Monday, March 24, 2008

I Got It!!

I mean I got the coveted driving license today! :)

The secret to the success is not to be nervous but like what my instructor said "Just drive slowly and confidently!" but actually my left leg was shaking so vigorously lah... hahaha... stupid leg, refuse to cooperate with me during important time!

I was quite nervous at first but after passing the S course then the vertical parking (my no. 1 enemy!), things started to get better.. in total I got 10 demerit points for small small mistakes like "failed to confirm safety" in the circuit "directional change", think this one cost me 4 points.. actually I wonder what it refers to...Then 2 points for improper use of brake.. possibly coz I braked a bit hard coz the light suddenly turn to amber! Another 2 points for incorrect gear... this one not sure where... Another 2 points for incorrect checking of blindspot/mirror... check oredi can be incorrect ah? hahaha maybe the tester thought I was looking at myself in the mirror issit... :D

So happy today!! Even though I'm not going to buy a car immediately.. no $$$ lahh... but I can take this as one of my life's achievements! hahaha :p

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