Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Devil Beside You

I love this show!! Mike He Jun Xiang is damn handsome loh... hahahaha... I think I'm behaving like a 15 year old teenager but he's really very good looking lah. I read somewhere that he's the best looking guy in Taiwan! hahaaha so exaggerating ah :)

Anyway, I really like the show and I think I wanna watch it again from the front. It has 20 episodes! whew...

The story is about this silly girl who declare her love to the wrong guy! Instead of declaring her love to her real crush, she declared her love to the "Devil" in her school. The Devil then started bullying her but somewhere along the show, they fall in love with each other. There's a twist because the girl's mom is going to get married to Devil's dad. Complicated!

But it's all happy ending! :)

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