that someone actually can think of this! but anyway, the story gets funny after they switched bodies because they want to kill each other so much but they can't even hit the other person coz it's their own bodies that they will hit! This is one of the show that I'll really recommend :)

Links to this drama series:,_Soon-Ae

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