Wednesday, March 19, 2008

18, 29

I watched this quite sometime ago but this morning the OST of this Korean TV series suddenly played itself in my brain! creepy!!

Here's the song in YouTube..

Anyway the story is about this girl *cant remember the name anymore* who had an accident and got amnesia.. so she thought she's still 18 years old, when in actual fact she's 29 years old and married to the guy that she hated when she was 18 years old!

There's a lot of sweet story about childhood romance... hahaha.. puppy love.. When they grow up, the hubby is a famous actor.. and then there's this actress who chase after the hubby... *shameless!*.... And then there another boy kiddo who likes the amnesia girl... *complicated!*

Also, the girl has to struggle adjusting to her 29 year old self, so the hubby has to help her along the way.. I feel that the hubby is so sweet in this series coz he put up with a lot of her nonsense! hehehehe... :D

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