Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Green Forest My Home

I first watched this series when we (Rachel, Julie and I) had our small chalet at Orchard hotel, so hooked up on this series until cannot leave the room! hahahaha... so after that I was trying to find the DVD/VCD for this series.. but so hard to find coz all don't come with English subtitle! One day, by luck after dinner at Jurong East, I saw a small VCD shop and decided to go in! And I found the VCD, still no English subtitle but has Malay subtitle.. ok lah better than nothing! :)

The story is about a girl from a wealthy family called Sophie. She has a good friend called Yuen Fang (very cute boy :D), who actually like her since young. Sophie's parents's chauffeur has a daughter who always envy what Sophie has, her name is Ruo Shan. Ruo Shan made her dad so angry and he went driving while he was drunk and got killed in a car accident. After that, Sophie's parents adopted Ruo Shan and change her name to Susan. Susan started to take everything that belongs to Sophie. For a starting, she takes her new schoolbag, then when they move to a new music school, everyone thought that Sophie is the adopted one because she's using older stuff. To make matter worse, Susan said "You are so mean, I already treat Sophie as my own sister." err.. politically correct but meant to make ppl get wrong understanding!! so evil!!!

And then Sophie who always dreams about being a princess, meets her prince charming William. They made a promise to each other to meet again when they grow up. But William doesnt know her name yet, and on the day that William is supposed to go overseas, he tried to find her but instead bumped into Susan, so he asked Susan what her younger sister name is, Susan bluffed him that Sophie's name is Susan! wah piang!! damn irritating loh!!!

One thing good about this movie is when William found out about Susan's lies, he was damn mean to her! hahahah this part I like.. so sick of those drama where there are so much misunderstandings and then the party who has the clear picture still dun want to say out the whole thing! make me feel so impatient!!

Ok back to the story, Yuan Fang got a scholarship to further his music study. He tried to tell Sophie that he's leaving, but that stupid irritating Susan got off their Yakult phone wire!!! So that day Princess Sophie was left by 2 of her most important person, her prince charming and her protector warrior.. hahah so drama... little kids are so funny... :D

So years after that, they met again in Taiwan, but sotong Sophie failed to recognize William and Yuan Fang (who changed his name to Owen after becoming a famous violinist... tell u, he's damn cool when playing the violin loh!!) then since Susan bluffed William that her younger sis name is Susan, this STOOPID William go n chase after Susan... wah piang.. very irritating loh...

Anyway, the rest of the story... you gotta watch it lah.. 15 VCDs in total.. =)

You can see the cast of this show in this drama addict site, I'm not putting the Wikipedia link because it writes about the ending of the story!

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