Monday, March 31, 2008

Coffee Prince

I don't know why or how I can forget to blog about this show, I only remember abt this when Siyong mentioned that she's watching it now. Btw, seems like she's hooked on Korean drama also! HAHAHAHHA korean drama review has started to appear on her blog too!

Anyway, I watched this show in Jan after came back from Indo for holiday, really like this show even though there are some moral points that shouldn't be followed by youngsters!

Ok the story is about this girl called Goh Eun Chan (acted by the same girl in Princess Hours), Eun Chan is the eldest daughter of a poor family, so she has to work many jobs to support her family. And she has been a tomboy since young so when she grows up, she still looks like a boy. There's one funny scene when she was attacked by women in the public bath coz they thought she's a guy! HAHAHAHAHHA.. But she looks really pretty when she was dressed up in a dress for an art exhibition :)

Then there's this slacker rich bachelor Han-kyul who only cares about designing toy. His parents and grandma keeps on urging him to take over the family's coffee bean business. Then his grandma challenged him to work in a coffee shop.

Han-kyul's grandma also makes him go for blind dates so he asked Eun Chan to pretend to be his bf to make ppl think that he's GAY! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA.. He even kissed her when thinking that he's a guy! HAHHAHAAHHAH but towards the middle of the story that guy is quite poor thing loh coz he thinks that he's gay and keep on struggling with the thougt..

Ok about the moral story that I said shdn't be followed is referring to when they made out before the girl was going overseas! Is it really that common to have pre-marital sex nowadays?? I feel so outdated leh..

Btw, both lead actor and actress won best actor and best actress awards in Korea for their role in this series, so go watch it! :)

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