Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kidnap Scam in Singapore

Ok, this scam is not really new, it was reported like a few months ago and recently it's getting really hot again.

The scam is like someone calls a person on their mobile phone and then tell that person that his/her son/daughter has been kidnapped and that they will kill the son/daughter if the ransom is not paid.

The caller will ask the person not to hang up the phone, so that they cannot call the so-called kidnapped person to verify (some lucky ppl have 2 mobile phones!), and then the caller will ask them to go to the bank to transfer money to an account (most of the time it's a Maybank account)

There was a case reported previously where a clever bank teller noticed the distress on the person who wanted to make a transfer. The teller then communicated with the person using a piece of paper. The bank teller then helped to contact the so-called kidnapped person and told the person that their son is actually in a safe place.

My MIL told me that her brother who lives in Shanghai (or Beijing.. can't remember..) received similar call before "We have kidnapped your son and we'll kill him if you don't pay". And then he just told them "Oh, go ahead and kill them. I don't have any sons" HAHAHHAHAHA actually he only has 2 daughters, no son :p

Anyway, just beware that such a scam exist and do not fall into trap!

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