Friday, March 28, 2008

Donut Outing

Last night I had a donut outing with a few frens, this was actually planned quite some time ago. I told them donuts on me if I pass my driving test, so yesterday was payback time.. hahaha.. but when we reached J Co at Raffles City, the place was so crowded with people, there was no empty seat and the queue was so long.. so we decided to eat dinner first and then later on we'll eat donut for dessert or tapao back.

So we wanted to eat mos burger, but that place is also quite full. There are many tables that are occupied by 3 or less people even though the table can actually accomodate 6 ppl!! So inconsiderate lah! At the end we went to eat BK loh..

After dinner, we went back to J Co Donut (btw, the queue at Donut Factory is now half as long as previously), the queue at J.Co Donut was so long, almost at GNC there!! Can fight with the queue at Shokudo loh!! But when we were about to pay, there were seats available, so we ended up sitting there longer hahahaha =)

The donuts are really nice, crispy, and sweet!! Oh, there's a weird thing about the way they sell the donut, they count by box!! So for example if I buy 1 dozen of assorted donuts, it will cost me 11.50, but if I ask them to pack into 2 boxes (cos I didnt want to carry the bulky 1 dozen box..), they will charge me $7 + $7 = $14.. weird lah! And then my fren bought 3 donuts, so she got the small box, but at the cashier they onli have the plastic bag for 1 dozen box... HAHAHAHHAHAHA.. looks so cartoon loh!! such a big plastic bag to carry a small box of donuts!

I bought back 1 dozen and I forgot that there're onli 2 of us at home!! I guess we'll have that for a few days breakfast :)

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