Saturday, March 8, 2008

I want higher increment

Ok so now is increment time but I'm not happy about it. It's because the increment is much less than what I expected and on top of that the management has decided to remove our blackberry allowance. Reason being is other teams are not getting it since the beginning. But we still have to be on-call on weekends using our own mobile phone... *that sucks*...

I'm not sure whether the management did their maths before doing this to us.. the increment is less than the amount of the allowance.. so here's the formula:

New pay = Current pay + increment - allowance

And since increment < allowance so we have

New pay < Current pay

which means PAYCUT... *double sucks*

And the fact that I'm promoted this year.. means I'm getting a promotion with paycut.. *triple sucks*

I can't imagine other people who has no promotion (means less increment..) taking it.. but my colleague said reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad" made him feel better.. i told him he shd read that book onli after the management adjust our pay! There's really nothing much to feel good about..

Ok yesterday after like a few days of gathering up my courage to talk to my boss, finally I voiced out my unhappiness to him. He seems to understand my concern and he said he'll talk to his boss about it because he has no control over our pay. I hope the boss up there can understand us, we have mortgate to pay, stomach to feed, and we also have to travel to office! Everything increase price in Spore!! And the fact that my starting pay is already so low, they should at least do something about it when I'm doing my job and covering for the team lead that left!! Shouldn't they have extra budget when ppl left??

My boss said he can promise me more trainings but I havent thought of what training I should attend. I wanted to take Master in Business IT from SMU but that will take 2-4 years to complete, and definitely over the company budget and I'm not even sure I have time to study right now! *Jess said my mind is always on Master degree and getting a pet dog! hahahaha*

Ok back to the training, it will only do me good if the company really appreciate me based on my skill... and not based on my years of experience and current pay.. I feel so sick when people who has less skill than me getting higher pay just because they work longer... it's not my fault that I'm born later! *Dutch Lady, I'm referring to you!*

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