Saturday, March 29, 2008

Goodies Galore

Recently I've received so many goodies from frens even though it's not my bday :)

From Rachel, Elle make-up bag, Sally Hansen nail polish which is very pretty in pink!!, Paul & Joe or issit Anna Sui..?* mirror, Maybelline great lash mascara *not available in Spore loh! So this is really a treat heheh*

And this is the exclusive mascara that is not available in Singapore, but you can order it online from Shoppers@Work

Next is nail stickers from my sis *she just came back from Indo for her SECOND pre-wedding photoshoot!* Its ok, I can understand the excitement of wedding prep, used to be that excited too, but now looking back, it seems like a waste of money coz we never look at the album again.. maybe we will when we move to our new flat in June *cross fingers!*

And then Jess also gave me lots of goodies from her business trips to Bangkok... that shopping queen, I think no matter how busy she is, she'll still go and buy lots of stuff loh!! But maybe BKK is too low for her class! hahaha.. she needs to go Europe those kind! Anyway, she gave me a Naraya bag *yay! Now I have a new lunch bag to replace the one that looks like guy's boxer!!*, a small pouch and a voodoo doll.. I wonder why she bought so many voodoo dolls back from BKK, there's even one that looks like Elvis with lotsa glitter on the afro hair!! HHHAAHHAHA

Magnet from Mindy, she sent this to us ages ago but I just brought it back home from office last week. It's so cute!! I'm going to paste it on my fridge next time when we have our own flat! I wonder what my MIL will say... HAHAHHA!

There are many other goodies that my frens gave previously, like Mira gave me lotsa Bodyshop stuff before but I oredi used them so they are not so nice to take photos oredi :p

My hubby is so jealous loh!! He said why my frens always give me goodies, so I said is becoz my frens love me lah! hahahahaha... his fren are so horrible loh, the 4 of them are so close and yet they always forget his bday! so far I never see a single bday present for him from the so-called "brothers" hmmph!!

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