Thursday, February 28, 2008

Super Rookie Ranger

This drama series is quite different than those love story drama I normally watched. My hubby chose this because it was on sale! I really like watching this because it's so funny!

The story is about this guy who is unemployed and dropped out of school called Choi Kang (Eric Moon). One day he accidentally helped the president and the president is impressed when Choi Kang refused to be rewarded, so the president recommended him to the Korea Secret Agency instead.

Funny stories and experiences happened while he was with the secret agency. He also met his childhood crush who is working a bar. And there's also a sexy lady called Yoon-hee and another tough guy called Kang Eun-hyuk. Kang is actually an agent who is looking for his fiancee's killer, he thinks that the killer is someone with codename "Alice". When he fount out that Alice is actually Yoon-hee, who is also his ex-gf, things start to be more complicated.

There's also Choi Kang's mother who adds to the humour, and also the stupid secret agent called "Otter" HAHAHAHA.. My suggestion is WATCH IT! :)

This drama is also known under other title:
Korean Secret Agency
Invicible Parachute Agent

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