Monday, February 11, 2008

The problem with anniversary or valentine's cards

They are so full of mushy and sweet stuff!! Not realistic at all!

"You're always around for me" --> what kind of partner is always around? jobless parasite?

"You understand me the most" --> including all the shopping spree? this is too good to be true..

"You're my soulmate" --> oh pls, u can't quarrel with your SOUL mate..

My suggestion for the card is:
  1. I know you've been trying hard, but I can still see your beer belly!
  2. Please be a better husband than this year... HAHHAAH
  3. I love you but I will love you more if you don't snore that loud
  4. I love your family more than mine, I especially love your in-laws more!
  5. We'll be together forever, as long as you listen to me! AND ONLY ME!

I think my hubby will get a heart attack if i really give him this kind of card... =p

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