Thursday, February 21, 2008

Recent Happenings

  • Frustrated at work because there are so many things to do and I don't think I have the know-how to do my current biggest project, but I have to do it because there isn't anyone else..
  • Hubby's left eye pressure increase again! The doctors didnt tell him what food to avoid and what to take and all these kind of stuff, so yesterday I did my own research.. and actually he was not supposed to drink so much coffee, and also sugar!!! Quit smoking will be good for him as well, but he's so stubborn.. and he can't eat mushroom? weird... anyway, today we'll be heading to GNC to buy his supplement! and maybe buy some brain supplement ti improve my memory huh.. *wallet going to be empty soon*
  • Hubby going to eye centre again today to have fluid drawn out from his eye.. use needle? i dunno.. scared to even think about it!
  • My in-laws are going back to Taiwan until April / May. They said they'll be back before we move out of their house *yay our own house!*
  • Ailing's graduation ceremony is tomorrow and she said we "bo sim" because we didnt plan anything for her.. actually she doesnt know whether we did plan or not, right? hahaha.. and past 2 days we're supposed to have lunch with her but she was busy with farewell and cny lunches.. so it's not really our fault mah.. it's not that we are heartless.. hahaha
  • Now is almost end of Feb, means the higher-ups soon will tell us our bonus and increment... excited...!!!
  • err.. wat else... oh! I just increase my puzzle bee rank to bumble bee! hahaha ok this is lame =p

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