Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello, My Lady

This is another cute Korean drama! There're 4 DVDs, I think I finished watching in 3 days, bought this series because Lee Da Hae is acting in it (my sis doesnt like her, she said this girl always behaves like crazy person.. hahhahha.. cute wat.. :p)

Anyway the story is about this girl (Lee Su Ha) from a manor house (hmm maybe it's sth like relative of royal family or rich family last time in ancient Korea), so each generation's eldest grandchild has to stay at the manor house, which is a 300 year old house called Hwaantang.

Then there's this old man called Hwang Man Bok who wants to get Hwaantang for himself. He used to be a farmhand in that manor and he stole a cow last time (serious crime!!) and ran away from Hwaantang. He asked his grandson, Hwang Dong-kyu to persuade Lee Su Ha to sell the manor.

There're a lot of other characters in the show, like Lee Su Ha's family who stays in Seoul, the elders (trouble-makers!), the servants (grandma, auntie, retarder auntie, grandpa), the aunties (1 evil and 1 good), the cousin, and also there's another girl who is willing to do anything because she hate Su Ha, for no valid reason!

Overall, I think this is a nice show. But one thing that can be improved, they should have chosen a more good looking leading actor!!

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