Monday, March 31, 2008

Our HDB First Appointment

Today is an important day in my life but I forgot to bring camera to capture the important moment! Anyway, my hubby insisted that we took a photo so we did using our camera phones but the results was not that good, his rationale is after 2 years I kao beh kao bu and using many methods which include nagging, scolding, crying, calling mother and asking her to talk to him.. muahahahahha, finally we're getting the house!

Anyway, today went on pretty smoothly. We were all early, our appointment is scheduled at 2 PM. Hubby and I reached there before 1:30PM, kiasuism at play here! So we were walking around HDB Hub then I saw this machine that says take queue number, so I suggested we tried it out. Just key-in my hubby IC number then got number come out loh! On the paper, they tell us to wait at 2nd level so up we went.. then we realized that we're supposed to take the queue number onli AFTER everyone arrived! Ok, so there was my itchy hands on action loh :D

Then our agents arrived followed by the sellers and sellers' agent, all are pretty nice people. Overall experience dealing with them has been very pleasant so far :) So first there's a first round of assesment with the HDB officer then they told us to wait at the sofa area before we can meet another HDB officer, this time round in an office, not a counter. Then we talk n talk.. now I can't really remember what we talk abt already.. then we went to see the lawyer to settle the payment stuff..

Wah have to wait very long to meet the lawyer leh!! so busy ah!! Anyway, when it's finally our turn to be served *macham go resto hahahha*, they explained to us how much we have to pay for the downpayment from both cash and CPF. Even though we calculated it before, somehow I still feel very poor after hearing all... HAHAHAHAH.. my mom said i got 2 options:
  1. Has lots of money but continue living with in-laws
  2. Feel broke but has own house and freedom
And then this is direct quote from her "Freedom is very expensive HAHAHAHA" evil mother!!

Anyway we still gotta settle the CPF side coz my hubby used it to pay for the condo installment, so now we gotta pay back whatever amount he has used for this condo so that he dun have to set aside 50K in his CPF account... a lot of rules when buying HDB and also CPF side has many many rules loh... I wonder how those older people or those people who don't go to school can settle this stuff.. some of them might not even have access to internet, how can they research??

Anyway, after that we went to Bishan.. starving... I ate Korean fried rice cake! very shiok leh!! my hubby said it looks quite authentic.. but I think he never eat the authentic one before leh, how he know it's authentic ah?!

Coffee Prince

I don't know why or how I can forget to blog about this show, I only remember abt this when Siyong mentioned that she's watching it now. Btw, seems like she's hooked on Korean drama also! HAHAHAHHA korean drama review has started to appear on her blog too!

Anyway, I watched this show in Jan after came back from Indo for holiday, really like this show even though there are some moral points that shouldn't be followed by youngsters!

Ok the story is about this girl called Goh Eun Chan (acted by the same girl in Princess Hours), Eun Chan is the eldest daughter of a poor family, so she has to work many jobs to support her family. And she has been a tomboy since young so when she grows up, she still looks like a boy. There's one funny scene when she was attacked by women in the public bath coz they thought she's a guy! HAHAHAHAHHA.. But she looks really pretty when she was dressed up in a dress for an art exhibition :)

Then there's this slacker rich bachelor Han-kyul who only cares about designing toy. His parents and grandma keeps on urging him to take over the family's coffee bean business. Then his grandma challenged him to work in a coffee shop.

Han-kyul's grandma also makes him go for blind dates so he asked Eun Chan to pretend to be his bf to make ppl think that he's GAY! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA.. He even kissed her when thinking that he's a guy! HAHHAHAAHHAH but towards the middle of the story that guy is quite poor thing loh coz he thinks that he's gay and keep on struggling with the thougt..

Ok about the moral story that I said shdn't be followed is referring to when they made out before the girl was going overseas! Is it really that common to have pre-marital sex nowadays?? I feel so outdated leh..

Btw, both lead actor and actress won best actor and best actress awards in Korea for their role in this series, so go watch it! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Goodies Galore

Recently I've received so many goodies from frens even though it's not my bday :)

From Rachel, Elle make-up bag, Sally Hansen nail polish which is very pretty in pink!!, Paul & Joe or issit Anna Sui..?* mirror, Maybelline great lash mascara *not available in Spore loh! So this is really a treat heheh*

And this is the exclusive mascara that is not available in Singapore, but you can order it online from Shoppers@Work

Next is nail stickers from my sis *she just came back from Indo for her SECOND pre-wedding photoshoot!* Its ok, I can understand the excitement of wedding prep, used to be that excited too, but now looking back, it seems like a waste of money coz we never look at the album again.. maybe we will when we move to our new flat in June *cross fingers!*

And then Jess also gave me lots of goodies from her business trips to Bangkok... that shopping queen, I think no matter how busy she is, she'll still go and buy lots of stuff loh!! But maybe BKK is too low for her class! hahaha.. she needs to go Europe those kind! Anyway, she gave me a Naraya bag *yay! Now I have a new lunch bag to replace the one that looks like guy's boxer!!*, a small pouch and a voodoo doll.. I wonder why she bought so many voodoo dolls back from BKK, there's even one that looks like Elvis with lotsa glitter on the afro hair!! HHHAAHHAHA

Magnet from Mindy, she sent this to us ages ago but I just brought it back home from office last week. It's so cute!! I'm going to paste it on my fridge next time when we have our own flat! I wonder what my MIL will say... HAHAHHA!

There are many other goodies that my frens gave previously, like Mira gave me lotsa Bodyshop stuff before but I oredi used them so they are not so nice to take photos oredi :p

My hubby is so jealous loh!! He said why my frens always give me goodies, so I said is becoz my frens love me lah! hahahahaha... his fren are so horrible loh, the 4 of them are so close and yet they always forget his bday! so far I never see a single bday present for him from the so-called "brothers" hmmph!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Waiting AGAIN!!

So sick of waiting!! Today is Friday and supposed to be a good day since it's the starting of weekend! But here I am still waiting for that man to come out from work!! Everytime always like I have to wait for him, when can it be the other way round?!?!

Even when he's not working, he can manage to make me wait for him, at home or outside or wherever!! sigh!!!

Hopefully his new job will be better, since it will not be at such ulu place!! So sick of waiting!!! I think if all the time I spent waiting for him is accumulated, can be more than a few months oredi loh!!!

Donut Outing

Last night I had a donut outing with a few frens, this was actually planned quite some time ago. I told them donuts on me if I pass my driving test, so yesterday was payback time.. hahaha.. but when we reached J Co at Raffles City, the place was so crowded with people, there was no empty seat and the queue was so long.. so we decided to eat dinner first and then later on we'll eat donut for dessert or tapao back.

So we wanted to eat mos burger, but that place is also quite full. There are many tables that are occupied by 3 or less people even though the table can actually accomodate 6 ppl!! So inconsiderate lah! At the end we went to eat BK loh..

After dinner, we went back to J Co Donut (btw, the queue at Donut Factory is now half as long as previously), the queue at J.Co Donut was so long, almost at GNC there!! Can fight with the queue at Shokudo loh!! But when we were about to pay, there were seats available, so we ended up sitting there longer hahahaha =)

The donuts are really nice, crispy, and sweet!! Oh, there's a weird thing about the way they sell the donut, they count by box!! So for example if I buy 1 dozen of assorted donuts, it will cost me 11.50, but if I ask them to pack into 2 boxes (cos I didnt want to carry the bulky 1 dozen box..), they will charge me $7 + $7 = $14.. weird lah! And then my fren bought 3 donuts, so she got the small box, but at the cashier they onli have the plastic bag for 1 dozen box... HAHAHAHHAHAHA.. looks so cartoon loh!! such a big plastic bag to carry a small box of donuts!

I bought back 1 dozen and I forgot that there're onli 2 of us at home!! I guess we'll have that for a few days breakfast :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tag board or shoutbox

Call me suaku but I just found out how to add shoutbox today! hahaha saw it in a few ppl's blog and I'm sure that they must have downloaded it from somewhere, but the thing is I didnt know how to search for it coz I didnt know what it was called before!

Anyway, do tag me when you visit my blog k! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Green Forest My Home

I first watched this series when we (Rachel, Julie and I) had our small chalet at Orchard hotel, so hooked up on this series until cannot leave the room! hahahaha... so after that I was trying to find the DVD/VCD for this series.. but so hard to find coz all don't come with English subtitle! One day, by luck after dinner at Jurong East, I saw a small VCD shop and decided to go in! And I found the VCD, still no English subtitle but has Malay subtitle.. ok lah better than nothing! :)

The story is about a girl from a wealthy family called Sophie. She has a good friend called Yuen Fang (very cute boy :D), who actually like her since young. Sophie's parents's chauffeur has a daughter who always envy what Sophie has, her name is Ruo Shan. Ruo Shan made her dad so angry and he went driving while he was drunk and got killed in a car accident. After that, Sophie's parents adopted Ruo Shan and change her name to Susan. Susan started to take everything that belongs to Sophie. For a starting, she takes her new schoolbag, then when they move to a new music school, everyone thought that Sophie is the adopted one because she's using older stuff. To make matter worse, Susan said "You are so mean, I already treat Sophie as my own sister." err.. politically correct but meant to make ppl get wrong understanding!! so evil!!!

And then Sophie who always dreams about being a princess, meets her prince charming William. They made a promise to each other to meet again when they grow up. But William doesnt know her name yet, and on the day that William is supposed to go overseas, he tried to find her but instead bumped into Susan, so he asked Susan what her younger sister name is, Susan bluffed him that Sophie's name is Susan! wah piang!! damn irritating loh!!!

One thing good about this movie is when William found out about Susan's lies, he was damn mean to her! hahahah this part I like.. so sick of those drama where there are so much misunderstandings and then the party who has the clear picture still dun want to say out the whole thing! make me feel so impatient!!

Ok back to the story, Yuan Fang got a scholarship to further his music study. He tried to tell Sophie that he's leaving, but that stupid irritating Susan got off their Yakult phone wire!!! So that day Princess Sophie was left by 2 of her most important person, her prince charming and her protector warrior.. hahah so drama... little kids are so funny... :D

So years after that, they met again in Taiwan, but sotong Sophie failed to recognize William and Yuan Fang (who changed his name to Owen after becoming a famous violinist... tell u, he's damn cool when playing the violin loh!!) then since Susan bluffed William that her younger sis name is Susan, this STOOPID William go n chase after Susan... wah piang.. very irritating loh...

Anyway, the rest of the story... you gotta watch it lah.. 15 VCDs in total.. =)

You can see the cast of this show in this drama addict site, I'm not putting the Wikipedia link because it writes about the ending of the story!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I Got It!!

I mean I got the coveted driving license today! :)

The secret to the success is not to be nervous but like what my instructor said "Just drive slowly and confidently!" but actually my left leg was shaking so vigorously lah... hahaha... stupid leg, refuse to cooperate with me during important time!

I was quite nervous at first but after passing the S course then the vertical parking (my no. 1 enemy!), things started to get better.. in total I got 10 demerit points for small small mistakes like "failed to confirm safety" in the circuit "directional change", think this one cost me 4 points.. actually I wonder what it refers to...Then 2 points for improper use of brake.. possibly coz I braked a bit hard coz the light suddenly turn to amber! Another 2 points for incorrect gear... this one not sure where... Another 2 points for incorrect checking of blindspot/mirror... check oredi can be incorrect ah? hahaha maybe the tester thought I was looking at myself in the mirror issit... :D

So happy today!! Even though I'm not going to buy a car immediately.. no $$$ lahh... but I can take this as one of my life's achievements! hahaha :p

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My eventful super long weekend

For me this weekend is from Thursday night - Monday hahaha coz Friday is public holiday and monday i'm taking a day off for my driving test..

Thursday, 20 March 2008 Evening
Ok so Thursday night we were going to Shokudo the food bazaar at Raffles City basement, when I reached there abt 6+ there was no queue so I thought I can just walk arount the mall a bit, so I walked to MPH and bumped to my ex-colleague there. We ended up going shopping! hahahah... then Siaw Ching called me so I joined her and we went to see whether there's any queue in Shokudo... whew... super long queue!! the girl who was queuing in front of us gave up the queue when her fren arrived hahaha.. in total SC and me queue for about half an hour... and Julie overslept!! She reached just as we were about to enter and Rachel was still stuck in the jam... stupid science park so far!!

So we went in and while waiting for your highness Rachel to arrive, we walked around and get drinks for ourselves.. the place is pretty impressive even though I think not as big as Marche last time.. there are quite a lot of jap food that u cant really easily find in other jap restos. Our fav is the cheese japanese pizza... i think that's what its called :p

Foods from Shokudo

Friday, 21 March 2008
Err... suddenly I cant remember what I did on Friday... I thought the GNC Gingko Biloba supposed to improve my memory!! hmm... nvm...

lets go to Saturday first..

Sat, 22 March 2008
Went for my first driving revision after I flunked my first test.. the instructor asked me what gone wrong in the first test. I told him "vertical parking" then he looked at me "huh? u mean parallel?" then i said "no, vertical. I mounted the kerb".. then he was like "oh... u mean when u wanted to park issit?" then i said "no, when I came out of the lot".. i think he couldnt believe how suay I was... HAHAHAHHA... after a few rounds he asked me how many demerit points I got, then I told him I got 16 points.. 10 points from vertical parking, 6 points on the road... HAHAHAA... so he's quite convinced that I will pass this time! yeah yeah I certainly hope so!

In the afternoon, we went to celebrate Lord's Evening Meal, this is the only event that Jesus ever specifically asked us to keep on doing in remembrance of him. Think about it, do you know any phrase in the Bible where Jesus said "Keep celebrating my birthday"?? And yet, Christmas seems like the biggest Christian celebration..

Anyway, after that we went to play pool at Jurong Entertainment Centre... very crowded with all the youngters!! Actually opening a pool centre can be quite good business, just need to rent a big space, buy a lot of second hand tables, dun even need to provide those really good ones, then the cues also buy the normal kind.. then hire a few young girls to mend the place... voila, like macham passive income! hahahah..

then after that of course go home and sleep lah... tomorrow morning still got driving lesson leh..

Sunday, 23 March 2008 Evening
Hiks.. so sad weekend is going to end....

Anyway Sunday morning I had another driving test revision. BBDC rule (or issit Traffic Police rule?) stated that if we fail our practical test, we have to take at least 2 revision lesson before we can attend the next test, so I booked mine on 2 consecutive days before the test..

Same thing, today the instructor also told me not to be nervous and there's nothing wrong with my driving.. so just drive slowly and confidently in the circuit, shd be ok one.. then on the road, this one seems like depends a lot on luck.. like today during the practise, near Bt. Gombak MRT there's one car that stop just after the yellow box! and there's a traffic police behind the car. But I didnt see the car because previously there's a big bus... then after the bus suddenly changed to the right lane, I saw the car.. by then it was too late for me to change to the right lane, and I stayed inside the yellow box! so suay loh!! lucky today is not test date!! the instructor told me that I shd have waited behind the yellow box.. I hope I can remember all these tomorrow!!

After the lesson, I went home to sleep again... so tired... woke up to cook bibimbap... oh ok! now i remember what I did on Friday.. write abt that later.. yah so the recipe that I've got is for 6 persons but there're onli 2 of us, so I just divide everything in the recipe by 3... but the food turn out to be quite a lot... then the dishes to wash also like one mountain loh.. my hubby was complaining that I used so much plates and utencils just to cook 2 portions of bibimbap! hahahahah ppl cook for him, he still complain!! :D

My very first bibimbap! A lot of hardwork!

Anyway, Friday we didnt do much stuff... we just went to the korean supermarket near Burlington Square to buy Kochujang sauce to make bibimbap.. then went to eat BK for dinner.. then walk walk at Bugis.. nowadays dun really feel gian for shopping.. maybe too streses when I think abt the amount of $$$$$ we have to pay for the house DP... and with the stoopid paycut... haiz!!!

Anyway... continue tomorrow... Man Utd VS Liverpool on now... tata...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

LoooOooOOooooOOOoooooong Weekend!!

Another post of random rantings...

Yeay!! today is donut day! and tomorrow is good friday (public holiday in Spore!).. followed by saturday and sunday and I'm on leave on Monday! slurp man!

Today supposed to meet up with the girls at Raffles City Shokudo.. havent tried out this place yet, it's a Marche style Japanese resto. Just like any other ppl in Singapore, we're interested about a place when there're many ppl queueing outside the place! so we proposed that Julie go there and queue! :D

Oh.. and I managed to convince my sis to setup a blog! Been convincing ppl to setup their own blog coz I like to read ppl's blog HAHAHAHA.. maybe i'm too kpo but it's interesting to know what happens on ppl's live and also what they think abt issues that's happening worlwide :p

Yesterday I finished one of the enhancement.. small enhancement but so tough to do.. spent nearly 3 weeks for me to figure out how to do this one... glad that it's working now! :)

I finally bought the Rainie Yang's CD but havent managed to convert it to mp3 to set as my ringtone.. :p

My colleague said recently i eat too well... darn... he means i'm fat loh! which is the truth lah... supposed to lose weight but actually gain almost 2 kg! i feel so sian when i have to choose clothes for work everyday, coz most of them dun really fit anymore! hikssss!!! what to do when a person who loves to eat needs to lose weight?!?!??!

My good fren told me abt the situation in her company.. shall not mention her name or her company name.. dun want to create trouble for her.. but her case is really very jialat, reminds me of those taiwan/korean drama where there're many misunderstandings that the person who has the whole picture dun bother / dun dare to speak up.. ok the story is abt this small fry in her company who always acts big and pretend that she knows everything, this girl has been pushing all the blame to my fren's dept when project launch gets delayed! make my fren looks so bad! even my fren's boss is affected.. crazy lah... i want to psycho my fren to be more daring! hahahahaha.. poison her mind.. actually dun really need lah, she herself also got enough poison oredi! HAHAHAHAHA

Enough random rantings for today.. i shall try to be more coherent next time... :p

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random rantings

Scary Neighbour...
My next door neighbour always bang their doors, no matter which day or which time it is! My MIL complained to the guard before and the guard told her that the elderly couple's son is a bit retarted, and very bad tempered... so it could be him... the guy is about early-mid 30s..

Last weekend I was alone at home coz my hubby attended a fren's wedding.. then when i was in the kitchen, I heard a loud glass crash sound.. so I ran out to the window... and i saw my neighbour's window is smashed! the top part has come off (with pieces of it probably dropped to the floor!) and quite a big piece of it is still hanging on the frame... i was trying to call the guard house.. so many times!! nobody pick up!! then after a while i heard some commotion outside the unit.. so i took a peek thru the door peeking hole.. and i saw men in uniform.. i assume they are civil defence or paramedics...

The men in uniform brought a wheelchair up but at the end noone was sitting on it.. I saw an old man and a younger man appear from my neighbour's unit.. n heard sth like "the bleeding.... stop...." all sounds fuzzy btw..

but when i looked out of my window again, the glass is still there! i was so worried that it might drop anytime and hit ppl below! So I tried calling the guard house again and after awhile someone pick up and said that "We know abt the incident.. my supervisor is there"..

I think they took about more than an hour to to remove that glass... if the wind is strong, the glass might drop... killer litter!!

Gross Neighbour
Another litter bug is someone who live in my condo, as same location as my unit, higher floor.. not sure which floor though... first I notice there was a plaster on the master bathroom outer window... *how to remove?!* so we left it there hoping that the rain will wash it away...

few days after that.. a bigger plaster was on the window!! together with the old plaster!! so irritating!!!! then few days ago, even more disgusting looking stuff dropped on my window!!! all these ppl.. have $$$ to stay in condo but so uncivilized!! dun they have dustbin inside their house?? why must throw out of the window?!?!?!

I tried to wash the window but the space between the wall and the window is really too tight.. no way to put my hand out with a water hose to clean the window!!! arrghh!! irritating!!!

Work-related stress
For the current project that I'm working on, I took over it early last year.. but there are still some part of it that works like mystery to me... and quite a lot of time I have to make changes or do enhancements to the code... really make my life so tough... I feel so tempted to suggest to my boss to lets just throw away this old stuff and revamp the whole thing! But, this kind of large scale project.. who's willing to sponsor? *pull out hair*

Sometimes many things are out of my control but I'm supposed to make things work.... *pull out hair again...*

My consolation is now that my boss is willing to send me for courses and certifications, I suggested Sharepoint training which cost 1K+ then he suggested MCPD which cost 3K+ hahahaha.. but it's still undergoing approval though.. no need to feel so excited yet :p

Hubby-related stress
He always gotta work late! Even after he tender, those idiots at his company still can't take over what he was supposed to handover... how are they going to survive without him!?!?! Heard that his boss cried *MUAHAHUAUAHUHAUHAA* when he mentioned that he's leaving.. and yesterday anoter staff resigned and that same boss cried again *MUAHUAHUAHUAHHAUHAUHAUA* but my hubby is really naive, ppl just throw him stuff to do and he just take it, the reason is because he's the supervisor so he gotta take care of his staff... i'm thinking why his lame manager dun take care of him... sigh... anyway, it's good that now she knows how to cry... when she give ppl bad rating, she shd have known that this is coming!! HUOGAI.... when u dun appreciate ppl and treat ppl like s**t, dun expect ppl to respect u and work for u!! oh man, i wish i got the chance to say this to CKP last time...

Weight Issue!!
I'm still not losing any weight, unlike my successful friend Mira.. hahaha... some more I gained almost 2 kg!! oh man.. what's happening.... I don't eat much.. even though I imagine food like donuts and bibimbap all the time *Akh & Jess fault because they always talk abt donuts!!*... but thinking abt food doesnt make u fat, does it?!

18, 29

I watched this quite sometime ago but this morning the OST of this Korean TV series suddenly played itself in my brain! creepy!!

Here's the song in YouTube..

Anyway the story is about this girl *cant remember the name anymore* who had an accident and got amnesia.. so she thought she's still 18 years old, when in actual fact she's 29 years old and married to the guy that she hated when she was 18 years old!

There's a lot of sweet story about childhood romance... hahaha.. puppy love.. When they grow up, the hubby is a famous actor.. and then there's this actress who chase after the hubby... *shameless!*.... And then there another boy kiddo who likes the amnesia girl... *complicated!*

Also, the girl has to struggle adjusting to her 29 year old self, so the hubby has to help her along the way.. I feel that the hubby is so sweet in this series coz he put up with a lot of her nonsense! hehehehe... :D

Some links:
Drama Wiki

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Korean Bibimbap

Have been craving for bibimbap for few days but my chef at home dunno how to make it.. so I was "researching" how to make it... hahaha nowadays with all the search engines around, it's very easy to do research.. seems like the best recipe so far is here, I can't wait to try! but i don't have most of the ingredients.. and the ingredients seems like a lot... like 6 eggs?? i cant imagine how much it can make...

Another problem is seems like some of the ingredients come in korean name... like kochujang sauce.. where the hell can i find that? there are lots of supermarkets selling jap stuff, but i dun remember anywhere selling korean stuff.. oh man..

Maybe should try to supermarketing and make bibimbap this weekend... so exciting! :D

Anyway, guess I have to settle for Korean noodle for tonight's dinner... chef OT again..

Yu-hee The Witch

I finished another Korean drama over the weekend and now time to write another review! HAHAHAA Jess said my blog is full of Korean drama =p, well that's probably quite a lot of my time is spent on it.. =p

Anyway, this drama is about a girl called Yu-hee, which is nicknamed "The Witch" by her subordinates because of her straight forward and no-nonsense behaviour. She always gets what she wants in business and work. But when it comes to romance, she's totally clueless. She ruined *and get rejected* many many blind dates (seems like a popular thing in Korea.. hehe..)

The movie is really funny and Han Ga in is so pretty... I thought her nose is fake, but I searched the internet and everyone says that her nose is real and that she has been famous for her perfect nose ever since she come into showbiz.. sth like that lah..

There are few other characters in this TV series:
  • Moo-ryong: scratched Yu-hee's car and so owe her lots of money, and has to work as her housekeeper (coz her own housekeeper kept on quitting.. cant stand her!) and then also double as her love coach... I don't believe normal guys know how to do all those clothes styling that he does in the show!
  • Moo-ryong's gf who is also a manager in the resto where Moo-ryong works
  • Dennis Oh acts as Yu-hee's best friend and coincidentally is also Moo-ryong's boss..
  • Joon-ha: Yu-hee's first love... looks quiet but poisonous inside!! dun like this guy... everytime always acts as bad guy.. even in Princess Hours too!!
  • Yu-hee's dad... irritating old man...
  • Yu-hee's bimbotic secretary
  • Yu-hee's stoopid assistant who always backstab her and reports everything she does to her dad
So a lot of the scene takes place in Yu-hee's house and in Moo-ryong's work place... I had a hard time guessing the ending of this show.. hahaha.. coz I thought someone else was going to get together with Yu-hee at the end :p

And some clip from YouTube.. there's some spoiler in it.. dun play if you dun wanna know the story before u watch it..

Some links related to this drama series:
Drama Wiki

Monday, March 17, 2008

Questions questions

  • If I buy a CD and then rip it as mp3 file and instead of listening to the CD, I play the mp3 file from my PC instead, is this a piracy?
  • If I copy that mp3 file to my mp3 player, is this a piracy?
  • If I copy that mp3 file to my phone to set as ringtone, is this a piracy?
  • How to open a large text file? Like for e.g. a 100Gb txt file.. actually my file is now 170Gb... and growing... *amazed*
  • Is there a company where an employee can have good career prospect, good advancements, work-life balance, interesting work, etc.... Google?
  • What is the cheapest way to send stuff to USA?
  • What is the cheapest way to send stuff to Indo?
  • Why do I get superpoked so much during office hour? Are there really that many ppl cyberloafing? HAHAHAHAHA

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rainie Yang's 缺氧

I love Rainie Yang's songs!!! I don't get the hairstyle though... And this is the song that was used for Why Why Love OST! Enjoy!

My hubby is prejudice against Mr. Bean!

I asked my hubby to take out the Chinese double happiness sticker from our bedroom door because it's been 2+ years since we got married and the sticker is now worn out. It's very sticky and hard to remove, so I suggested to him to use hot steam to remove it.. I said (my mistake!) "Lets use hot steam, like what Mr. Bean did to take out the stamp"

He looked at me in a weird way and said "You want to follow Mr. Bean? That doesn't sound like a clever idea! Mr. Bean leh!!"

I thought Mr. Bean is quite clever even though sometimes he behaves quite stoopidly hahahahha... but the idea is there, just that the implementations always gone wrong!

Anyway, my hubby used even more weird method... he tried to use hot steam from his mouth!!! *dooh*

At the time this post is being posted, he still hasnt managed to peel off the sticker... HHAHAAHAHAHA

Photoshop Trick by Xiaxue

This is probably the 3rd time I'm looking at her website and I could find sth useful! hhahahhaha.. I feel like turning myself into Photoshop expert too! :D

btw, after watching the video, i tried to edit some of my photos.. couldnt find photo which i dun like my face (coz i basically just delete it from the camera when i dun like it! hahaaha) so i tried to edit my photo from siyong's wedding (tummy + arm area) but it's so hard!!! the arm became zig-zag ah!! ahahahahaha... and then i tried to make siyong photo (from ailing graduation lunch) looks thinner.. but i think i made her look worse!! (shall not publish the photo... in case she decides to kill me or refuse to talk to me after that! hahahahaha)

after all, programming is still easier than all these artsy fartsy stuff.. :p

Friday, March 14, 2008

Microsoft Certifications

Since my boss said he can't promise me anything about my increment but he can promise me some training, I decided to take some certification (can't decide which one!!), most probably will take from Microsoft series.. There are a few that I'm interested in:

I couldn't find any IT training center that provide MTCS Sharepoint 2007 Application Development course.. so this one is out.. maybe take the exam separately after doing self-study? I wonder how much it will cost...

And there are a few training centers, the popular one (according to Google search engine :p) are:

So undecided!! Which center is good and which certification is useful?? *confused*

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I was having a talk with my friends over work and earnings and benefits, etc. We concluded that we always feel that we are underpaid no matter how much we earn. When we used to earn 1.5K less than now, we complained that we were underpaid.. When we earn 1K less than what we are earning now, we complained that we are underpaid. And now after much increment, we still think that we are underpaid... HAHAHAHHAAHHA

So is there really a fair way of calculating how much a person is worth? There were many theories and questions that came out of it:
  • Supply / demand: Just state how much you want. If the employer is willing to pay you that, then that is your market price..
  • Compare with your peers with same qualification and same years of working experience (+/- a few hundred bucks) I think this is what most companies are using, even though I think your qualification and years of service don't really tell how good you are in doing your job..
  • When changing job.. normally companies are only willing to pay 5-20% more than what you are earning... is this fair? What if you current pay is too low? Anyway, that is probably the reason why you quit in the first place! And the new company is still going to pay you low?
  • Compare with your colleagues (who most probably is doing the same job as you), based on their years of service and employment grade/level.. this one is a bit tough because usually people don't share pay info with colleagues... CKP used to say "for your eyes only" when distributing salary or bonus slip... he's a nightmare!
  • More certificate = more pay? How about if you learn the skill yourself and there's no certificate? No extra pay? This doesnt sound right either...

In conclusion, there's no fair way to calculate how much a person worth... as long as you're happy with your pay, then just take it...

Another tips is not to compare your pay with your peers (which sometimes can be hard to resist!)... because no matter what, if yours is lower, it's hard to be objective and you will think that you deserver more, and you'll basically get bad mood...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm taking control over my life

Recently Korean drama and Taiwan drama have been taking over my life.. I even finished 2 Korean drama series + 1 movie in just over 1 week... Been watching it at home after work.. ended up sleeping sooooo late! So today I finally decided not to let Korean drama / Taiwan drama or other drama rule my life!

New limit: 1 drama series per week! OR 3 movies... Not more!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello, My Lady

This is another cute Korean drama! There're 4 DVDs, I think I finished watching in 3 days, bought this series because Lee Da Hae is acting in it (my sis doesnt like her, she said this girl always behaves like crazy person.. hahhahha.. cute wat.. :p)

Anyway the story is about this girl (Lee Su Ha) from a manor house (hmm maybe it's sth like relative of royal family or rich family last time in ancient Korea), so each generation's eldest grandchild has to stay at the manor house, which is a 300 year old house called Hwaantang.

Then there's this old man called Hwang Man Bok who wants to get Hwaantang for himself. He used to be a farmhand in that manor and he stole a cow last time (serious crime!!) and ran away from Hwaantang. He asked his grandson, Hwang Dong-kyu to persuade Lee Su Ha to sell the manor.

There're a lot of other characters in the show, like Lee Su Ha's family who stays in Seoul, the elders (trouble-makers!), the servants (grandma, auntie, retarder auntie, grandpa), the aunties (1 evil and 1 good), the cousin, and also there's another girl who is willing to do anything because she hate Su Ha, for no valid reason!

Overall, I think this is a nice show. But one thing that can be improved, they should have chosen a more good looking leading actor!!

Some links related to this drama:!_Miss

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm a Cyborg but that's okay

I just watched this movie coz Poh Kim having sale 4 for $20! So cheap!

The story takes place in a mental institution, it is about this girl (Joon Yeong) who thinks that she's a cyborg and refused to eat because she thinks that will spoil her machine. She meets a male patient there (Rain) who has the ability to steal people's habit. When Joon Yeong faints because of not eating anything, Rain becomes so concerned that he tried many ways to persuade her to eat.

I search Wikipedia and found out that Rain actually won best comedy actor award for this show... well, you must be really good to act as someone crazy! hahaha

But I think the overall movie is so-so, nothing fantastic.. a bit weird...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I want higher increment

Ok so now is increment time but I'm not happy about it. It's because the increment is much less than what I expected and on top of that the management has decided to remove our blackberry allowance. Reason being is other teams are not getting it since the beginning. But we still have to be on-call on weekends using our own mobile phone... *that sucks*...

I'm not sure whether the management did their maths before doing this to us.. the increment is less than the amount of the allowance.. so here's the formula:

New pay = Current pay + increment - allowance

And since increment < allowance so we have

New pay < Current pay

which means PAYCUT... *double sucks*

And the fact that I'm promoted this year.. means I'm getting a promotion with paycut.. *triple sucks*

I can't imagine other people who has no promotion (means less increment..) taking it.. but my colleague said reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad" made him feel better.. i told him he shd read that book onli after the management adjust our pay! There's really nothing much to feel good about..

Ok yesterday after like a few days of gathering up my courage to talk to my boss, finally I voiced out my unhappiness to him. He seems to understand my concern and he said he'll talk to his boss about it because he has no control over our pay. I hope the boss up there can understand us, we have mortgate to pay, stomach to feed, and we also have to travel to office! Everything increase price in Spore!! And the fact that my starting pay is already so low, they should at least do something about it when I'm doing my job and covering for the team lead that left!! Shouldn't they have extra budget when ppl left??

My boss said he can promise me more trainings but I havent thought of what training I should attend. I wanted to take Master in Business IT from SMU but that will take 2-4 years to complete, and definitely over the company budget and I'm not even sure I have time to study right now! *Jess said my mind is always on Master degree and getting a pet dog! hahahaha*

Ok back to the training, it will only do me good if the company really appreciate me based on my skill... and not based on my years of experience and current pay.. I feel so sick when people who has less skill than me getting higher pay just because they work longer... it's not my fault that I'm born later! *Dutch Lady, I'm referring to you!*

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Police Shot Dead a Man at Outram Park MRT Platform

Link to Yahoo! News

So lucky I was not there, must be damn terrifying! I'm always quite scared when there are police with guns walking around, like what if their guns suddenly fired by itself.. like sth loose or whatever reason...

There are a lot of police or civil defense or watever that's called (the one with the dark blue uniform).. the purpose is to take care of the security in crowded public places but their presence is a reminder that it's not so safe after all..

Automatic Mahjong Table

Got this link for Alvin the Chipmunk today, I think my hubby will love it! hahahaha but no way I'm buying this for him! No gambling!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Devil Beside You

I love this show!! Mike He Jun Xiang is damn handsome loh... hahahaha... I think I'm behaving like a 15 year old teenager but he's really very good looking lah. I read somewhere that he's the best looking guy in Taiwan! hahaaha so exaggerating ah :)

Anyway, I really like the show and I think I wanna watch it again from the front. It has 20 episodes! whew...

The story is about this silly girl who declare her love to the wrong guy! Instead of declaring her love to her real crush, she declared her love to the "Devil" in her school. The Devil then started bullying her but somewhere along the show, they fall in love with each other. There's a twist because the girl's mom is going to get married to Devil's dad. Complicated!

But it's all happy ending! :)

Some links to this drama series:

Microsoft Expression Studio

I just received the Microsoft Expression Studio CDs from Siyong today, original and full version! Consists of Expression Web, Expression Blend, Expression Media, and Expression Design :)

I wanted to buy it that time when they just launched but being the stingy me, I didn't wanna spend money on something that is just a hobby to me, coz I don't think I'll make money from there.

But now I have the CDs already, I can't wait to go home and try it out! :)

Thank You Siyong!! :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

My crazy siblings

On Sat night I was talking to my brother on Yahoo Messenger, he just got internet connection installed at home *finally!* so he was trying out all those stuff that he couldn't try at his office, like audibles, etc.

Then I wanted to try whether I can do a Yahoo call with him so I dialed him and then we're connected! So easy! My brother (and my 2 other siblings near him) could hear me but I couldn't hear them, so I was shouting from here "Can you guys hear me? Does my voice sound nice or not?" but I got no reply... so we just disconnected and continue talking using the normal chat window.

Brother: Your voice is normal, not very nice
Me: So mean.. Anyway I couldn't hear you guys
Brother: Just now 2 of them were shouting very loud already but I know you won't be able to hear coz I don't have microphone... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


That's how silly they are!! He knows that there's no speaker and he made his 2 younger siblings scream at the top of their lungs to reply me! OMIGOD....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kidnap Scam in Singapore

Ok, this scam is not really new, it was reported like a few months ago and recently it's getting really hot again.

The scam is like someone calls a person on their mobile phone and then tell that person that his/her son/daughter has been kidnapped and that they will kill the son/daughter if the ransom is not paid.

The caller will ask the person not to hang up the phone, so that they cannot call the so-called kidnapped person to verify (some lucky ppl have 2 mobile phones!), and then the caller will ask them to go to the bank to transfer money to an account (most of the time it's a Maybank account)

There was a case reported previously where a clever bank teller noticed the distress on the person who wanted to make a transfer. The teller then communicated with the person using a piece of paper. The bank teller then helped to contact the so-called kidnapped person and told the person that their son is actually in a safe place.

My MIL told me that her brother who lives in Shanghai (or Beijing.. can't remember..) received similar call before "We have kidnapped your son and we'll kill him if you don't pay". And then he just told them "Oh, go ahead and kill them. I don't have any sons" HAHAHHAHAHA actually he only has 2 daughters, no son :p

Anyway, just beware that such a scam exist and do not fall into trap!

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